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    posted a message on Dramatic lag in modded 1.12.2

    Alright, that makes sense thank you, I wasn't aware using M worked. Is 1.10.2 any more stable then 1.12? And are they any downgrades (E.G: not as many features) when using older versions. Thank's for replying.

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    posted a message on Dramatic lag in modded 1.12.2

    I'd changed it to better FPS after I'd posted it (clearly didn't show the edit for you) sorry. In regards to that, I'll try, also just something I'm curious about, allocating 2.5GB causes an error, yet 3GB works, any idea why?. I'll try your suggestion, thanks, just as a note, it never actually seems to go to use the 5GB, using around 3.5GB (according to task manager) at most. At some point I might buy some RAM cards, but I don't have a spare £80-£150 right now. It's just frustrating... bleh. Thanks for the quick reply.

    Nobody bring up the same point please.

    Edit: having ran MC with USB out on 3GB it loaded but still at 0FPS *sigh* I guess it's 1.7.10 for me :(.

    I wish others with beefy PC's luck.

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    posted a message on Cat/Ocelot Armor mod 1.12.2

    What would the benefits of a cat wearing armour be? If you just want it to be visual, you could proably find a texture pack.

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    posted a message on Dramatic lag in modded 1.12.2


    I expect they are loads of threads like this, but hey maybe one day microsoft will actually pay attention to us. I've been playing mods on the (practicly) ancient 1.7.10 for a while now. And have noticed some really great 1.12 mods popping up (like quark and animania). I decided to upgrade (and convert my current mods or find alternatives).

    When I play 1.7.10 I have 2GB allocated, and have 109 mods. This runs fine, and I can play and build quite happily.

    Yet 1.12.2 (with optifine and betterfps on 2 render distance) I get 0fps using just 26 mods and I have 5GB 3GB allocated (My PC has 4GB) (note, my PC has 4GB, but I've added another 4 using my USB stick, look up adding RAM on Wikihow to see what I'm talking about) .

    I already tried removing JEI/NEI but the FPS is still 0 (using the optional FPS counter added by optifine). As well as this it takes forever to laod.

    Any ideas for fixing this? I can provide a mod list. And if not then should I just stay in 1.7.10? Is it the mod authours fualt? or minecrafts?

    Minecraft hasn't added that much (compared to some mods) from 1.7.10 to 1.12.2 I don't understand what's going wrong.

    Any responses are appreciated

    -Tabby =^. .^=

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    posted a message on Why Modded Minecraft Uses So Much Memory?

    That's a fair few mods. I had the same issue, with around 30 mods. Where did you allocate MC the ram? Also downloading fastcraft appeared to make mine stable enough to play. Optifine on lower settings is also a good idea. Try turning your render distance down.

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    posted a message on ✪ Exclusive PVP-MMORPG server ✪ Citadels Online RPG ✪ The Remaking ✪ FREE VIP FOR NEW PLAYERS

    Hey, I've been really in-active (school work, and limited wifi acces). And am about to read the main post, but if you want any help testing things, give me a shout, I'm not sure about this weekend, but I'll try come on in the week.


    P.S: How come there's a re-make?

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    posted a message on Realism Overhaul idea - Server economy, trading and turf wars!

    I actually love this idea, especially as it means rather then walking for 2 minutes and thinking, oh that area is preety you actually have to think of the pros and cons of the area. And you cold have a rich economy, which some servers try but fail to do. I wish you luck in creating this mod, and will definetly consider using it for my own server plans if it ever comes out (sadly I can't code).

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    posted a message on Video Game Character Mod

    So like morph and other vidoe games combining? I mean its a cool idea, but it would take a TON of work, they are 100s of video games out there. But aside from that, it's a awsome idea, just currious about balancing powers and crafting recipies. EG: sonic (super speed) beaing made with stone or something you can make on your first night, is obviously to OP. Good luck!

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    posted a message on ScribbleNauts Mod

    I actually like this idea, but for multiplayer they would have to be restrictions, also maybe disable (somehow) the ability to spawn the iteams to create another one of the books (or have it uncraftable with spawned iteams) this prevents one person on a server getting one and giving the entire server the book. And obviously to prevent spam mob overlowed crashing, they would have to be a cooldown or something (something like 10-15 or 20 seconds). But it's a cool idea, good luck!

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    posted a message on Security Camera Mod

    I know thers a mod called security craft, not sure if it included what your looking for, I'll go look. (what version are you looking for? I've found multipale ones). For some reason it doesn't list the features on the post but here it is.

