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    posted a message on Blood SkyBlock

    Java Edition Only 1.15.2
    Community, Updates, and nice staff
    Brand new Update Dungeons&Casino
    Economy Upgraded Spawners & Hoppers & Custom Enchantments
    DM Me for Info!!


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    posted a message on Bloods Skyblock

    New reset
    Small Player Base
    Custom Enchants
    Upgradable Spawners + Hoppers
    Custom Spawners
    Massive new pvp with envoy drops

    upgradable islands uptp 350x350

    ingame is top rewards every month
    Great Admin Team

    Fast support


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    posted a message on New SkyBlock Server

    Great Brand new Sky block server, Come by and join the fun at Bloods Sky Block, enjoy the wide range of plugins we offer, Active staff members,Community from all over the world, join the discord to keep up-to date on whats happening and special releases

    IP is:bloodskyblock.apexmc.co

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    posted a message on SMP server

    Fresh SMP looking for new members

    We are a mature (but no exclusively 18+) hermitcraft like smp server with a few datapacks like multiplayer sleep but a main focus on vanilla survival. We are about to start a new season and are looking for new players who are willing to invest time into the server. If you’re interested dm me and I’ll give you a discord invite

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    posted a message on SMP Earth

    Wanna play SMP earth come join us.

    Map size 1:2000

    Mature Members Advise 16+

    server has a chill player base with lots of active help from admin, the
    season is only a week old so its perfect time to come and build your
    dream empire. You can Fight others, Loot/Steal, wipe people out with

    We have all types of
    plugins including vehicles such as tanks,planes,helicopters,cars,bikes
    Even submarines, we also have Guns to kill your enemies in all different
    types of ways. This is a modded server so rates are boosted so getting
    started wont be hard, we use Eco plugin for the money to buy your war
    machines, don't be afraid come by and have a interview to be accepted
    into the server.

    Join discord and @ a admin for a interview, once u have been green lighted u may join the fun.


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    posted a message on 🔥🔥 Fresh Map // 1.16 // Mature Community // Long Term // Vanilla Survival 🔥🔥

    ign: PapaBlood



    just looking for a realm t kb on after a long day of doing nothing XD

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    posted a message on Need help with my server

    hey guys looking for free help with my server i need mods builders admin testers and basically everything it will be a sky block server

    add me on discord


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    posted a message on ⚒️Town Titans⚒️ Upcoming Towny Server ⭐️ RELEASING TONIGHT🔥

    ign PapaBlood

    rating: ah ye not bad, good size

    review: great server, staff are active and seem cool now its time to learn how to play

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    posted a message on ⚒️Town Titans⚒️ New Towny Server ⭐️ Recruiting All Staff Positions 🔥

    What position are you applying for?

    Do you have any previous experiences staffing, if so tell us!:

    i use to host my own server i dont know to much about towns but would love to learn
    Why would you suit the position?

    im good at helping people very kind and just chill
    What are your strengths?

    good ideas i would say is my strength
    What are your weaknesses and how would you work on them?

    idk anything about towns but i am i quick learner so shouldn't be too hard to thiger out the works

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