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    Mod updated! (Twice actually, just forgot to update it here)
    Overmod 0.3:

    Mini update! Mostly adding new mobs, such as:
    - Sirenhead

    - Prevent Rat

    - Fairies

    - Wendigo

    - Nothic

    Overmod 0.2:

    Runic Expansion!
    + Many new types of weapons, including the Obsidian Sword from Steven Universe and The Leviathan from God of War! (As what the community wanted!)

    + New blocks, cosmetic and useful! Including treasure crates that spawn in the new dungeons (WARNING: Once you right click the crate it'll disappear, be sure you're aware of this.)

    + 2 New dungeons that spawn underground! One dungeon with a "Boss Room"

    + New character mobs!

    + Bead of Flame and Bead of Force now are useable!

    + Many many more!

    The next update will take a bit longer, though it'll be bigger and more diverse, adding plenty of mobs (Danmachi, DnD inspired mostly, for now), as well as focusing on the cosmetic part of the mod, adding custom modeled armor, more weapons, more items and so on.

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    Mobs mini-update is released! Adding mobs such as the Wendigo and Sirenhead into the game!

    Runic Expansion is released! Introducing more weapons, more mobs, 2 new dungeons, and some special community requested elements like the Obsidian Sword from SU, and The Leviathan from GoW!

    Ever wanted Minecraft to be more RPG-esq? Enhance your world with items and more mobs? Mix up Minecraft with various RPG elements? Then welcome to Overmod! A mod that adds in vanity and useful items, blocks, and mobs inspired by many RPG "worlds" from DnD, Baulder's Gate, to animes like Danmachi, Overlord..etc

    This mod is still in early progress, more content will be added. But there's enough content for you to glimpse at what this mod will become! If you'd like more frequent updates, check out what's on the WIP list, or even suggest your own ideas, feel free to join the Discord server! https://discord.gg/bG7p9A3

    This mod is also suggested to be used with iChun's mod Morph, so you can "pick" one of the characters you'd like and play as it! (What are characters? Keep scrolling!), as well as RPG HUD, and JEI (for recipes).

    Some of the mods elements:

    - Minotaur (2 Variations) (Only 1 variation is showed here) (spawns in savanna biomes, mesa, and deserts.)

    - Goblin (4 Variations) (Only 1 variation is showed here) (soawns in forests and tagia)

    - Kobold (Spawns in extreme-hills mostly)

    Lamia! Spawns in the swamps:





    Tial, a new character mob/mini-dungeon-boss:


    - Various custom modeled characters! (Currently, character mobs don't have much of a use, but I have plans to make new villages and have them spawn in there. )

    - Bead of Nourishment: Restores all your hunger.
    - Golden Coin
    - Waterskin
    - 'Runic' blocks

    - Vanity dungeon cocktail items/treasure.
    - New ore (Jade)

    - New swords (Some are 3D modeled, some are not)

    Overmod: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/overmod/download/2943033

    More and more items, blocks and mobs are planned to be added, some original some inspired by other games/shows. If you'd like to suggest anything, feel free to do so in the Discord server or in the comments!

    Currently planned:
    - More DnD items and mobs.
    - Danmachi, Log Horizon, Overlord based monsters.

    - More random dungeon cocktail

    - More custom modeled blocks and tools.

    - More of everything in general!

    While it's small now, I have quite a big of a list of stuff to add! As this is my first mod, it may be a bit buggy, but I'll be ironing out any issues as soon as I can.
    Currently I have no plans to update it beyond 1.12.2, please don't ask. I'll let you know when and if I will update it.

    - Proudly made with MCreator! Despite all the limitations and "stigma" against it, I still find it quite the amazing tool that allows newbies who have little knowledge in modding, make mods such as this! While putting most of my focus on modelling and texturing.
    If I were to update the mod to more recent versions of minecraft (1.15+), I'll probably code it from scratch, as I'll be gradually learning Java!

    - Some sounds are from Zasplast.com

    I hope you like what you see! if you have any questions feel free to comment them!

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    Deleted because HOW DARE YOU INSULT MELONS?

    End Portal

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    posted a message on AidenR0's Elytra textures | Free elytra textures for use

    Would it be okay if I used a modified version of Dragonwing Elytra in my Advanced Capes mod?

    Go ahead
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    Hmm.. the idea itself is pretty decent, I'm up for this! Support!

    How would the durability with the Elytra work though? will only the elytra's durability reduce? or both the chest-plate and armor?
    Also, does the clip has any durability itself?

