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    posted a message on The Lapis Mod v3.0.1- Adds uses for Lapis Lazuli! FINALLY Updated for 1.7.10! {20,000+ Downloads!}

    The Lapis Mod

    By TNTMCPeople

    What's in this mod?

    The Lapis Mod doesn't add just new uses for Lapis, but also Obsidian! Also includes amazing new weapons and such. This mod will make your Single-Player (Or Multiplayer) experience 120 times better!

    (Version 3.0.1 for Minecraft Forge 1.7.10)

    The outstanding textures were made by adscomics. Absolute huge shout out to this man. Thanks! :D

    You are allowed to use this mod in your modpack! Just please, make sure you give me full credit and give a link of it so I can check it out!

    If you make a mod review, please leave it below. I will add it as soon as I see it!

    I really can't thank you guys enough for 20,000 downloads. I didn't expect this much success when I made this simple little mod. Thanks guys <3

    What's new?

    Version 3.0.1 includes bug fixes and all that good stuff.

    Version 3.0.0 has finally been updated for 1.7.10. I also added some new stuff such as:
    - Obsidian Gem
    - All Obsidian Tools
    - Obsidian Battle Axe
    - Super Lapis Block
    - Super Lapis Sword


    Lapis Tools have 900 uses, and are pretty about the same has Iron, with the sword dealing 5.5 HP.
    Lapis Armor fills up 6 armor bars, and has a little less durability then Iron.
    The Lapis Battleaxe deals 9 HP and has 1500 uses!
    The Super Lapis Sword deals 60 HP and has 5000 uses! It takes A LOT of Lapis to obtain though!
    Obsidian Tools can harvest anything and has 1600 uses, with the sword dealing 8 HP.
    Obsidian Armor fills up 9 bars and has a little more durability as diamond.
    The Obsidian BattleAxe has 2500 uses and deals a whopping 14 HP!
    The Crying Obsidian tools have 2500 uses and mines faster than diamond! The sword deals 12 HP!
    The Crying Obsidian Armor has double the amount of uses than diamond! It fills up all 10 armor bars!

    Crafting Recipes (Materials)

    Crafting Recipes (Blocks)

    Crafting Recipes (Tools/Armor)


    Tools Lapis Brick Armor Crying Obsidian Brick Obsidian Brick Crying Obsidian


    Make a video, and you will be here!

    1.6 Videos-

    More to come!

    How to download

    How to install The Lapis Mod:

    1) Download and install the latest Minecraft Forge for the corresponding version of Minecraft this mod is for.
    2) Download this mod, and place the entire zip file into your .minecraft/mods directory. Do not unzip the file.

    Older Downloads

    I am always open to any constructive criticism. I am always willing to improve my mods.

    If you have any suggestions, please leave them down below.

    Thanks for checking out my mod guys. Have a great day! :D

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    posted a message on [1.6.4] [Forge] Super Sword Mod v1.0.0
    Super Sword Mod!
    By TNTMinecraftPeople
    This mod adds one thing, a Super Sword. The Super Sword has only 2 uses (I can't make it 1) and it does 20,000 damage! It is useful to make so you can one the shot the Ender Dragon and the Wither!

    This is a small mod, but there will be more to come. Please leave suggestions below

    Also, if you do a mod review, please leave the link below.

    (Version 1.0.0 for Forge 1.6.4)



    How to download
    How to install The Super Sword Mod:

    1) Download and install the latest Minecraft Forge for the corresponding version of Minecraft this mod is for.
    2) Download this mod, and place the entire zip file into your.minecraft/mods directory. Do not unzip the file

    Other Mods By TNTMinecraftPeople
    Lapis Mod- Click Here

    More Cookable Food Mod- Click Here

    Thanks for viewing and downloading!
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    posted a message on [Co-Op] The Challenge Mini-Game Version 1.0.0
    Hi, I made a new Co-Op Mini-Game map! This is called the Challenge! You go through a series a challenges and the person to get 4 out of 7 wins win!

    #1- Parkour
    #2- Throw the disk
    #3- Jumping Thing?
    #4- Archery
    #5- Races
    #6- Shooting
    #7- The Final Battle

    Preview- Video with Jorge-

    PVP must be true
    Command blocks MUST MUST MUST be TRUE
    Spawn animals-false
    Spawn mobs-false
    If you dont know how to make a server, its very easy, just look it up. I recommend you do it with Hamachi. Its a LOT easier

    How to Download (Windows)
    Download this map
    Get WinRAR- http://www.win-rar.c...start.html?&L=0

    Right click on the map and choose Extract Files
    Go to start and type in "RUN"
    Type "%appdata%"
    Go to .minecraft
    then saves
    and then drag and drop
    the map file to the saves folder
    You have it! Enjoy!
    If you want to watch a video, watch this-

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    posted a message on [40,000+ Downloads!] [1.8] Cobblestone And Stone Armor +
    I love this mod!! I have looking for one like this for a while! Here is a review I did!

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