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    posted a message on ♔♔♔ URBAN-CRAFT ♔♔♔ ~RE-BORN~ Offers the true urban experience! With Drugs!

    The #1 Drug Server Is Back!
    This server will be inactive until further notice.
    (Yes, it will still come out eventually)

    Bored of the same old server, whether it be a boring prison or a unoriginal medieval RP server? Urban Craft offers your fix with a much more revamped version of the once gloried MafiaCraft and UrbanCraft drug servers! Our 100% Custom City New Bolton mixed with unique game play makes Urban Craft an enthralling Urban Minecraft experience, unlike the others. Try us out today!

    How to play?

    Urban Craft is a drug server, so basically a survival server with a twist. You will need to grab some seeds, head off into the wilderness and create your very own drug farm protecting it from other junkies trying to get a quick fix, or defending it from the barrages of police raids. This is why you will need to hide your farm underground. After you have received a harvest worth selling, you must head back to New Bolton and find a hook-up to sell your drugs. Try to be sneaky when heading back to your farm, as many players might try to follow you back to your farm and raid your lab!


    - Any Non-Approved Clients Will Be Subject To a Ban (Contact an Admin to have a client approved)
    - No X-Ray/Transparent Texture Packs.
    - No Spamming
    - No Advertising Other Servers
    - Unreasonable griefing is against the rules.
    - Any bugs, exploits or loopholes must be reported.
    - No Flaming
    - No Disrespect

    Roleplay Rules:

    - No Contraband (Drugs, Explosives or Exposed Weapons)
    - Killing/Fighting are both illegal (unless in a fight club)
    - Inactive housing/plots will be sold for auction.
    - If asked for contraband, hand it over.
    - Planting contraband on others is not allowed.

    Notable Features:

    A Custom City - Tired of seeing Newcraft city a thousand times? At Urban Craft we have created our own city, New Bolton, for the purpose of the game play we are trying to reach. Our creations were not just made to look good, they each have a purpose and will eventually adapt into your character. We have not simply stolen, we have simply designed.

    Progressive Ranks - Our ranking system has been deployed to suit not only our world, but our economy. Every time you "rank" up, you will be introduced to a vital area, or person in order to give you an array of connections. With each rank comes new opportunities and choices. Choose wisely.

    Quests - From dropping off an unknown package to a shady character, or simply delivering Pizzas, our questing system will always be leaving you things to do.

    Events/Olympics - Urban Craft's Olympics are on! With the massive rewards of becoming an Olympian, or simply trying to make some extra spending money participating in one of our daily events, playing one of these games is a fun way of spending some extra time in Urban Craft.

    Clans - Tired of being jumped by the bullies on the way home from work? Create or join a gang and help liberate the streets of New Bolton!

    (These ranks account for the default rank progression, you do not have to apply)

    Player Ranks:

    Vagrant - Hurray! You have successfully made it into the city, however you are the lowest of the low. You most likely do not know anybody of influence. Try to find a job, or join a gang to get known. This is your starting point of your life in New Bolton. Will you cut down trees for the rest of your life? Become a cop? Or perhaps even start your own illegal grow operation, the opportunities are endless at Urban Craft.

    Occupant - You have made progress in your new life in Bolton. You have most likely have found some sort of housing, regardless if it's a government handout, or a crumbling shack in the slums, but a home is still a home! You have most likely discovered some new connections and a source of income, try a little harder and you might be noticed by one of the gangs!

    Steady - You are on the verge of becoming a recognized citizen of New Bolton. You have discovered a steady stream of money and are decently well-off. You now have the power to create small clans.

    Citizen - You have progressed farther into New Bolton and may have even gained some friends and enemies along the way. Almost everyone in the city will know who you are but you are. You probably have a high-quality house and have a high-paying job. Put in a little more effort and you might even gain more respect in the grimy streets of New Bolton!

    Hardened - You have gained much attention from all of New Bolton and everybody knows who you are. You hold great power and have a major array of connections. You are a hardened veteran of the streets and deserve all the credit of whatever work you have accomplished to get to this point. You are one of the lucky ones of New Bolton.

    Heisenberg - You are the most infamous character of all of New Bolton. You now run everything. Nothing can stop you now.

    Authoritative Ranks:

    All authoritative ranks must accept and obey the following guidelines during your time spent being apart of the NBPD (New Bolton Police Department). The guidelines will be posted below in a spoiler.