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    Do you think it's possible to add in a chisel/new item/config with the capability of chiseling blocks, but replacing the chiseled area with the next item (to the left) in the hotbar, It'll be easier and faster to replace bits.

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    Quote from Eria8»

    Having it on a newer version is not worth the amount of effort needed to change everything to the horrible new Json system in 1.8+. If someone ever releases a tool to automatically generate jsons for everything, great, but until then it's staying in 1.7.10.

    IF I ever were to make it for another version of Minecraft, I would only ever continue it for that newer version anyway. I don't have the time or patience to work on multiple versions at once.

    Agreed! It took me plenty of time to convert all my blocks/items in the mod into the new version (specifically the blocks as it needs 3 JSON files to define it)
    Although I found this JSON generator that basically generates JSON files for items and blocks (the program is rather simple, but it'll sure help out even in a bit, sadly I found out about the program after I converted over 300 JSON files ;^;) it currently only works for Items and Blocks (Note: for 3D models, you'd need to recreate them)
    Here's a link to the generator:
    It's created by wuppy29 (I do not take any credits for the program).

    Hopefully it'll help you out in your future mods.
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    posted a message on Sound Physics (realistic sound reverberation, occlusion, and attenuation)

    Am I the only one who seem to can't download the mod from the website? it keeps sending me a "website might be down temporarily..etc"

    I'm trying to download the 1.10.2 version

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    posted a message on How chunks affect redstone.... Help

    The chunk is 16x16x256, the area above you (and under you) is loaded when you're in the chunk (and pretty much every other chunk that is loaded within your render distance (or by using optifine's far loading which lets you load far more chunks than your render distance),

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    Quote from Eria8»

    Apparently no one who said they would continue this mod is actually

    continuing this mod.

    So I'm taking it back.

    The code is quite a mess, there's lots of little bugs and the whole thing
    is a bit confusing. So I'm re-writing it from the ground up with new
    original textures and models. It'll be a while before it has the same
    amount of content it does now, but it'll actually get updated this time

    The first version will be out soon with stuff from Zelda, Final Fantasy and
    Terraria, as well as some random little requests from around the

    It's good to see that this mod is coming back!
    Although I assume this mod will stay in 1.7.10? (not that I have a problem, it's would be nice if it were over more versions, but I understand the big changes that'll have to happen in order to update it)
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    posted a message on Serious 1.11 warning. (Not a bug, just a big danger)

    What mostly others said above, and the resourcepack didn't work is probably due to the fact that they changed the packformat to 3 (1.10 uses 2)

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    Quote from FINTonza»

    Wow, you're having a cold?! When I'm having a cold, my head don't work AT ALL. I mean, I don't get even ONE comprehensive thought out of my head when I have cold!

    For me, whenever I'm sitting doing nothing, I can't help it but make such content in my head, I even used to have a notebook consisting about 300+ pages of theories and weird stuff, I did things like that on an addict level when my depression hit real bad, but after I recovered, it became a habit to me.

    Making these are pain killers for me, while dealing with this forum's editor is the pain maker for me.
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    Quote from Tyounr»

    I don't know who you are but you are awesome for sharing this. You're a legend.

    Haha, this thread is merely a product of boredom and having a cold, but thanks anyway :D
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    ", geneva, sans-serif">A Theory on when and where Minecraft world takes place in
    Just wanted to say that this wall of text should be better looking, but this website's editor is the worst, I can't even make categories correctly because it keeps deleting them


    Note that this is completely theoretical and shall not be taken as truth or used as a resource for in-game or anything related to minecraft as a solid truth!

    Minecraft Theory: The Block Bang!
    - Minecraft, a game started out little and expanded just like how our universe does, it started with a small limited world, into 921.6 quadrillion (9.216x1017) blocks in size, it's about 8 times the size of planet Earth! it's essentially infinite. But how did this happen? What's the history behind all this?
    For the sake of this thread, we're going to call the whole world of minecraft Minecraftia.
    When is Minecraftia?

    - From a first glance, everybody gets the idea of Minecraft being in the past, considering there's no new technology, but in my opinion, Minecraft is set in the future and not in the past, you see, when you join the world, you play as Steve a human with a very simple shape, you have to basically survive there, But why do you start there? well, Minecraftia isn't Earth, for many obvious reasons, first is being that the planet is 8x the size of Earth. In the future, Humans decides to send multiple humans to planets to discover whether it's habitable or not. one of those planets is Minecraftia, turns out, Minecraftia is habitable, but since Minecraftia orbits a blackhole (we'll get into that later) there'll be huge time difference between Earth and Minecraftia (Similar to the movie Interstellar where there's a planet that orbits a blackhole, each 1 hour in that planet is 7 years on earth, It's called Gravitational Time Dilation).

