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    👉🏻 MineralMC Skyblock 👉🏻

    👉🏻 100% Custom Core

    👉🏻 100% Custom Islands

    👉🏻100% Custom Resourcepack

    👉🏻 Optifine is required for the resourcepack

    👉🏻 Crystals

    👉🏻 Bank

    👉🏻 Auctions

    👉🏻 Merchants

    And much more.

    We are currently looking to build a playerbase as we are a new server, so please, if you have any friends that also play Minecraft, be sure to invite them so we can start to build an amazing community of players

    IP: play.mineralmc.com
    Version: 1.16.5 (Optifine Required)
    Store: store.mineralmc.com
    Discord: discord.mineralmc.com

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