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    gona be honest when i first started playing minecraft the only thing that ever got me into playing this game the most was the texture and i spent hours and hours trying to find that 1 perfect cartoonish and artistic fancy look to it and xaiwaker had it perfectly the colors and textures were so perfect for everything i loved how it was also zelda enspired with al lthe swirls and the reddead zombies the texture of the wood itself you guys were my first texture pack that actualy got me into a better mood to start playing minecraft ' v' and sitll make me want to play it even more special with the okami wolves :0 i mean i dont care for them now just because the orange wolf in the hd texture pack with the red scarf is awsome and my fav wolf xD ah gawd i just love this texture pack the colors are bold yet colorful so bright yet dark screw realistic texture packs D; Xaiwaker fo lief!

    (pardon my grammer >;0 i hate spelling and not to mention grammer ' 3' so i hope u can read it i dont see why u couldnt be able to but yeah :B )
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