    Making the humans who visited Minecraftia be the last humans (considering that the time diation is so big, since the blackhole's horizon is also roughly 900 quadrillion meters) and probably have the humans who are on earth go instinct (perhaps there are few survivors in other planets, where time might also be different, but we'll never know)
    So now, the humans who came with you started to live on Minecraftia, (Ofcourse, you probably wouldn't know that the there are no other humans beside you) so, a couple of hundreds of years passes and The Humans have built a civilization on Minecraftia. Everything's fine and everyone was living it up! well, It's known that Humans after the succeed, they start destruction (like the Global warming!, I'm not saying we're the cause of it, but we are pretty much helping in it) So, either a natural event or an artificial event happens, e.g: a supernova near by causes death on Minecraftia, or a necular war.

    All humans on Minecraftia was dead, but there was a couple of humans who survived underground away from the radiations, after a couple of 10 thousands of years passing, humans starts going out, but with no luck, except one human, Steve! where our little buddy starts out in this waste land (well, used to be) to survive.
    This actually explains plenty of things on the planet, the zombies and skeletons you kill are basically humans who were open to radiations, making them almost like living dead! this also explains why they burn in the day, cause radiations are probably more active, (The reason why you probably don't get roasted in the day and don't morph into a weird human, is probably because you built immunity, like in the show The 100)
    This also explains why the spiders are so big, perhaps the radiation made plants make more O2 that usual, making all bugs relatively massive in size. or they are just mutated creatures, pick the one you like!
    Now, what about animals? why aren't they also mutated? well, they are, Take the cow for example, it has both horns and teats, and in realife, cows are male with they have horns, and female when they have teats, but, the cow in minecraftia has both.
    Sheeps are also mutated (so are pigs), although not in the look, since sheeps can grow their wool pretty much faster than reallife, like, wayy faster, just eat a grass and boom, you got dem wools! (throw and egg, get a some-what grown chicken, #radiation)
    Also it explains why there are (or used to) biomes like Cold-Tundra next to a Desert, because massive amount of radiation (or a supernove) can pretty much do things to the climate!

    Now, since humans (who later turned into Zombies/Skeletons) haven't been on the surface for quite a long time, a new some-what smart species appears, the specie's name is unknown, but we call them Villagers because they are... villagers! (ba dum tss) They have the basic human look, but they are nowhere near humans behavior, they communicate with sighs and basically farm a bit. that also explains the outcasts villagers (in 1.11) and the witches (#Witches aren't bad, they make Iron golems to protect their home-land)
    Now you'd say, where are all the buildings of the humans? well, pretty much almost all underground! all the ones on the surface were dissolved because of Acid rain, some of the underground structures remains! Mineshafts, strongholds..etc

    But now you'd say "What about steve? I mean, why does he have immunity and others don't? why isn't he mutated?" well, I said "he might be immune", but he's probably not, as HE IS mutated! when was the last time you heard a human that can carry 7 towers of Eiffel in his pocket? or can pretty much eat non-stop without either getting skinny or fat! (we'll talk about that later) so, I'm pretty sure steve is somewhat mutated too!

    So, that explains why there are human-like structures, why are you the only human, and basically a brief on when does minecraft is!


    The Structure of Blocktopia (The MC universe):

    Okay, so we talked about when does minecraft takes place in time! but what about the structure of it?
    The structure world on Minecraft is pretty complex and weird! let's start off with the Void:
    The Void of Minecraftia is the point of no return, but what exactly is the void? what I think, the void is a blackhole, for a couple of reasons:
    1. Void Particles = Hawking Radiation, Hawking Radiation particles is a theory by Steven Hawking, which says very tiny atom sized particles can suddenly go faster than light and escape the blackhole!, when you're in the bedrock level, you see particles coming out, they are relatively tiny, pixel sized, (pixel is the smallest thing in minecraft), which they pretty much fall into the boundary of Hawking Radiation, void particles also do Quantum Tunneling since they can pretty much go through blocks! (Quantum Tunneling means that a particle can suddenly pass a barrier that it logically cannot pass).
    2. When you go to the void, you die even in Creative mode, the void is a kill-point whether you like it, or not. When you fall from a high place, the fall doesn't kill you, the impact kills you! while when falling into a blackhole, you'll actually die from falling, because of the huge gravitation in the blackhole, even a 1 cm difference in a blackhole can make a huge massive change in gravity, making the part of your body that is closer to the blackhole, have more gravity on it, and so on, you'll eventually reach a point where your legs would tear apart because of the gravitation difference, ofcourse, having your feet ripped apart won't kill you, but it'll do some damage to you (there are plenty of reasons why you'd die, but let's say you are happily breathing oxygen and having a slow time movement and nothing is killing you except the stretch power of the gravity)

    That is also seen in the Void, because you'd take some damage before you completely die!

