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    Quote from s_leroux»

    Thank you for having posted the solution!

    Amusingly enough, I was bitten myself by the `as`/`at` clause of the execute command yesterday. And despite that, I didn't pinpoint a similar issue in your command. I definitively need a lot more practice with Minecraft commands!

    Actually, in your case, I suspect the following commands would do the trick too:

    execute as @a[x=-160,y=75,z=164,distance=..1] run setblock -153 75 165 redstone_block
    execute if entity @a[x=-160,y=75,z=164,distance=..1] run setblock -153 75 165 redstone_block

    According to my (very recent) knowledge in that matter, I would favor the `if entity` version: I think the `as`/`at` versions may be less efficient, since they may potentially run the `setblock` command several times, once for each matching entity. Or am I wrong?

    I don't know about this.
    But in my case, it doesn't matter, since my setblock command sets a redstone block that triggers a fill clock to another system.
    I will keep that in mind though for other uses. Thanks for sharing this!

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    posted a message on execute a command when player walks on a specific cordinates


    The previous command that wasn't functioning was:

    execute @a[x=-160,y=75,z=164,distance=..1] ~ ~ ~ run setblock -153 75 165 redstone_block

    I just find out the correct syntax for this command. Here it is:

    execute at @a[x=-160,y=75,z=164,distance=..1] run setblock -153 75 165 redstone_block

    The "at" was important due to executing the command at all players that are positioned on the coordinates (-160 75 164).

    And also, I removed the ~ ~ ~ position after the target selector and it worked!

    Hopefully, the syntax will remain the same in next minecraft versions... All those changes are troubling my commands!

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    Quote from s_leroux»

    I'm not at all sure this is the only issue, but the keyword `run` in missing in your command:

    execute @a[x=-160,y=75,z=164,distance=..1] ~ ~ ~ run setblock -153 75 165 redstone_block

    Thanks for your reply. I have also tried this way (with the "run" as you shown), but it is not working.

    There's something else, but I don't know.

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    I'm very glad drhubs for your support, thank you again.

    I got to admit that I don't really understand. I did try to build your idea.

    But where do I throw my weapon?
    Should I use a device that catch an item as the hopper do; instead of a device that push out an item as the dropper do?
    But, I have to admit that I never use dropper. So, I'm not quite sure about its efficiency and how they really work.

    My goal again is that the player needs to throw the custom named sword into a container (or device); and this action would trigger the other system (the lapis block (E) turning into a redstone block in this example above).

    I use the hopper technique with stackable items (16 or 64) and it works well. But since the swords are non stackable, I cannot drop a sword (with a custom named, because that is what I need in my map) into the hopper like a bone or any other item that can be stacked.

    This is how many of each stackable item I place inside the hopper as I learned in a youtube tutorial about item sorting:

    emits a redstone signal of 2 blocks

    emits a redstone signal of 2 blocks

    emits a redstone signal of 3 blocks

    So, when I add 1 firecharge or 1 ender pearl, my signal extands to 3 blocks and activates another system.

    But what I do with the sword since it is non stackable?

    I don't want the player to throw anything else than a sword with a custom name.

    Those are the signals viewed from above (64-16-unstackable):

    That's my problem in details. I'm stuck at this point.

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    posted a message on TNTQc World - Legend of the Evil Tri-Quest



    Link: https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/maps/2898662-tntqc-world-the-legend-of-evil-tri-quest#c1

    TNTQc World - Legend of The Evil Tri-Quest

    v. Beta(out of date - this map works with MC1.2.5)
    * I don't know if an update will come to date *
    A legendary adventure in a mystic land combine with 16 Side-Quests!
    This is the first release of the map.It may contains bugs or art errors.
    Please report anything to me.Thank You! enjoy!
    2 years of making!!
    Will you find TNTQc World's secrets!??

    Download links:
    a. 1 file (234 MB) via depositfiles (LINK BROKEN)

    b. 2 files (118 and 116MB) via Mediafire
    Part 1: http://www.mediafire...y28mo25azt25gbn
    Part 2: http://www.mediafire...4na7d0scvjnd706


    Creator's intro

    Hello, Dear Minecrafters,This fabulous game brought me inside a deep and intense creative process.I played on my one and only map since december 2010.First, I tried to survive. Then, I built a shelter that became a castle. I added personal stuff like a huge representation of my music hero; Jimi Hendrix!Weeks passed, and I was still developing my world. New ideas came up from other buildings newly created.I had to wrote down any decent ideas. TNTQc World was born and growing.23 months later, I have finished the most of it.And the adventure can now begin. I will enjoy it and I hope you will too.

