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    posted a message on YouTube's Effect On Minecraft
    It also attracted a lot of kids to the game (i don't care about that) which most of the game's success is derived from. The kids are also a big reason for Minecraft popularity. But SkyDoesMinecraft (back in his 10,000 sub time when he was a lot better) introduced me to the game in 2012. I actually bought the game in 2013 (before I played pocket edition demos and some computer demos) and I now have all three editions of the game (PC, Mobile, and Console).
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    posted a message on Laptop: Macbook or Surface Pro 3?
    if you really want either, I suggest the MacBook Pro which is a sort of Jack-of-all-trades, good at mostly anything but super hardcore gaming. It will give you sixty fps unlike the Suface Pro. But you may want to look into more laptop choices. May. but ok macbook will do just fin.
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    posted a message on (3,000+ VIEWS) Why I will never, ever, summon an Enderdragon- Post other stupid things you've done in Minecraft here.
    I actually summoned the enderdragon like you with the Single Player Commands, but it destroyed its way into a underground lake, and my computer sucked at the time, so it was laggin a bit, and it was impossible for me to get out. I wasn't smart enough to just kill myself and go back to spawn so it was deleted.
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    posted a message on Is Minecraft a rip off of lego?
    Inspired, maybe. Rip off? Hardly. Legos are harder to deal with than the Minecraft blocks, not to mention for $26 (less on consoles and mobile) you have infinite blocks to play with and a large area, with no need to deal with how much space you have to build, whereas Legos come in packs and boxes and you have to worry if there is enough space to build with. I don't have to go to the store every few days or so (if you're that much of a builder, I'm not) to get a new box of Legos. Somehow ran out of space in my world? New world. It's also easier to share in some ways, and you can give your creation to anybody via Internet, whereas Legos are easily tore apart, so you'd have to be careful moving it around or you would break it. And then there's survival mode, which is a million times different from Lego. What do you have other than building with blocks to say Minecraft is a rip off of Lego. That's like saying… Skyrim is a rip off of medieval time (for lack of a better phrase).
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    posted a message on Official Forum Risk Index (For the last time: PM me to put your games in!)
    Add me as a player.
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    posted a message on IMPORTANT: Update Your Minecraft Password ASAP
    Quote from FingersMeller

    This doesn't make any sense at all. If Mojang was not hacked, and the problem has been fixed then why in the world would we need to change our passwords?

    Either you were hacked and we should change them, or everything is A ok and we don't need too. Personally, it would seem to me that there are some clear discrepancies in your story.

    Up above you say, "As a precaution, it has been recommended that you update your Minecraft password, just to be sure." However, you end the very same post by saying, "Regardless of whether you have or have not migrated, it is crucial to change your password."

    If it is only recommended that we change our passwords then why is it so crucial?

    I would like to know what actually happened and why you are pushing us so hard to change our passwords? Personally, I think your OpenSSL was hacked and you just don't want to say it for fear you may lose some customers.


    If you were already hacked, then if you change your password NOW you don't need to worry about others changing it for you. Though I have no reason why to believe a hacker like that would want to play Minecraft on your account, this affects most of the Internet, so that's pretty crucial. And if you really want to know, some guy made Heartbleed, about more than 2/3 of the Internet was able to get hacked (for lack of better term). It's not much more than that, but if you're gonna go daredevil and not change your password we're not gonna really care if for some reason some hacker wants your account.
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    posted a message on If you could have any power of any Video Game character, what and who would it be?
    Pokémon Trainer. Make the Pokémon do all the work for me, though I cant respawn because no Pokemon game has death to trainers.

    What if somebody says he'll be Steve, and then has a lot of power because of modding?
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    posted a message on An April Apology
    wht des dat dood meen liek wach is mishpellhing omg me gud spllr neh infrackies fer moi boi
    (Am I actually gonna get an infraction for this?)
    o btw CATZ
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    posted a message on Have Mob Spawners be Items in Creative Mode
    Quote from Cire360

    mob spawners of all types exists already in the game, They are just not given to us in creative to place. I dunno why its this way, and its the same way on the PC version even at its current version, however mods like TMI/and NEI will give access to mob spawners.

    I believe that when we get trading with villagers one of the trades they will offer is a 'pig spawner'. Spawners no matter how many you have still must abide by the mob cap limit.