    I also remember seeing something like this in a roleplay vidoe, I can try dig that up if you wish. Good luck!

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    posted a message on Furniture Mod

    Not that many mods have been updated to 1.10.2 (well, I haven't checked in a while but still). Modmakers work hard to update there mods, and it's simplest to just wait. They will be updated at some point and I don't see the point in making another non-unique (unless you actually have a good/unique idea, which is possible) furniture mod that will be overtaken as soon as MC updates or the other mods update. In the mean time why not use a older version?

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    posted a message on ✪ Exclusive PVP-MMORPG server ✪ Citadels Online RPG ✪ The Remaking ✪ FREE VIP FOR NEW PLAYERS

    My review of the server (free VIP rank competion).

    IGN: Tabbyexplosive (a website account will be set up when it's needed, I hate enjin).

    What do you think of citadelsonline?: CitadelsOnline is a amazing experience, and server in general. It's always updating with new features. And unlike some servers you can normally find staff on (if you go on at the times most others are on) and they will interact, talk and play with you! instead of just sitting there telling you what to do or beaing AFK (which ALOT of servers do). The sever has dungeons, of varying levels of diffculty and going in with some friends and just leveling up and chatting is fun (even if you die alot like me. It also gives you skills, which you can upgrade as you level up and diffrent powers are unlockable to, meaning your not bound to certain classes when it turns out you don't like it much but your allready level 40. (No I'm not). They are also guilds and towns which you can set up with or against friends, your guild can participate in PVP matches aswell (still in beta). And the wilderness also has PVP and so do some towns (you can toggle it).

    Over all CitadelsOnline is a unique, ever changing and updating experince with friendly players and great staff, it's deffinetly worth a shot! Come join us today!


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    posted a message on Is it worth upgrading?

    Alright, thanks for your oppinion! Any perticular reason you recommend it till mid october/november? Is that when you expect the mods to be updated?.

    Mine and Blade will proably be one of the key mods for roleplaying battles, so unless I have a good replacement (I am aware that 1.9 adds sheilds and dual weailing, but that's not the poaint) then updating may be hard, should I make a list of key mods that NEED replacements/updates before I'm happy to update or not bother?

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    posted a message on RPG World (Need help) (Not going to Give up)

    Alright! thanks for the quick response and everything.

    If you'd like help with ideas and lore feel free to PM me and I'll try get you something.

    Good luck with your quest!


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    posted a message on Is it worth upgrading?

    Hey you guys, so I'd like your oppinion on something. Currently the most popular modded version of MC is 1.7.10. But with 1.10 out and hopefully 1.11 just around the corner (Methaporicly speacking) I'm wondering if my planned private (friend only) invite 1.7.10 modded server should get a upgrade. But there's loads of great mods out there that proably wont be updating. So I'm going to give you two lists (the core modpack, and the POSSIBLE modpack). And I'll leave you guys to let me know if you think it's worth upgrading to 1.8, 1.9 or even 1.10! I am aware that some of the listed mods are updated, but I don't feel like listing them (if your an amazing person with some free time, feel free to list them all and I'll add it to the thread) so I'd like you guys to tell me any possible replacement mods for any mods that sadly aren't/won't be updated. Or if you think it's best to stay firmly rooted in 1.7.10. Ok enough waffling now, here are the lists: (warning: they are rather long, and copy and pasted).

    Core modpack:

    Moarfood- 150 new foods and some crops - cookie130

    Jammy’s furniture - new furniture and heads - jammy870

    Mine & blade battlegear 2 - duel wielding, new weapons and arrows - Mine_and_blade_admin

    Animals plus - kinda like Mo creatures but with different animals - Click_Me

    Backpacks - backpacks (Squid’s pixelmon) - ???

    Bibliocraft - furniture mostly book related - nuchaz (I think)

    Biomes O plenty - new biomes and blocks - glitchfiend

    Carpenter’s blocks - slopes, stairs any blocks - Mineshopper

    chisel 2 - new textures to vanilla blocks - currently
    maintained by TheCriket26

    Copious dogs - 1o new breeds of dogs with a new taming system - Cryztal

    Decocraft 2 - adds lots of awesome furniture - RazzleberryFox

    Malisis doors - new doors, cool animation and a few other things - Ordinastie

    Malisis core (API) - a API for malisis doors - Ordinastie

    Custom NPCs - make custom npcs that can talk to you, fight and follow you - Noppes

    Doggy talents - lets you make your dogs fish, be ridden and much more - ProPercivalalb