    - The legend of The Evil Tri-Quest -Prologue

    I won't tell you much, because you will find by yourself what is the Evil Tri-Quest and what is going on in this world.You wake up in your bed inside your fortress. There is a note saying that the priest want to meet you. First, explore the Central Zone and its surroundings and then, progressively, explore the rest of the land and find your way throught the quest.TNTQc World is a vast labyrinth with landmarks and secrets all around. The more you explore, the better understanding of the story you get.Start with the Central Zone and go further around. You will see giant statues looking like Samourais; they are the Bedrock Colossus Guardians. They are the world's boundaries.TNTQc World is my own medley of Mythology, fantastic art and video game icons. My own vision of a quest in a Minecraft's World. You might die a lot or lost yourself; you will have to defend yourself and search a way to escape. TNTQc World is a hard adventure in a vast land; experts only!I created a lot using MC version 1.2.5 with 2 mods (spc and Crazy Ores (dependency because of its blocks I used to build)).To do the adventure legitaly, you must follow certain specific rules. It is not allowed to cheat (flying, instant killing mobs, passing throught walls, etc).My world does not allowed the player to destroy any block. You follow the direction you have to go without modifying the structures.I provide the player with a world map with interest points listed (see below).Also, I lot of ressources is given inside the Central Fortress, that is the initial spawn point (you will need to manage the items). * some chest doesn't work near initial spawn point in SMP.Be sure to check the rules segment.If any content in TNTQc World is similar to another work; I apology, but it is purely coincidental.Feed me with comment if you wish; suggestions, questions.Have fun!

    Map Info
    Map name: TNTQc World - Legend of Evil Tri-Quest
    Creator: TNTQc
    Difficulty: Very Hard
    Mode: Singleplayer or Multiplayer
    Debute: December 21, 2010
    Finished: October 21, 2012
    Mod used: spc, Crazy Ores (thanks to the authors:spc: Simo_415 and CrazyOres: Andy608)

    Crazy Ores http://www.minecraft...-crazyores-v63/
    Texture pack (suggestion): LB Photo Realism 256x (or lower)
    mod suggestion: OptiFine, Sonic Ether's Unbelievable ShadersAverage size: 1600 x 2400 x 256 (Anvil Format) Blocks (290 MB)


    - Need Crazy Ores mod to play the quest correctly (otherwise, some blocks won't appear and the quest has been built to be functional only with CrazyOres)(Install Forge first, then CrazyOres. Copy stuffs in minecraft.jar.
    Always backup your .jar before modifying it. Use mcpatcher (or equivalent) to patch your .jar (in the same order) if you want to use an HD Texture pack (like I do). It's a bit different if you want to play in multiplayer (SMP). Read the CrazyOres' thread for the instructions.)
    - Can't destroy any block (except for Monster Spawners)
    - Not allowed to place any block
    - Can craft a bed to sleep or any utilities using blocks provided.
    - Can play on any difficulty level (peaceful will remove all hostile mobs, but the parcourt challenge will remain).
    - Can use Rest Areas (checkpoints with beds and ressources) that are provided throughout the map.- Allowed to kill any mobs (passive or hostile).
    - Allowed to farm and hunt.- If needed, can build a temporary shelter with provided ressources.
    - Bedrock Colossus Guardians are the map's limits.
    - Set "Particles" on.
    - Some automated mechanisms won't work right away. You may need to wait up to 60 seconds and the system will activate by itself.
    - Can craft a chest to protect your goods, but again, Rest Areas are useful.
    - (tip) If you miss some jump, you may be stuck in a dead-end. If you cannot die, reset would be the only solution (or starving).
    - (tip) Inside parcourts, always be aware of what is above your head before attempting any jump.Rest Areas are highly suggested and you have to manage your items wisely.*** ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR WORLD***Your .jar and your saved world;can be found there: C:\Users\*your name*\AppData\Roaming\.minecraftAlways do in case; to prevent bad experiences.
    * If you follow the rules, you will have the ultimate experience!

