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    So quick brawling is so ruthless, so cowardly, so underhanded, so Prince that it should be discounted from warfare entirely. After some thinking, I must say that I concur with this. I admit that it is not really fun, nor does it offers any space for real, General-level decision-making. But one must be aware that it is a viable (albeit gay) strategy, and is liable to be used by someone who is desperate for victory.

    Should it be now assumed that war means that bases are required? Seriously, it is not a rhetorical question. Is a HQ necessary? With the ability to communicate instantly over vast expanses and through hundreds of feet of solid rock, cannot a Minecraft army be likened to a hive mind? Basically:

    1. Does a respectably-sized army need a base to stay organized?
    2. Should not using bases be frowned upon?

    (y/n is unacceptable as an answer guys, ELABORATE)

    Don't mean to detract the focus of the topic Max, but I think this is important.
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    Quote from Tacohawk76 »
    ...I think that it would be possible to just whip up enough iron, diamond, buckets, TNT, and arrows to simply march in and raze the enemy before they can get properly entrenched, assuming they aren't doing the all-out march thing themselves...

    EchoPhyber, nowhere in your game plan is a stone-leather rush included. The whole premise of my "attack as fast as possible with brute force" plan was that it would defeat an enemy who is doing what is expected in the first few days of this scenario - entrenching himself. Nestling in, setting up forward bases, etc. It hardly works against an enemy who is also devoting all their efforts to a single, all out full out march (hereby referred to as Quick-Brawling). I am aware of that. But I assume that my opponent is as well. Quick-Brawling is a risky-but-rewarding tactic. Its like bringing a gun to a fight. You've pretty-much won, unless the other guy brought a gun too. In that case, its a bloodbath.

    You said that 4 guys building 2x2 tunnels would get tons of iron. Imagine the combined mining power of like 15 guys. If the whole team knew about the plan before the war began, they would be underground SO FAST that your spies would -never- have enough time to traverse 200 blocks and spy on their buildings. They'd be underground without a trace. No surface structures would betray their presence. I assume that you don't know where the enemy is, just that they are in a 200 block radius, so the probability of you even setting out in the right direction is iffy.

    This confusion as to the direction of your enemy would give them the Quick-Brawlers the mere seconds it would take to set up a work bench, make up a few wooden pickaxes, and start tearing through the dirt to reach the stone level. With the stone, a furnace is made. This opens up charcoal, and give enough light for true tunneling. The narrow nature of the tunnel means that, realistically, only 1 or 2 guys can work, but with 22 guys on the look-out for spies, I don't think ANYONE is getting any intel scot-free. Beating a man down with two pairs of fists is not that hard if you can catch him. Once bedrock is hit, they ascend again to diamond level and start mining. The other 22 are signaled to come on down. Someone will be dedicated to back-filling the tunnel.

    Quick-Brawl affords no time to build a central HQ. Any attempt to pursue them into the tunnels would be suicide, as the hurried nature of the tunnels combined with the sheer quantity of people building them would leave them narrow and confusing to anyone who is unaware of the pattern/schematic the Quick-Brawlers are using. Sure, a hub here or there with a few furnaces that are mildly guarded, but that would be your only reprieve.

    Aside from not working fast enough and letting the enemy get well-settled, the only problem I see with the Quick-Brawl is that if you find 1 guy, he's likely to have tons of iron on him, probably unsmelted and unworn.
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    With enough time devoted to a 12-man diamond-level mining operation, and a 6-man mob grinder project (leave one guy behind to AFK and collect loot and transfer the remaining 5 to the mining operation)I think that it would be possible to just whip up enough iron, diamond, buckets, TNT, and arrows to simply march in and raze the enemy before they can get properly entrenched, assuming they aren't doing the all-out march thing themselves. (the other six men not mentioned will naturally be setting up tree and wheat farms and guarding the area).
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    Quote from XxWariolinkxX »
    Um that would get very annoying. Think a 3 month worked on house near the beach. Hurricane.\ destroys it

    Welcome to New Orleans. Please enjoy your stay.

    Yeah, having your **** ****ed up for no avoidable reason in a videogame is just stupid.
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    Quote from Failedassassin »
    Quote from themohawkninja »
    I agree with the very first sentence, but the rest I could care less, although your new recipe is a bit TOO easy to make.

    how 'bout we just switch the TNT recipe from 5 GP, and 4 sand to 4 GP and 5 sand.

    A pile of sand and gunpowder does not make a block of TNT... I need my sand for glass!


    As you can see, dynamite is made of "sawdust or any other type of absorbent material... soaked in nitroglycerin." Rather than the liquid-solid mix of nitroglycerin and sawdust, Minecraft opts for the solid-solid mix of sand and gunpowder. Yes, a buffer mixed with an explosive DOES make TNT (or rather dynamite).

    And no one cares what you need your sand for. I need my iron for pickaxes, but those minecart tracks simply must be made. Plus, sand is not even precious. Its all over practically every single shoreline. Make a bunch of stone shovels (cheapest tool); they break dirt so fast that you don't even need iron and diamond shovels. You'll be rolling in sand in no time.

