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    I'd have to go with both, and neither.

    I love Terraria. It has everything that I feel Minecraft should have. Tons of ores to mine, tons of bosses, weapons, armor, special abilities, collectibles, enemy variation, underground biomes. The hell area has more to it. Reasons to explore, like random loot and whatnot. Armor set upgrades, craftable decoration things, colored lighting, wiring that you don't have to hide, and even more once you beat the main stuff and get into hard mode. It's everything I want from Minecraft......BUT... The 3D of Minecraft appeals more to me. There's just so much more i can do with 3D than I can with 2D. I can make a 3D town I can wander around and explore. In Terraria, building a town is fine, but you have to keep every building in a big row, or make a tower. And to get around you have to jump over everything, or go under it, OR sit there opening and closing doors for ages.

    Terraria is great, but...the 3D in Minecraft is just more fun.

    It's an even bigger difference if you compare the console versions. I dunno about other people, but the controls on the console version of Terraria is a pain to get used to. Minecraft is simple. But on the other hand, console Terraria is more updated compared to it's PC counterpart, than Minecraft is.

    I love both games for different reasons. And which game you're going to prefer is going to depend on what you like better. 3D or 2D? Simple, or more complicated? Fighting based, or building based?
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    posted a message on OldDays/NBXlite, SpawnHuman, SSP, SSPC
    Has anyone managed to get the 1.6.4 daily build to work with MultiMC yet? It apparently supports jar mods for newer versions now, but whenever I try, it doesn't seem to work properly. The only indication that it's even partially working, is that the "play smp" button is there. Just thought maybe I'm doing something wrong.
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    posted a message on MultiMC 5 [Windows / Linux / Mac]
    Honestly, I'd love to see the ability to use custom jar files(custom minecraft versions). Mainly, for jar mods. Mainly, I'm trying to get the 1.6.4 version of the OldDays mod to work with MutliMC. It's 2 things that need to go directly into the jar. I assumed that's what jar modding is for. I tried it, and it crashes when I try to make a world. I know the mod works because I've used it in the official launcher. So I assume it's something to do with multimc loading it. I dunno, I just think it'd be easier if I could just make a copy of the 1.6.4 jar file, and add the mod to it manually, and have it show up as a new version in the version list.
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    posted a message on New world, documenting progress
    Nice. I enjoy seeing stuff like this with people that used Olddays. It's like, my favorite mod, yet I barely see videos or pictures of people using it.

    Still trying to find a 'good' let's play with the olddays mod.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 14w17a Ready for Testing!
    Hmm, I tried to make a customized world with very few changes just to see how it works, and it got stuck at building terrain. Although it seems after it crashed, I loaded it back and the world spawned fine..so..Just the original world creation crashed, but the world still worked. Weird.

    Also, this customization is awesome but I gotta figure it out. I barely changed anything and I have a weird lookin world. Maybe it got corrupted or something because it crashed the first time, but it looks kinda cool.

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    posted a message on Minecraft No Longer Officially Working With Oculus Rift
    Facebook is getting as bad as google. Buying things, and shoving their stupid social network into it despite no one wanting, or asking for it.

    What a few people that don't agree with this don't seem to realize, is that the Oculus was originally designed for games. It's whole purpose was games. People got early dev versions and everything, specifically to make games work with it. And then they go and sell it to facebook, a company that has NOTHING to do with proper games. There's no need for the Oculus to have anything to do with facebook. There's nothing on facebook that even makes sense to be on an Oculus.

    The only thing I can imagine them doing, is adding some kind of "share to facebook" button, and charging twice the price.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 14w11b Ready for Testing
    So, I can barely get a minecart to go up a hill now. Even if it's an entire hill of powered rails, it tends to get stuck. Occasionally it goes up, but otherwise, it just rolls back down.

    Why? How is this a good change? There was nothing wrong with the physics of minecarts before. I just got used to using them too.

    If you wanna add something to minecarts, how about a proper stop section, so you can stop and go, without having to manually make one. Like a specific rail for stop/go. Or a way to connect minecarts together with tripwire hooks and string.