    Quest Info - Directions
    - Main Quest(you will discover it while playing it)
    - Side Quest List

    1. Shooting Range and Parcourt Run (Pearl River Village)
    2. Secret Cave Houses (discover all 16)
    3. Crystals Collection (find the most you can)(I suggest to count the crystals you collect by using the 5-stick counting system, because there is a lot of crystals to find (hundreds))The total number of crystals to find is told in the first scroll of destiny (see next)
    4. Unlock the 3 scrolls of destiny (A,B,C)(I had 3 files (.rar) that are password protected. Find the passwords inside TNTQc World to open those files and find their secrets!)- This is how a scroll looks like:
    5. Find Reserve in Fort TNTQc
    6. Collect 12 hidden Ender Pearls
    7. Survive Seth Caves
    8. Find the mystery of the Gargoyle's Cave
    9. Find Jabba's Treasure
    10. Find the Glowing Sapphire
    11. Find the Sacred Ruby
    12. Find the Sacred Ivory Tusk
    13. Fix Dam 2 and meet Poseidon
    14. Resolve Escher's House
    15. Survive the Catacombs and find the lost Diamond
    16. Discover the heart of the Titan




    Bugs after after first tests:
    - chests, doors and beds are bugging near the initial spawn point. Ressources won't be available.
    - Some art error (like a block of dirt on a stone wall).
    - Some sign are erased.
    - Mob Tower works, but not at its full capacity. There's a torch inside providing light.

    Recent notes from the author (Jan 8, 2013):
    *** I am still playing the quest (after 50, 60 hours).
    The adventure is pretty difficult like I mentioned before. I'm close to the end and after I will correct all the bugs that I have found (there are some parts that I will need to modify so it will be a bit easier). That's why this version is beta.If you have question, please post it in this thread, I will answer you shortly.Thanks to all. ***

    TNTQc World Walkthrough Videos:

    Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/A6rs6eni6c/videos

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] CrazyOres - Dungeons, Epic Golems, Mobs, Food, Unique Armor, and much much more!
    Quote from Andy608

    I'm sorry everyone, but I have come to the conclusion that CrazyOres will not be updating until a stable release of Minecraft has come out. 1.4.4 came out 4 days ago and 1.4.5 will be coming out next week on thursday. I just don't want to keep updating every week so thats why I have come to the conclusion that CrazyOres won't be updating. I'm sorry, I'm just waiting for Mojang to fix all their bugs and come out with a final release.

    Hopefully one comes out soon. Thank you.


    Good, no problem. I prefer a stable version than a buggy or incomplete one. Wait for stability is a good thing. Patience is a virtue. :)

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] CrazyOres - Dungeons, Epic Golems, Mobs, Food, Unique Armor, and much much more!
    Quote from ISQUISHALL

    Sorry, the Forge link I gave you was 1.4.0. It doesn't matter, you have a correct version of Forge. I think that is a server bug, unrelated to CrazyOres. I have not had that issue before, but it could possibly be because of lag? I'm not sure, sorry. What you may want to do is try re-installing the server, with a fresh minecraft_server.jar. You can still keep your world, just try to re-install your server. Tell me if the problem persists after that.

    Sorry for the late reply.
    I reinstalled and the problem is still there. Chests, doors and beds near my initial spawn point are dysfunctional; only in SMP.
    In SSP, the same chests, doors and beds are functional. My map was created a long time ago, maybe updates and the anvil transition could have make those items deficient.
    Btw, I just released my map and CrazyOres is a dependency to it.
    You can see my work in my channel.
    And again, thanks for your mod Andy! I'm eager to see the 7.0 version.

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] CrazyOres - Dungeons, Epic Golems, Mobs, Food, Unique Armor, and much much more!
    Quote from xXxThe_MasterxXx

    that is excactly what I am doing, it seems my computer hates me...

    edit: I got it work! Thanks for the help, I cant wait to finally use it!

    Andy is so generous. If he helped you a lot, why not giving him some reputation pts (+1)! He deserves it!
    He gives to a lot of people, but never have some back!
    Just a thought!
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    posted a message on [1.7.10] CrazyOres - Dungeons, Epic Golems, Mobs, Food, Unique Armor, and much much more!
    Nice again Andy! Already a multiplayer support... man, you're fast! I'm very glad for this update. Thanks also to your friend ISQUISHALL. I'm not ready yet to test my map online with my friend; but it's coming. And then, I will report any bug I may (or not) encounter. I'm eager to see V.7.0... you do an outstanding job, thanks!
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    posted a message on [1.7.10] CrazyOres - Dungeons, Epic Golems, Mobs, Food, Unique Armor, and much much more!
    Quote from Andy608

    Thanks! I still have to fix some bugs, but once thats done, I'm going to keep working on V7.0 and then Multiplayer support! I didn't want to keep everyone waiting so long while I worked on V7.0 so I just updated the current version. There will be some new things but thats all i can say! :D

    I think you did the right thing by releasing V6.3. Have a good time working on V7.0 and thanks for checking for a future multiplayer support (take all the time it needs though). I know you're a man of his word and you always keep your mod and thread up to date. You always answer quickly and that's what I appreciate from you. Thanks to all the + too, very appreciated. Cheers!
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