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    Welcome to the Mumble Overlay Setup Guide.

    I made this guide as this will be useful in the upcoming Tourney and I couldn't find one on the forums.
    Wait, but how do I get Mumble first you say?! Click here for a simple and quick guide.

    The overlay is a feature that will overlay the nicknames of users in the channel or users talking over your currently running game. That means you will be able to see who's listening and talking ingame.
    For Example (Top right hand corner):

    Video Guide -

    Note: This guide is for Windows only, it may or may not work on other platforms.

    Step 1 -

    The overlay only works with Java 32 Bit. (Don't worry there is a workaround)

    Note: To check if your Windows is 32 Bit or 64 Bit navigate to My Computer > System Properties, it should be written there.

    For Windows 32 Bit -
    • Continue to Step 2 (as your computer can't use Java 64 Bit and you will not have it)
    For Windows 64 Bit -
    1. Check if you have Java 32 Bit, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86), and look for a folder called Java. If you have it then you have Java 32 Bit.
    2. Check if you have Java 64 Bit, navigate to C:\Program Files, and look for a folder called Java. If you have it then you have Java 64 Bit.
    • If you only have Java 32 Bit, continue to Step 2.
    • If you only have Java 64 Bit, download Java Offline 32 Bit and continue to Java 32 Bit Fix below.
    • If you have both Java 32 Bit and 64 Bit, continue to Java 32 Bit Fix below.
    Step 2 -
    1. If you have Win 7, continue to Step 3.
    2. If you have Win 8, download Mumble 1.2.4-RC under Get Mumble (as Overlay in Mumble 1.2.3 doesn't work with Win 8), and then continue to Step 3.
    Step 3 -

    Follow the instructions below:
    1. Launch Mumble.
    2. Connect to a server or click cancel.
    3. Navigate to Configure > Settings.
    4. Tick Advanced in the Bottom Left hand side.
    5. Click on Overlay.
    6. Tick Enable Overlay.
    7. Adjust the Layout to your liking.
    8. Click the Overlay exceptions tab.
    9. Make sure Blacklist is selected.
    10. Click OK.
    Continue to Step 4.

    Step 4 -

    Follow the instructions below:
    1. Make sure Mumble is running and you are connected to a server.
    2. Launch Magic Launcher or Minecraft. (If you didn't have to go to Java 32 Bit Fix use the MC Launcher)
    3. Select Mumble in Configuration. (Skip if using Minecraft)
    4. Enter Username and Password.
    5. Click Login.
    If you did everything correctly, the Overlay should appear as shown in the image above.

    Java 32 Bit Fix -

    Basically forces MC you use 32 Bit Java.

    Follow the instructions below only if told to do so in Step 1:
    1. Download Magic Launcher.
    2. Launch Magic Launcher.
    3. Click Setup.
    4. A dialog box should pop up.
    5. Click New.
    6. Enter Mumble in Configuration.
    7. Select "-" in Copy from.
    8. Click the Advanced tab.
    9. Here if you have any idea about your RAM follow Point2 else follow Point1-
      1. Enter 512 in Memory.
      2. Enter anything under 4 GB (i.e 4069) in Memory depending on the amount of RAM you have, as that is the max memory capacity of Java 32 Bit. If you don't know how much RAM you have leave it at 512. (For some reason my MC crashed after 1406, even though I have 8 GB of RAM)
    10. Tick Custom for Java.
    11. Click Select for Java.
    12. Another dialog box should pop up.
    13. Set Files of Type as All Files.
    14. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin inside the dialog box. (Here jre7 could have another number depending on your Java version, select the one with highest number)
    15. Double click java.exe.
    16. The dialog box should close.
    17. Click OK.
    18. The first dialog box should close.
    19. Close Magic launcher.
    Continue to Step 2.

    Remember -
    • Always launch Mumble before Minecraft.
    • The RAM setting can differ person to person.
    Please let me know if this Guide was useful and if it doesn't work for you feel free to drop in a comment.
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    Hey Guys and Gals,

    I got an idea to make the famous game called DOOM, a 1993 FPS made by id software, in minecraft as a Adventure Map.

    I would like to get some feedback from the huge minecraft community about this idea :)

    I have thought of using the new 'Adventure mode/ coming in 1.3, a DOOM texture pack and either a DOOM mod or the SDK's guns mod.....

    I will be making all the maps in DOOM 1 .....

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    Hey Guys & Gals,
    I found a Desert Temple in a Jungle Biome, while looking for the new Jungle Temple .....
    It's pretty cool so I thought i'll so it to you :)

    Info Down Below ....

    Minecraft 12w22a
    Seed : 5658713558194376286
    x : -485
    y : 93
    z : -636


    x : -292
    y : 58
    z : 275
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