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    posted a message on Poo Pen [Semi-Vanilla] [Modded] [Creative] {Whitelist} {21+} {1.16.5} {1.17.1}

    Server Name: Poo Pen

    Server Location: Germany (soon to be California, United States)

    Server Address: mod.poopen.gg

    Version: 1.16.5

    Game Type: [Survival] [PVE] [SMP] [Modded] [Creative] [Semi-Vanilla]

    Additional Worlds: Creative, Semi-Vanilla

    Description: Adult 21+ whitelisted modded server with "vanilla enhancing" style plugins/mods. There's no donations, no pay-to-win, and is self-paid by the server owner. We're a laid back adult community that just wants to have fun and build stuff! Let's all become friends! We also have unlimited map size for now!

    Rules: No griefing/theft, Respect Others, No Harassment/Bullying, 21+ Age Requirement, No Hacking

    Server Hardware: Dedicated Server - AMD Ryzen 5 3600, 64 GB DDR4 RAM, 512GB NVMe SSD, 1GBit/s Uplink

    Server Host: DedicatedMC.io

    Plugins: [Oh Biome's You'll Go] [Better End] [Better Caves] [Better Mineshafts] [Better Strongholds] [Cinderscape] [Consistency +] [Chipped] [Lakeside] [Mo' Structures] [Riverredux][SakuraRosea] [Smoother Bedrock] [Stoneholm] [Bon Appetit] [Croptopia] [More Villagers] [Alternate Current] [Animal Feeding Trough] [Carpet] [Charm] [Colytra] [BlockBot] [Minesave] [Roughly Enough Items]

    Owner: Minecraft Username [MedicalMatt] Discord [Matthew#4269]

    To apply to be whitelisted fill out the following application. I'll let you know via DM if you've been accepted or not.

    Minecraft Username:
    Favorite Food:
    What you look for in a server:
    What you like about Minecraft:

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    posted a message on Iced Tea 2.0 [Whitelist] [Vanilla] Server
    Hello, this is a 1.3.1 vanilla survival server that has whitelist enabled and there are no plugins besides an auto-backup plugin. We're on a fresh world so you can build wherever you want. I want the server to grow to an average of 4-5 players online, but I won’t accept people just to make that goal. I want a small, close knit community that is willing to help each other out and gets along.

    There is a strict age restriction of 18+ because I want everyone to be somewhat mature and be able to handle some minor off-color humor. Please, fill out the following application and try to join the server whenever I post “whitelist updated”.

    Admins: MedicalMatt (me), Pebkarp

    What are you looking for in a Minecraft server?
    How long have you played Minecraft?
    About yourself (example: hobbies, favorite shows, movies, or games):

    We use Elpis Hosting for our server.

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