    I agree that TNT shouldn't be set of by a punch, but as for that recipe, which is just a large crate containing like a fistfull of gunpowder, I'd rather stick with the suggested 4 GP 5 sand approach.
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    Quote from GamRz »
    Epic Forest: Fa la la la la. Just walking through the forest. OOOo a tree! Chops down tree Nice, 400 pieces of wood! Never returns for wood ever again.

    /ignoring how long it takes to chop down 400 pieces of wood.
    /also ignoring that there is often more than 400 blocks of wood in a good forest, making such a bountiful tree not all that game changing
    /also ignoring the fact that people who aren't building things out of planks are normally drowning in wood. Think, 1 log = 4 planks = 8 sticks. 1 stack of logs = 8 stacks of sticks. Thats hella sticks, and with a stone axe, getting 64 logs in a forest is child's play.
    /also ignoring the whole point of tree farms, which is to never return for wood again

    /whole epic forest is ignoring the fact that sea level is at level 64, whereas the skylimit is at 127 or so. A tree +100 blocks tall would have a good bit of it underground.
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    1 In-Game Name
    - Tacohawk76

    #2 Country and Age (this is for our demographic purposes)
    - 15 America

    #3 How did you hear about us?
    - Scrolling through the list of servers on minecraftforum.net

    #4 Why do you want to Join DarkTide?
    - I joined to have a look, and I was very impressed. I saw bustling towns, I saw abandoned ruins, I saw the most important thing on a PVP server. LOTS OF PEOPLE. I like this server, and it has a great set of plugins. I think I will make this my permanent server

    #5 Did you read and understand the rules?
    - Indeed I did

    #6 Have you logged on to DarkTide at least once?
    - Yep, and I loved it, especially the eerie wreckage on Staff Island
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    Quote from purpleblah2 »
    Dogs are pretty useful in PvP,especially when you mass up a large pack. Also, there's no limit on tamable dogs.

    Anyway, I figured a way to mass-teleport an army's combined wolf pack. Which is useful, if there's, say a castle with a lava-moat, or any type of treacherous hazards that dogs, being as dumb as bricks will run into and die.

    Have your wolf packs sit en masse a safe distance away from the place you want to attack. Have the owners of the dogs breach the castle. Have someone who stayed behind with the dogs pour water all over them, which should cause them to stop sitting, teleporting them to their owners. Then the dogs join in the fighting. Do the same thing on your way out.

    This is probably realllllyyy obscure and impractical. :x

    You gave me an idea. Wolves + Nether + Spies

    A new division, the Wolf Squad, could be made. The members would be an army's best soldiers, and be given bones from a mob grinder, so that whenever they come across wolves, they can tame them. It would be the job of everyone in the army to report wolves to the one who organizes the Wolf Squad, so they can send a member over to the coords to tame the wolves. I believe giving most of the wolves to relatively few people (at least making sure that the ratio of man to wolf is 1:2 or more in the wolf's favor) is best. It puts lots of fighters on the field, but allows for very few of them to be human. The average Hunter Division would consist of what, let's say 20 people with 2 wolves each? That's 60 fighters. And you didn't even put armor on and spend time training 2/3 of them. People, once killed, drop armor and weapons and food. Wolves are only useful for fighting at your side, and cannot be salvaged after a battle. They remain loyal and incorrigible.

    Now combine that with a Spy/Surveyor. He has infiltrated the enemy base or at least knows its whereabouts. If he is good at calculation, he can build a portal/portals (but not activate them) so that they would spawn portals in your enemy's base.

    Now on the day of a final assault, everyone in the Wolf Squad sits their wolves down in a room designed in such a way that if a single source of water is placed, the whole room floods. Then the wolf squad heads through the nether to the portal/portals that will lead to the enemy base.

    They activate the portals, step through, deliver the signal to the guy in the wolf-room with a bucket of water. Provided that the enemy had absolutely no foothold in the nether and that your surveyor calculated correctly, you would drop 60 fighters right into the heart of the enemy base. If the surveyor is really good and knows the enemy base VERY well, he can set multiple portals in key areas. You could split a 20 man group into 4 parts, and still get 15 fighters in each team.
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    Perhaps a compromise then?
    Bows - Average range - Low Damage - High Accuracy - NO knockback
    Flintlocks - low range - High Damage - Low Accuracy - Knockback of 2 hits.

    I always wanted to use TNT in combat on the fly, not luring mobs into it or anything, but just turning around and blasting them in the face with it. I guess guns could fill that hole in my heart. All the damage, but quicker firing time (primed TNT take AGES to explode in combat) and no environment damage.
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    I'm not opposed to magic, but its not here yet, so we have no idea if it would fit the theme. Magic crystals are certainly feasible, but I believe that an upside-down-fishbowl helmet is more likely.

    I love how this subtly changes minecraft, not radically. Its just like the hunger suggestion a while back that some servers have begun implementing. Its just perfect. I have nothing to criticize; this is a great idea.
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    Quote from KisaruBandit »
    Quote from themohawkninja »
    Quote from KisaruBandit »
    It doesn' fit with the theme.

