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    posted a message on Minecraft KooKoo SMP! SMP Server for Small Youtubers Like Myself!

    MInecraft Username: TNTguyPlayzYT

    Age: (Doesn't Matter Much) 11

    Interested In: (What do you like doing in MC, Ex.like pvping,building,redstone,etc.) Building Redstone and Mining, mob spawner designs

    Speciaties InGame: (What are your specialties in the MC game) PVP

    Why you wanna join the server: (This is IMPORTANT)
    Ive been looking for something to entertain my subscribers, This would be perfect! 3 uploads of smp a week Possibly 4, My Subscribers would Love it!

    Skype: (Required, Don't need a mic though, You will be contacted on skype by me. Mine is elitegamingpromc) TNTguy997 (name is Bob Hilterson on skype)

    People you wanna suggest to join: (Optional) Abitino8000 DjCraftYT

    Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkysdpRmT4o0S0aK83MCjbw

    How often will you be on: (Atleast twice a week needed or you will be Denied)

    3-4 times a week

    Subscribers: 21

    Any Last Things You Want To Say: (Optional) Nothing, Good luck to me!

    Good Luck!

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