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    posted a message on Bad Video Card Driver

    Windows 7 / 8 drivers, if there is any, might work.

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    posted a message on ◄► Zyria MMO ◄► UPDATE: BUILDING PROCESS STARTING
    IGN: Tagara

    Age: 17

    Timezone: UTC +1

    Hours per week: Pretty much at any time. But this also depends on if I have alot to do.

    Position: Graphical designer, textures artist, potentially builder.

    Experience for the role that you are applying for: I have been working with programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign for about two years through school. I have also been working with a resourcepack for several years as a personal project. If none of the above is needed I could potentially be a builder if needed. I was working for a server that went under the name FallCraft: New Vegas. The aim was to recreate the world in Minecraft to a 1:1 scale. I was also making custom textures for that server.

    Evidence of previous work: I don't have examples of any of my builds as I don't really build unless I am part of a project like this. But I do have some images from my WIP resourcepack and some of my previous fanart which is listed below.

    Fanart: http://imgur.com/a/dcRrJ

    Resourcepack: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/resource-packs/wip-resource-pack/1259144-wip-32x32-tagpack

    Extra: It looks like you guys have a great graphics designer already. But I hope I still can contribute. Like I have mentioned above, if custom textures is needed I can create those unless you already have the sorted too.

    If you do decide to contact me, you can reach me at either [email protected] or through Skype, XtagaraX.
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    posted a message on Wat do minecraft youtubers use to record?
    Quote from Venom_Shade»
    why was this thread brought back from 2013? let it die.

    And you just started it again..
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    posted a message on Minecraft doesn't load terrain correctly
    Have you tried to delete Minecraft and re-download it. (Remember to move your saves to a safe place if you don't want to lose them!) Or have you tried to downgrade to a previous version?
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    posted a message on Danger! MinecraftDL is Danger! Minecraft PSA
    Malwarebytes PRO and avast!, good luck malware :^)

    But yeah, that site is full of crap. I stick to sites made by Curse, like these forums or a trustworthy modder's official site.
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    posted a message on Small but (in my opinion) very useful inventory feature...

    Would speed everything up! This feature is great overall.
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    posted a message on Twitch overlay artwork
    Quote from adidushi»

    Starting to work on your overlay now. I have sent you a message so that we can discuss what you want in more detail.

    Is there anyone else that wants an overlay for their stream?
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    posted a message on Twitch overlay artwork
    Hello, my name is Tagara and welcome to my art shop.

    Before I start, I am sorry if it looks simple, this is just a temporary shop whilst I gather some better examples.

    So as the title says, I will be making free Twitch overlays for the people who ask. Everything I do is 100% free. I can make overlays in whatever style you want, not only Minecraft related ones. Please go ahead and follow the instructions below before you post. Example of past work is at the bottom. The submission form is short, but I will take contact through a PM as soon as I have time to start on your artwork. From there one we can discuss in more detail.

    When asking for artwork please fill out this form:

    What style do you want:

    Your alias (that you use in Twitch, YouTube, etc.) :


    If you have any additional questions please, feel free to ask and I will reply as soon as possible.

    Examples: Link to my Imgur album. Pretty much wallpapers that I have made, I hope it is enough for now! http://imgur.com/a/dcRrJ
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    posted a message on [CLOSED] Lamey's FREE GFX [NEW AND IMPROVED] Banners | Profile Pictures | Thumbnails
    Quote from Pick107»
    Font(optional): COMIC SANS!

    No. Please don't choose Comic Sans.
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    posted a message on My Survival World! :)
    Looks good. I've always wanted to make a modern house in survival. But I am so bad at making them, and the fact that I am both too lazy and too tired of Minecraft right now. :I
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    posted a message on cheat codes!
    Quote from Superkidny»
    * Cough Minecraft mods and read the last sentence in the first post cough *

    Pretty much like Chameleon said. You cannot suggest anything, then expect everyone to say positive things about it. When posting a suggestion you will, and will always be facing critism, either bad or good. In fact, look at it as constructive feedback..

    But I do agree with Echonite. It will take quite some coding to add this. Which, right now, I feel like is a waste since some of these cheats are hard to do, so there are probably very few people that are going to bother with some of the cheats.
    Again, cheats were intended for testing purposes. There is also command blocks. But again, for 90% of us, something not even close to what you have suggested will be too hard to make, if not impossible.

    However, I do support this, in a way. Maybe some simpler task for different kinds of rewards. Some simple tasks, some easy tasks will reward simple things, and harder tasks will give better rewards. So let's say you chop down a specific amounts of wood blocks, you gain a speed boost or something as simple as that.
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    posted a message on The iPhone 6: The biggest phone for MCPE.
    Quote from BestCreator»

    Hahaha ^^ You must be crazy dude!!! Heard bout A8 -_- BRO 20nm fabrication ie super small and power efficient ( that is less thermal output ) chip - got 2 Billion transistors, most of your snapdragon and exynos android chips barely reach 1 Billion mark and they are fabricated by 26 or even 28nm , then you get to the floating point and general registers almost twice the numbers on your snapdragons - bro you would be crazy what all this chip can do!!! Then you have the GPU PowerVR G6650 , A SIX CLUSTER AND 192 PARALLEL PROCESSING CORES , bro i know minecraft just takes CPU mostly but hey with GL ES 2.0 in the next update your game would be smoother and sexier than ever , then if you have heard bout shader cores - id just like to say it has 6 shader cores , even the tegra k1 has only 4 -_- One more thing RAM yah what u say 1Gb on iOS is less haaha bro you know iOS takes so much RAM!! Compared to android around 40% less RAM usage , And finally you say QUAD CORE AND DUAL CORE , BRO I CHUCKLED , "DUAL CORES HAVE MORE SINGLE CORE THROUGHPUT THAN EVEN QUADS , HEXAS OR OCTA CORES" do your research bro - even nvidia has realised that dual is better , the denver k1 will also have 2 cores - and btw something to tell you bout the ARMv8-A instruction set and Cyclone gen 2 Architecture - Its the most advanced SoC upto date and only k1 performs better than the A8 :D So please okay when you dont know bout something - better not say . Similarly, a larger reorder buffer gives the processor a bigger pool of instructions to choose from when deciding how to most efficiently complete its tasks. The A8's +200-instruction buffer matches Intel's Haswell designs and is more than four times the A7-instruction buffer. And 4mb L3 cache is quite high buddy - with iOS 8's mantle , you'll blow your mind if you know what mantle will be , SO BASICALLY, THE EXPERIENCE PEOPLE WILL GET PLAYING MCPE ON AN IPHONE 6 WILL BE THAT OF WHAT YOU ANDROID LOVERS WILL HAVE ALMOST AFTER A DECADE OR SO .

    My eyes are bleeding.
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    posted a message on Ziplines!
    You say we should not care about this being suggested several times before? You're not supposed to re-post if there has already been a suggestion like this before. Reply to one of the topics instead.
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    posted a message on Polygon art
    There have been people that have liked the wallpaper. Someone even asked for some wallpapers for phones as well so I made some. The wallpapers should be in the album, just follow the link in the original post.

    I made wallpapers for the following phones: iPhone 4 and 5. Samsung Galaxy S2, 3, 4 and 5. I am only able to test the wallpaper on an iPhone 5, so if anyone downloads some wallpapers, tell me if they're broken.
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