    Quote from elgatuno


    also, what? 3D block? is there a resource pack or something that has this?
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    posted a message on Snapshot 14w10b Ready for Testing
    Quote from Greenis Creepis

    All this elementary bug fixing is annoying. Do the programmers operate under a system of sloppyness at mojang? Do they check their own work, or just pass it off as half done and let people find it as a bug so later they can waste time fixing it, instead of doing it right the first time. Curious.

    Well, these ARE snapshots and not actual releases. They're simply fixing bugs as they happen. The snapshots come out no matter if all the bugs are fixed or not. However they wait until a large amount of bugs are fixed before they release the actual update.

    I'm going to assume they're testing the game, obviously. But not to the point of finding ALL of the bugs right away. Which is why the have a place just for bug reports, so people can help find bugs. They're continuously working on it, which fixes some bugs, and makes new ones. And as said, the snapshots comes out whether the bugs are all fixed or not.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 14w10b Ready for Testing
    Survival plans soon you say? Finally!
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    posted a message on Idea/request: Books of Bethesda.
    My idea came while playing Skyrim. I realized, that I tend to collect books every time I play Skyrim. I fill up all the bookshelves I can in my house, and still have tons left over to shove into a chest. I just like the idea of finding them and keeping them.

    The first part of my idea, is fairly simple I'd think. Randomly spawning, pre-written books that spawn in randomly spawned chests. The books would simply be the same books you find in the Elder Scrolls games, and Fallout. The titles would be something like [Game Name] - [Book Title] - [Author]. Not a complicated idea, just something I think would be fun. To be able to roam around Minecraft, and find a dungeon, and find a couple Skyrim books in the chests. You could use the normal books, as well as quest-only books. A big thing though, is making them normal books. So they're compatible with BiblioCraft bookshelves.

    The second part of the idea, is to have chests randomly spawn in every cave system. That way, while you're in a normal cave mining for ores, you might come across a chest, that has a book or two in it. Seeing as there's a lot of books in those games, it would be useful to help find books slightly faster, especially since it's not always easy finding dungeons or chests in mineshafts.

    The third part of the idea, is to have one or two Villagers, that buy ANY of these new books. Mainly, so you have something to do with duplicate books you get, if you don't want to save them.

    An extra thing, would be to be able to place a book down on any surface where you click/right click. For decoration mainly, so you could stack books around and stuff. This would also allow books to be spawned pre-placed, so you could find them spawned in a cave on the ground or something, rather than always spawning in a chest.

    The main part is obviously just adding the books from Elder Scrolls, and Fallout. But I wouldn't be opposed to seeing custom pre-written books also. Like, ones based on popular Minecraft stories or 'lore'(like Herobrine's mansion type things or whatever). Maybe books that detail how to make each potion and things. Could even add 'expansions' to the mod, by adding short stories and things from other stuff. Kids books, short stories, creepypastas, whatever else.

    Give us a reason to finally make a Library.(Especially using Bibliocraft)
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    posted a message on Snapshot 14w07a Ready for Testing!
    Quote from KnightMiner748

    The main question is how much of that survival stuff do you really need. If there was a new ore, set of armor, tier of tools, what would it do for survival except add another layer of materials to achieve?
    New redstone stuff? 1.5 had many new features (it was the redstone update), and 1.6-1.8 snapshots got many smaller things.
    The last few updates and snapshots have had many new survival features more than just tweaks and aesthetic.

    Yes the core gameplay is the same, because it is the same game as it was back in alpha, except with many more features.

    And if you don't like building, why do you play Minecraft? the game about building from the beginning.

    The game is about building, but the whole point of Survival mode, is Survival. Otherwise they wouldn't put hostile mobs and weapons and hunger.

    As for how much of that I "need". I don't NEED any of it, but it would be nice to give me more to do. You make it sound like I don't need more ores and whatever, but I don't need more flowers and types of stone either, but yet those get added. And the last few snapshots didn't really have new survival features, so much as slight modifications that didn't change anything. When Is say survival changes, I don't mean adding new types of doors and things. I mean actual game-changing changes. Like the way Hunger and Enchanting changed MC.