    "Minecraft: The undead, walking skelatons, giant spiders, fictional creatures, hell, and automatic firearms"

    Minecraft is a sandbox game... so customizable anything seems in the theme.

    P.S. We have gunpowder ya know.

    Gunpowder is for making a simple explosive, sand + powder + a string. Not a barrel, trigger function, bullet, gunpowder cartridge, automatic gas powered system, reload, sight, device thingy.

    Minecraft doesn't have a defined theme to fit with, I personally never thought I'd see wolves and super creepers, but here they are, and they certainly fit the theme.

    "Minecraft: The undead, walking skeletons, giant spiders, ficional creatures, hell, flintlock pistols, and minetracks (What were you even talking about, no one here is even CONSIDERING automatic firearms)

    Gunpowder is for making an explosive that can be activated via the pressure of a punch, but not by several dozen cubic meters of sand falling upon it, sand + powder +STRING. (Protip: there is string in TNT's recipe). What's so hard about a barrel (Pardon my Latvian, but its a ****ing cylinder. You revoke your right to post if you call it complex), trigger function (likely no more complex than the trigger mechanism in a lighter), bullet casing (likely just a rectangle), none of the modern ******** that you listed, but that no one is suggesting, and manual reload.


    Plus, everyone is complaining about how hard it is to make a gun, but they are ignoring the skill, patience, and raw strength to carve and fletch and string a bow that lasts so damn long. This is ignoring the obvious use of magic to make the string semi-automatic. Lets not forget that it takes a mere instant to craft FOUR arrows from 1 stick and a single feather. What is he doing, dividing the feather? You realize 1 of those sticks is the length of a sword hilt? How could you break that into four pieces and still have enough wood for anything more than a large dart?

    I'll tell you why, because that would over complicate the process. So don't over complicate the process. Don't say its too hard to make guns when you make bread and cake without an oven, though putting the wheat into a furnace isn't that crazy.

    And don't presume to know the theme of minecraft unless you are the one coding the official game. Now, any other complaints against guns.
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    Quote from Snoops158 »

    Notch said no guns, a flintlock is a gun. Also, because a caveman can create a tube of iron that won't blow up in his hands... We have flint and steel, we have a bow and arrow. All we need are one time use crossbows that have to be crafted to reload for long range and such. Crossbows came before guns and were still more reliable than the guns of that time. We have Sulfur to make TNT, thats it.

    Notch said no guns, but he has been known to change his mind. Also, because a caveman can create sturdy strips of metal and attach them to wooden boards with iron nails, thereby making minecart tracks... We have Steel doors with redstone-activated locking mechanisms, we have a semi-auto bow that is basically a single texture pack away from being very low-range gun. All we need are bows that have durability and crossbows that have to be crafted to reload for long range and such. Guns came before minetracks and became one of the most influential weapons in the world. Notch has Sulfur to make whatever he damn well pleases, the game is in beta and therefore rather flexible until 11/11/11.

    Must I say fix'd?
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    ONOES YOU KILLED OUR MOTHER. I guess we have no options but to submit ourselves to your will and harbor no animosity towards you for murdering our leader in cold blood.
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    You guys are just confusing him

    You should not suggest things that are already suggested. That is why I disapprove of this post.

    Some of the others aren't mad because you broke the rules, but because you suggested guns, a very sensitive topic in minecraft. (I support guns, but only because so many people say that they have no place in Minecraft because they are too high-tech. Heh, here we are in a game with railroad tracks and jukeboxes and dispensers, the technology for which was developed after guns, and calling guns high-tech)
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    Has anyone here used SDK's gunmod before? Because one of the items it lets you craft is a smoke bomb. You know the puffs of smoke in Minecraft (torches let our black ones, redstone lets out red ones, and TNT explosions and mob deaths let out white ones)? What SDK's smokebomb does is that when it goes off it releases thousands of them. Since they are opaque, its really hard to see in areas thick with the smoke (the smoke eventually spreads out and disappears).

    Why don't we add smokebombs to the lurker? Of course it wouldn't whip out a smokebomb and throw it to the ground. I'm thinking more organic methods like a squid. A spray of smoke issued from the lurker's dark skin. Here are some ways that I think having lurkers spew smoke would help enhance its experience.

    You run up to a lurker and stab it, thinking that this will be a quick kill. It fills the area with smoke, making it hard to see, and it runs off. While you are flailing about, trying to get out of the smoke, it attacks you from within the cloud. Terrifying, no?

    Also, if you shoot it with an arrow from afar, it could cloak itself in smoke, making it harder for you to aim at it again.

    If fighting a bunch of monsters, killing a Lurker would be a death sentence, because attacking one would prevent you from seeing any spiders and creepers, or from dodging any arrows.

    The smoke cloud would also make it hard to see even if you have a torch up, because the smoke is opaque. This would decrease the effectiveness of torches and prevent the need to have Lurkers knock them down.

    I also think it fits the theme of the Lurker, which, being an ambush predator, doesn't strike me as a "FULL FRONTAL ASSAULT GOGOGO" monster like zombies. If confronted, it seems to me more like the kind of monster to run away. So whats the verdict, smoke, yes no?
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