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    IGN is Taconius, I'm 25. I'm looking for a new server because the one I formerly used was unsatisfactory. I like to build and colonize, in my previous server I had a home near spawn, two islands completely leveled and made into farms, a cross-nether closed rail, and a village built entirely by myself with a population I created from zombie villagers. I play a lot and I feel like I have a lot to contribute to the community.
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    I like the desert because it's easy to travel through and you can see any threats that may be around, and I hate the extreme hills for being the exact opposite and a death trap as well.
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    IGL: Taconius
    Real Name [OPTIONAL] (First): Taco
    3 things that stick out about you: Mellow, try to help when possible, total geek
    Your favorite part of Minecraft: coming up with redstone circuits.
    What you hope to incorporate into this server, if possible: Hopefully I'll bring a peaceful demeanor that will be contagious. I'm also quite fond of making giant megaman pixel art.

    This information might not have worked earlier, but it should now.
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