    Morph - turn into anything you kill including stuff from mods - Ichun

    Ichunutil (API) - a API for morph - Ichun

    Minecraft comes alive - start a family, hire guards and make friends -WildBamaBoy

    RadixCore (API) - a API for minecraft comes alive - WildBamaBoy

    Mrcrayfish's furnitures mod - my favourite furniture mod - Mr_Crayfish

    Pam’s harvestcraft - 500+ food items and plants -MatrexsVigil

    Witchery - lots of magic stuff - Emoniph

    Damage indicators - shows all mobs (including modded things and players) health and how much damage you deal - rich1051414

    Too many items - makes it easy to get any items (including mods) including spawners - Marglyph

    Dragon mounts - Lets you hatch dragons and RIDE THEM - BarracudaATA

    Colourful armour - lets you dye any type of armour (I think if not iron) -Torguebolt

    Mine painter - lets you make statues and paintings - hypercross - possible to get rid of

    Worldedit - lets you quickly fill stuff, remove stuff and make walls/floors - sk89q - plugin???

    Candycraft - adds a new candy dimension with a bunch of blocks and mobs - valentin431

    Mo creatures - A bunch of new animals lots of them tameable - DrZhark

    Craft guide - shows crafting recipes on everything including mods - Uristqwerty

    Doggystyle - New dog breeds - TheGoldVane

    Fairy lights - adds well fairly lights - pau101

    Lots O food - Awesome food and crops - pifou92000

    More player models - lets you adjust the size of your body parts and you can sit crawl and much more - Noppes

    Twilight forest - a new dimension with a bunch of items, mobs and bosses - Benimatic

    Unicorn mod - Adds unicorns that are easier to get then the ones in MO creatures - ???

    Wallpaper - 16 decorative wallpapers (reviewed by LDshadowlady) - pau101

    Lucky blocks - everybody knows what this mod is - PlayerInDistress

    Survival wings - you craft wings to fly is survival - spacechase0

    Space Core (API) - a API for survival wings - spacechase0

    Baby animals mod - makes baby animals cuter (more derpy in my opinion) - cocovalley

    Rei's minimap - shows a minimap in the corner and lets you set waypoints - ReiFNSK

    Better grass and leaves - makes grass and leaves looks nicer - Poersch

    Japanese coloured wool - new shades of wool - ???

    Oceancraft - a bunch of new water mobs - thomassu

    Pam's weee flowers - 14 new flower types and flower vines - MatrexsVigil

    Plant mega pack - new plants and some food - 10paktimbits

    Codechickencore (API) - I’m not sure what it's for but my friend said it was needed - chiken_bones

    Colour chat - lets you have nicknames - K4Unl

    Possible modpack: (I am aware of the reapated mods, I apologise)


    Jammy's furniture

    Mine and blade battle gear 2

    Animals plus

    Adventure backpacks


    Biomes O plenty

    Carpenters blocks


    Copius dogs

    Decocraft 2

    Malisis doors

    Malisis core (for doors)

    Custom NPCs

    Doggy talents


    Ichunutil (API)

    Minecraft comes alive

    Radix core (MC comes alive)

    MC crayfish furniture

    Pam's harvest craft


    Damage indicators

    Too many iteams

    Dragon mounts

    Colourful armour

    Security craft

    Stuffed animals

    Mine painter

    World edit

    Candy craft

    Mo creatures

    Craft guide

    Doggy style

    Fairy lights

    Lots O food

    More player models

    Twilight forest

    Unicorn mod


    Lucky blocks

    Survival wings

    Space core (API)

    Baby animals

    Rei's mini-map

    Better grass and leaves

    Japanese coloured wool

    Ocean craft

    Pam's weee flowers

    Plant mega pack

    Colour chat

    k4Lib (api)

    Et futurum

    Lucky blocks alpha (add-on)

    Lord of the rings -

    Galactic craft

    Stacy's wolves

    Sophisticated wolves

    Floo powder HP

    Realistic livestock (WIP)


    Hat stand

    Biblowood (Biomes O plenty) -

    Travellers gear


    Wings, hornes and hooves

    Craft heraldy


    Advanced lightsabers

    Cosmetic armour

    Modular flowerpots

    Description tags



    Rotatable blocks

    Large signs 2

    Additional records

    Butterfly mania tweaks

    Galactic craft


    I apologise for lak of description in the second list, I haven't had any time to do it yet.

    So what do you guys recon? upgrade or not? and to which version? and also replacement mod ideas? (for those that aren't allready updated)

    Thanks in advance!


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