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    Looking for Java Developer, Moderator and Helper

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    anyone interest in a pad position :D

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    Hey everyone. We are looking to bring even more developers into our team in the 2022 year to build and build more awesome features for all of you to enjoy! You guys rock and without you we would not be here.

    Diving into the actual hiring topic, we are looking to bring some more Minecraft developers into our team. To be considered we ask that you be able to commit a minimum of 20 hours a week (part time) or around a standard 40 hour week (full time). We have the information for the minimum and bonus qualifications outlined below. If you know someone that might be interested in working with us, please forward them this application!

    We are limiting the applications to people who are 16 or older though, for legality reasons and commitment reasons. Keep reading below to learn a bit more about the position, and make sure to share this news with your friends who might be interested in the position.

    What is Emerald Client? - Neptune Client is a brand new Client that's have some features and mods similar to Lunar and Badlion.

    Job Description (Minecraft Client Developer)

    The developer will be responsible for working on new and existing features on the Emerald Client. The work can very from creating brand new mods, creating cosmetic features for Emerald, fixing bugs on existing features, improving the performance of the client, working on infrastructure of the backend systems, and much more. Someone who is flexible and can complete any task will succeed in this position. The applicant must be flexible as well, as they will most likely be working on a bunch of different things around the Emerald Client and Emerald infrastructure during their time at the company.

    If you are applying for a full time position, you will be expected to be working an average of 40 hours a week (there is some flexibility with this). If you are working part time we want you to be working on average 20 hours a week (make sure you are doing your school work!!!).


    Applicants when applying for this position should have the following qualifications as a minimum:

    • 2+ Years of Java development
    • 6+ Months of Minecraft Client modding (Forge, MCP, etc)
    • Knowledge of Git
    • 16 Years or Older
    • Flexible with time zones (we have people in NA and EU)
    • Being a team member
    • Good communication skills

    The following qualifications are an added bonus and will raise the chances of succeeding in the position:

    • Understanding of the Minecraft protocol
    • Any OpenGL knowledge
    • Any Bukkit/Spigot Knowledge
    • Any SQL knowledge
    • Any NMS knowledge
    • Python 2.7 Knowledge
    • Knowledge of Maven
    • Knowledge of DynamoDB
    • Knowledge of Redis
    • Knowledge of UNIX/Linux
    • Knowledge of HTTP
    • Knowledge of building multi-threaded systems
    • Knowledge of building API systems
    • Knowledge of RPC protocols like gRPC or Thrift

    Animation Artist Description:

    This animation artist will be working on creating new Emerald Client emotes (aka dances). The artist may be asked to do additional work for promotional features, but the main focus will be on creating emotes.

    Animation Artist Requirements:

      6+ months of animation experience

      6+ months of Blender experience. You must use Blender 2.78 or 2.79 in order to work with our emote framework

      Familiar with working with Minecraft animations

      Familiar with using props in animations

      Ability to work individually and give weekly updates via Teamspeak, Telegram, or Discord

      Self-motivated and can individually accomplish tasks with an assigned deadline

      Flexible schedule

      Creative mindset

      Great communication skills

    Minecraft Staff Application

    - Helper

    - Moderator

    Need some more information about this jobs?

    Contact Information

    - Discord: NatureVJ#6191

    - Gmail: [email protected]

    Hope we can work together.

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    Can we talk in Discord, I will provide my discord nametag: NatureVJ#6191

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    i could do dev, build and mod

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    Discord: NatureVJ#6191

    Age: 18

    Timezone: GMT+10 Australia

    Position: Developer or maybe builder

    What experience do you have in the role you are applying for: I do have high experience for setup plugins in server and for builder I can build medievil town and castle which need a big chunk for build, I do have a discord server where people can go and order so I can make plugins custom.

    It would be great if you can provide a portfolio of previous work so that I can get a feel for your style/experience: I can screenshot for you in dsiscord dms

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    Add me via discord: NatureVJ#6191

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    friend request sent

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    IGN: NatureVJ

    Age: 18

    TimeZone: GMT+10, Australia\Brisbane

    Skypes: I can't create an account.

    Staff Position: Developer

    Discord: NatureVJ#6191

    What experience do you have moderating/building for servers:

    I have 9 years experience on coding including Website, make custom plugins and plugins configurator.

    Why should we accept your app:

    Being a staff member is always a goal. It allows me to help those in need rather than just being able to advise someone, as well gives me a new take on Minecraft itself. I love to meet a lot of news people on different server like asking them for more advise and respect people with good manners. I do have high experience on coding an doesn't mean I'm bad and just saying that I'm always good, but sometimes I'm did great and bad. I like to used my time to learn more and more new thing on coding and practising almost everyday and also got a jobs which allow me to communicate with other people on the ordering of the website building.

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