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    Welcome to Mythos! This MC server is a brand new server and we are hoping to grow it into a small, tight-knit community where we can make friends and have fun. PvP is enabled but should only take place in the arena (yet to be built), or elsewhere if both parties agree. Players spawn into a safe area that has optional food and some low-tier loot provided in order to get started. We are Youtuber and streamer friendly.

    Mythos is mostly vanilla, however we have a few basic plugins and commands enabled in order to enhance QOL, add more life to the server, and make some of the admin stuff easier. We have the following plugins and commands enabled: Essentials, CoreProtect, One-Player-Sleep, Advanced Armor Stands, Vault, and GroupManager. Members have use of these 3 commands: /sethome, /home, /spawn.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/86jGGrF

    Please reply here with your MC IGN and I will add you to the whitelist!

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    I've been part of a few realms but quickly lost interest because they either weren't as active as I had hoped or activity died after a few days. If you have an active, preferably mature (18yo+) survival realm, please invite me! (:

    IGN: tahbitha

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    posted a message on Looking active players for my 100% Survival Realm

    IGN tahbitha

    Age: 23

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    Quote from Defishensee

    I like the top one best. Sorry for to ask again, but could you put a small black outline around the text so it is easier to read against the lightning?

    Lol no trouble at all. (: This is helping me to learn what looks best!
    Is this okay? Hopefully the outline isn't too thick. Also I blended it a little, or would you rather it straight black?
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