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    posted a message on can't connect to ONE specific server
    i am unable to connect to world-civ.com for some reason and whenever i do it just says "connection timed out" after 30 seconds. i can connect to other servers fine, and my internet is not slow. i talked to the server owner and the server is hosted in the same country as i am so that's probably not the problem. everybody else is able to connect to the server, with 47 people playing yesterday except me. what could possibly be wrong?
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    posted a message on [1.7] [SINGLEPLAYER] The Steve Conundrum
    bump. also released a demo
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    posted a message on [1.7] [SINGLEPLAYER] The Steve Conundrum

    A map based off of The Stanley Parable.


    The Steve Conundrum is a story about a man named Steve. Steve worked for a big corporation called "Mine Co." where he was designated as Employee #77. Steve's job was simple: he sat in front of a big metal box and pushed a button. A monitor mounted on the big metal box told him when to push the button, how long to push it, and how many times to push it. He did this for every day of his life, and although others would find this job extremely boring and tedious, Steve was enamored by every moment of it. Steve was happy.









    • Branching story. 20+ endings.
    • Advanced "redstone" systems.
    • Minimally original storyline.
    • Stays true to the game it's based off of.
    • Compelling and brain stimulating philosophies and inner meanings.
    • Exactly 83 morals inside the map.
    • 80% of the map is jumping puzzles.
    • The rest of the map is stern life lessons.

    "After playing this map, I have realized the true meaning of life and transcended my mortal form by becoming a being of pure light. This also means that I will no longer opple and log."
    - ApacheBlitz, Professional Minecrafter

    "I absorbed all 83 morals contained inside the map into my real brain and I now check my privilege at least 5 times a day."
    - Virgoth098, An admin at the Shotbow Network

    - akalen4u, Supreme Matriarch

    Rules & Regulations

    Before playing The Steve Conundrum in your nearby future, it's important that you first read some rules and regulations to make sure your playing experience is not spoiled and that you do not feel uncomfortable at any point during said experience.

    1. Do not break any blocks.
    2. Do not set yourself to creative mode.
    3. Play on Peaceful only.
    4. Follow what the narrator tells you to do.
    5. Do not play with a friend.

    Warning: Playing The Steve Conundrum can lead to side effects such as: blowing your mind, blowing any of your internal organs, infecting your heart with bacterium acquired from your fingers, learning the meaning of life, not learning the meaning of life, confusion, depression, death, double death, death then going to hell, death in an alternate universe where heaven is also hell, exile to world where all toilet papers can only be backwards, exile to world where everything is toilet paper, uhmm uhh erm agh ahem uhm, trapped inside casket, trapped inside casket with a smaller casket, transformation into multidimensional figure that can fit in all these caskets at once, actually I'm pretty sure I'm thinking of the box where dead people go in. What was it called again? A grave box? I forgot. Anyway... forced to eat dog food forever, utter emotional devastation, emotional collapse into primitive robot being, that one song that's stuck in your head, terrible boy bands playing forever, doomed to flatulate at the most inappropriate times, doomed to have flatulation taking its time, ink is always low and the computer bugs you about it everytime you want to print something, loss of ability to properly appreciate art, over augmentation of ability to properly appreciate art, doomed to become wine taster, poking your navel with a needle, fly eating your eye out, and permakick.


    The following screenshots depict exactly what The Steve Conundrum is all about. Please take time to let the essence of The Steve Conundrum sink into your soul.


    Ah, yes. A demonstration! How exciting. Considering this downloads section has just received a big milestone by including an actual download in it, how about we do the same for the progress section?

    DEMO #1: HERE


    Progress key:
    DONE = Actually done.
    PENDING = Not done.
    NOT DONE = Haven't even started.

    Automatic door locking system: DONE
    Super gravity generator: DONE
    Fist nullifier: DONE
    Narrator Systems: DONE
    Narrator Lines: PENDING
    Cheater Detector: DONE
    Command block triggers: PENDING
    Endings: PENDING

    Ending #1: DONE
    Ending #2: DONE
    Ending #3: DONE
    Ending #4: PENDING
    All the other endings: NOT DONE.

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    posted a message on [1.3.2] EternalCracked Creative || 24/7 || Lag-Free || Creative
    ...what the ­ are we supposed to build on 16x16 plots
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    posted a message on (New! 24/7!) POUNDCRAFT: Putting the "free" back in "freebuild". [WHITELIST]
    IGN: Niblic
    id like to join this server because i've been looking for a server that isn't laggy/full of ­ baskets for a while now. what i can offer this server is good builds and a rad guy who's totally fly. i'm a good pvper, a moderately skilled redstoner, a good builder, and a hardkour parcore master. i think i'll fit right in.
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    posted a message on The Wool House [Reality Game Show] **APPLY NOW**
    Minecraft name: Niblic
    Age: 16
    Country: United States
    Do you agree to the rules and acknowledge that breaking them will disqualify you?: yes
    Why do you want to be a player?: because reality game shows that aren't actually reality game shows are awesome and oxymoronic. i'm bored.
    What are some of your characteristics?: i'm a rad dude who rather crude. my mere presence makes stuff spontaneously combust and milk spoil.
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    posted a message on The InfinityBOX - A FreeBuild Minecraft Server
    Quote from Xortec

    Not accepted. You've been banned before, and your signature doesn't really imply you're a friendly, decent person.

    what do you mean banned before

    are you looking at mcbans

    because i've only been legitimately banned once then banned again because i was banned

    also the signature is a joke amongst the homestuck community, which is a community you're not in.
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Minegicka - REWRITING
    hmm let me see...

    A... R.... S... E...

    sounds like a pretty safe spell
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    posted a message on Need experienced builders for a timelapse team! Meridian TimeLapse
    is this server going to have voxelsniper?

    it should because voxelsniper is the best tool for terraforming
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    posted a message on ☆Skelacraft☆ #Grief #Anti-Grief #pvp #Survival #Minigames #No lag guaranteed #awsome staff!
    ign(in game name): Niblic
    Age(We dont judge): 16
    DO you play runescape: no.
    will you use the client(we recomend the client): yes.
    Are you ready to slay mobs and set out on adventures: time consuming grinding for meaningless loot that deals more numbers against reskinned monsters to get more numbers to buy numbers which deal numbers to numbers? sure.
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    posted a message on The InfinityBOX - A FreeBuild Minecraft Server
    there's a whitelist now?

    IGN: Niblic
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    posted a message on [Prison Server] Penitentiary Prison Server - 1.2.5 - Transfers Open!
    bad server


    they make you grind for hours and hours for virtual money to get shitty iron armor only to kill you and throw away all your stuff just because you hit some diamond guy with prot 2(who is known for killing people in front of guards while they're watching youtube and being useless) once.

    all in all they treat you like you're some kind of outcast in the middle of a herd of retards in primary school

    cursing isn't allowed at all and everybody shits their pants if you even say the most politically correct swear word.

    if you love getting carpal tunnel and being a useless **** then you're going to love this server

    if you like doing useful things such as building and making a shelter for yourself then you are going to absolutely hate this server because to do that in this server you need to act like the guards' bitches for a few months before you can step foot outside to the wonderful world of shitty server hosting.
    Quote from Wesleylmp99


    Fun times on Penitentiary server!

    also this is really the only fun thing in the server

    a miniature parkour course.

    kinda sad isn't it?
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