    The only way I have found to break the mob cap limit is with silverfish and its no easy task as one needs to build a machine that allows silverfish to infect cobble or stone blocks and store them away in a huge block, with that done; you begin breaking the blocks and damaging the silverfish which causes a chain reaction of other silverfish to break out and before you know it you have ALOT of angry silverfish. This is actually the most exp i've seen in one chain reaction, enough to go from 0 to nearly 57.

    No, villagers do not trade any spawners of any kind, unless you hack villagers like in many maps, such as the Ant Farm, where you can get enchanted OP stuff from these villagers. Would be awesome if you could use spawners though, like how BloodyPheonix wants pig spawners that can be changed with spawn eggs.
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    posted a message on Mine0rtal
    Man, I was planning to make a map named MineP0rtal! I dont know what to do now, Minecr0\ft? Eh why not.
    Good luck man, I dont know how easy it will be to make a Portal map that can baffle people to their limits and rage. That's what puzzles are for, rage. I'll play your map when it comes out. Here is my application.
    Only play on weekends
    I have not tried Portal or Portal 2, though I am planning to get a copy and have played Mari0 and some Portal Flash games.
    I do very much like Portal. It is amazing. And confusing.
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    posted a message on help me beat a wither
    Quote from IronMagus

    You heard that the wither destroys pretty much everything around it, so you thought it would be a good idea to fight it in the middle of the only supply of what is arguably the game's most limited resource (end stone)? Kudos!

    ...I'd have fought it in a tight cave, where it can't get away from me and won't destroy anything but rocks. Then, a Strength potion and a good Smite sword should take care of it in nothing flat.

    You forgot that end stone can only be destroyed by a blue Wither Skull, which doesnt break much. And the Wither rarely uses it. But Strength and Smite is good. Too bad I cant join, I dont want to set up Hamachi or whatever.
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    posted a message on The first thing i did on minecraft.
    First thing i did? Well, it was on PE, and I did some survival mode. That was I think in 0.5.0, when iron was super scarce. I passed through a night, and got into a river trying to get to the other side. Skeleton walks in. I die. I then find a corner of the world (in PE, the world is limited) where no mobds but a spider was there. I was a n00b, so I didnt know spiders were neutral in daylight, so I stealth walked passed it. I made a super small wood hut with only a bed, crafting table, and chest. I was making my house bigger when I hear a sss…, and you know the rest. It took me a while to figure out it was a "creeper", and so I didnt ever play Survival mode again without peaceful mode. Thise were the days. Now i'm pretty much a minecraft pro nerd.
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    posted a message on Most unfair/stupid deaths?
    I just started my real Survival world (unless you call Pocket Edition survival), even though I've been playing for a year, so my real stupidest death was probably when I spawned in a world on survival mode in the ground, i died, and i didnt play survival mode until a few months after, becuz my computer derped.
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    posted a message on Would you Marry, Kiss or Kill the person Avatar?
    Quote from Roflyx

    Then steal a bit of his powers, I must learn dat magic...

    I can teach you. And stealing basically means "copy/paste", not take away, right? It actually doesn't take much to teleport. I just need to happily kill an Enderman right now…
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    posted a message on OP Armour
    I think people will not like the speed reduction, but I kind of agree. Why play Hunger Games when people have .V.I.P. armor right off the bat and easily kill you? I also agree with the balancing problem. If I were to start right now, forget it. Witches are moving around, skeletons aim TOO hardcore. I'd probably have to downgrade to like 1.4.7, get all my tools and armor, and then upgrade back to 1.7.4, so then I could kill mobs more easier. And the speed reduction? You may have not already noticed, but in water each armor tier makes you more sluggish, and gold is the heaviest tho. If they do nerf armor, hopefully they also buff the mobs back, or else we got trouble. And about PvP, my friend easily kills anybody in Diamond armor, even buffed armor, with only a stone sword. How? He circles around the opponent and keeps hitting him. Strategy. Maybe hitting while in full Diamond armor should be nerfed, so basically you would hit worse as you gain armor tiers. It even makes sense, you probably would hit worse in reality if you had on heavy armor. The speed thing shouldn't be major, maybe a bit small. Not too small, but also not that big? Nobody wants to wear a cobweb made out of Diamond. So basically, you aren't hitting so good with Diamond sword and Diamond armor, and it balances better. I hope Mojang sees this…
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