    I get that it's the same game it always was, but that's the problem. It feels old. It feels like the same old game as ever. It needs something to make it feel new again. Make it feel interesting. That's why I suggested, new ores, mobs, mini bosses. New stuff to do in the nether. etc.

    Not everyone's going to be with me, that's fine. Some people don't even play survival and just play the game likes it's prettier legos. But personally, I think the game needs bigger changes to survival to keep it interesting. It might come from the fact that I play tons of fallout and skyrim, so I get used to have interesting characters, tons of different weapons/clothing, interesting locations, etc.

    I would just use mods, but I don't think I should be forced to use them as I said. And even then, I can't find any good mods that I like, that make the game closer to something like Fallout/Skyrim.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 14w07a Ready for Testing!
    Those things may be true, but that doesn't mean Survival is any more interesting. Which is the problem. Survival has barely changed since around beta 1.8 came out, When they added Hunger, XP, enchanting, Endermen, and whatever else. The biggest additions I've noticed, are bosses, which don't even effect core gameplay, it just adds stuff to do after you play the normal game for ages, and the 'normal game' has barely changed. By now, at least to me, Survival is feeling a bit dated and boring. I can go back to early Alpha versions, and the core gameplay is exactly the same. Survival needs more 'survival'. Survival currently, feels like a long winded way to build things, and some people, myself included, aren't that into building. Some of us prefer the idea of SURVIVAL. Collecting resources to build a base, then collecting things to make better armor/tools/weapons to defend yourself and get even better stuff. But all of that, has been almost exactly the same for way too long. No new tool/armor sets, barely any new overworld mobs. The nether is still useless unless you're into Potion Making or need Quartz for building.

    I understand there's mods to take care of some of my issues, but I hate the fact that I'm forced to rely on mods, to keep Survival interesting, when Mojang could make it interesting themselves, if they'd just try to work on it. Instead, they want to add map maker things, and aesthetic blocks, and whatever else. When's the last time Redstone got any new big features? Last time we got a new USEFUL ore? We've never gotten a new set of tools/armor. Bows have barely changed. There's so many existing things that could be done better that they could work on, rather than adding new things, or ignoring survival completely.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 14w07a Ready for Testing!
    I am SO glad there's yet another snapshot aimed almost entirely at map makers instead of survival. OoooOOooOh, iron trap doors, that'll change single player survival a ton.

    Ok, seriously though, I hate when they insist on doing mapmaker only snapshots and things. For one, it's completely useless for me since I don't make maps, and usually don't play custom maps either. I play single player Survival, as I'm sure a LOT of people do, seeing as that's kind of Minecraft's main game mode. But yet update after update, they refuse to add anything remotely useful for survival. Survival needs big updates to keep it interesting, can we please start getting some of those updates? At least mix them in with the mapmaking features, so the snapshots aren't entirely useless to some of us.

    Also, I don't count a couple new biomes, some new flowers, colored glass, and a few new types of stone, to be very big for survival. It's all just aesthetic crap that we would be fine without. When I say survival needs updates, I mean proper game-changing updates. Survival's barely changed since they added The Ender Dragon, and even then, the only thing that changed was being able to go the the end and kill the dragon, then the rest of the game was the same as usual. Even the recent change to enchanting isn't a huge deal, it's not like it's going to change what I do in the game or anything. I'll simply just collect more lapis.

    It just seems Mojang forget that there's some people that play Minecraft, for the actual SURVIVAL aspect. The idea of having to survive, as you find and gather resources, to get better tools/weapons, to do more stuff. When you only update the game with aesthetic items, or mapmaker changes, you're leaving the group of people that play for proper survival mode, out with nothing. We need proper changes. Upgraded bows, more stuff in the nether, mini-bosses, more full bosses, more storage(chest) type blocks, more hostile mobs, daytime hostile mobs, more types of dungeons, more structures(above and below ground), more weapons, more enchantments, make the end useful for something after you beat the dragon, etc, etc.
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    posted a message on Skin Request!
    Here ya go.

    Disco Guy: http://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/discoguy-2751822/#
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    posted a message on Lets see your characters!
    My current skin. Been in a Fallout mood.

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