    - You will do your best to stop any crime you see in New Bolton, and the surrounding area
    - You will not hand-out any of your kit items, and doing so may lead in a ban
    - Any contraband found must be turned in as soon as you can
    - You will not condone in any illegal operations unless otherwise given permission by higher authorities
    - When leaving the NBPD, your house, inventory, bank, and any other known item storage will be subject to a clear. You will still obtain any property you previously owned.
    - You will not abuse your powers in any form, doing so will lead to a ban or termination, depending on the severity of your actions

    Trainee - You have applied and have been accepted into the NBPD! You do not get a pay, but you can still get bonuses by handing in or discovering any contraband. You do not have the power to jail misbehaving players but you can still refrain players from committing illegal activity.

    Officer - Congrats! You have been doing a superb job and have been promoted by one of your superiors! You now get a salary, and get payed more for finding contraband. Your load-out has been upgraded and you also have the power to jail players! Keep it up!

    Vet - Having much dedication to your job, you have officially became a known member of the NBPD. You have a bigger pay, an upgraded load-out and you now have the power to organize official government issued drug busts.

    Chief - You are in charge of the criminal activity in New Bolton. You have a massive pay, and have a retirement settlement fund that you can use whenever you want to leave your job behind. Good work, Chief.

    Staff Ranks:

    Helper - Helper's answer any question or help out with anything you need. If you are new to the server, and can not figure something out on your own, contact a Helper in-game and they will help you! You can apply for this rank.

    Moderator - Given to trusted and knowledgeable players. They help enforce rules whilst still playing in-game. You can apply for this rank.

    Admin - Given to the most trusted members of the server, admins are the main sector of the decision makers, builders and managers. You can not apply for this rank, as it will be offered to those we see fit to have it.

    SA - This rank is only available to the Owner(s) of the server.

    Donors & Colored Names:
    (Donors get a donor rank progression, with a suffix and extra perks)

    Donor - Donor's are the ones in the server who have bought this rank in order to help the server expand and grow. Donor's will receive bonus perks that no one else can obtain. Donor's get a overhaul of perks, and can sell more items for better prices.

    Gold/Orange Name Tag - Usually dedicated to any Owner or Admin group. If they have a golden orange name tag, you can be sure they are important.

    (Note you are not guaranteed to be accepted)

    Post-Server Testing Applications:
    (This is a one time only application, and will be discontinued when the server starts)

    Minecraft Username:
    Have you ever Beta tested any other server?
    Why you should be a Beta tester?
    About Yourself:
    Do you have Skype?

    New Bolton Police Department Application:

    Minecraft Username:
    Time in which you can dedicate being online:
    Current Rank:
    Any other equivalent positions you have been (Prison Guard or Police):
    Why the NDPD should pick you:
    Will you obey the NDPD guidelines? (See the authoritative rank description for more info)
    Do you use any lag reduction mods such as opti-fine?
    Do you have Skype? A mic?
    Anything else we should know?

    Helper Application:

    Minecraft Username:
    Time in which you can dedicate being online:
    Current Rank:
    Other notable staff positions:
    Why you should be a Helper:
    Anything else we should know?

    Moderator Application:

    Minecraft Username:
    Time in which you can dedicate being online:
    Current Rank:
    Other Notable Staff positions:
    Why you should be a Moderator?
    Anything else we should know?

    Don't want to apply for anything special, but still looking to play? Post a brief description about yourself and start asking questions or giving your input on the server! Don't be shy!

    Voting for us gives you in-game items and increases server popularity!

    Voting will be available upon server release!


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    posted a message on ♔♔♔ URBAN-CRAFT ♔♔♔ ~RE-BORN~ Offers the true urban experience! With Drugs!
    We are ready to announce our official beta.

    Beta will start Thursday 4:00PM MDT -6:00

    The server IP will be released here, so stay tuned for anymore updates! :)
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    Quote from tomthemage

    Agreed, we can not have immature Moderators running the server.

    We don't want immature staff whatsoever.
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    Quote from oogleboogle

    I do not wish to be part of a server that can not make clear and understandable desisions. Goodbye

    Oh the irony :)
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    posted a message on Keep Craft - The Original Team-Based Attack & Defend Minecraft Server [Custom Plugins] [Outposts] [Raiding] [McMMo] [Mature]
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    Server will be down temporarily (1-2 days) for plugin updating and such, but my goals are..

    - Create a new city (Based In Colombia)
    - Influence More Weapon Dealing
    - Influence Much More Team Based Play (Gangs)
    - Add 2+ Major Gangs
    - Add Choices (Good or Bad Player)
    - Rehabilitate Police
    - Create a "Drug Smuggling" Experience.
    - Take On Any Suggestions.

    What do you guys think?
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    Ok guys! Colombia will now feature a rent able market! Now you can rent stalls to sell your items!
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