    Now you'd say, How on Minecraftia does Minecraftia stays in place and doesn't get sucked into the blackhole? Well, there's a misconception here, Blackholes are not space vacuum, there are some particles that will escape a blackhole (#Hawking), And blackholes are weird, as you can happily replace the sun in our solar system with a coin sized blackhole (This is just an example, I don't know if it should be a coin sized or smaller/bigger) and everything will stay the same, earth will orbit, mars will stay red, and we'll probably freeze to death because of it, but hey! it's working!
    The blackhole does indeed have a huge gravitational pull, but that's in the very core of the blackhole, the singularity of it, the Event horizon is the line barrier where if crossed, you won't be able to escape, but if you stayed outside of the horzion, you'll be pretty much fine!
    There is no Star orbiting Minecraftia (If minecraft had a star, the star will be orbiting Minecraftia rather than Minecraftia orbiting the sun, because the sun and the moon are in full harmony with each other)
    Minecraftia doesn't have a star, well, atleast, not a close one, considering the starsystem (more like, blackhole system) of Minecraftia is: Minecraftia, Moon, Blackhole and that's it, Blackholes are known to bend time and space right? they even bend light, It's a new discovered fact that blackholes can bend light in a way that it can 100% create a mirror of an object! (a light mirror)
    This explains why if you went so high, you'd see the sun/moon in the bottom and the sun/moon in the top, but actually, the Sun is just a light bended image of both the moon and the star behind the Blackhole, making it look like the sun. The red shifts in dusk and dawn (and the blue sky) is because of the light bended by the blackhole.
    This explains why the sun and the moon are always at the opposite direction.
    You'd say Why is there Heat then? The star should be giving off heat, but there is no heat, then why is there deserts and liquid water in Minecraftia?
    Well, It's from the Blackhole! Every object radiates heat, even the very cold objects, but the heat is usually so small that it's almost unmeasurable, but since the blackhole Minecraftia is orbiting is so big (9x10^17 meters in horizon surface area) the Hawking Particles that are radiating from the Blackhole are giving off heat. (They are indeed small and would give off very tiny amount, but again, don't forget that the blackhole is pretty much BIG, so it'll give off good amount of heat for a 900 quadrillion horizon surface!)
    Minecraftia is a flat-plane, not cubic, nor round
    Okay, admit it, well all assumed that Minecraftia was a cube-like planet because, well, minecraft = cubes. But that's not true, because if it was a cube planet, then that means they'll be pretty weird gravity on the planet.
    1- If the planet was cubic: If the planet was indeed cubic, then you'd get different gravity when you move further away from the center, because the gravity would be stronger in the center, and weaker at the edges. and each edge of the planet would rather be a desert-like area because water would be centered in the center (#English) because of the gravity. more over, the further you move from the center, the more you'll feel like you're climbing a mountain, especially at the edge, because there gravity will be pulling you towards the center.
    But that doesn't happen in Minecraft, when you go or teleport to the edge of the world (About 30,000,000 blocks from the center) everything will be the same, so therefor, Minecraftia is NOT a cubic planet!
    2- If the planet was round: Well, Minecraftia is not a cubic yes but, is it round? well, depends on which theory you go with, if you went with the theory that Minecraft is the center and the sun/moon are orbiting the planet, then yes, Minecraftia is indeed, a round planet.
    But if you went with the Voidhole theory, (Blackhole is the void), then the planet is not round, because like that, the blackhole would be in the center of the planet, making the blockhole completely sealed from the outside world, thus, not bending light, therefor, not creating the fake star.
    3- If the planet was plane: Here where the rappers are happy! (#FlatEarth). Minecraftia doesn't only follows the old illogical theory that the planet is the center of the universe (if it was a round planet, which is not in this theory), but it is also FLAT (well, some-what)!
    considering that there's the void Beneath the planet, then the planet (I don't know if it should be a planet anymore, but for the sake of this thread, we're going to keep it called a planet) is a curved 900 quadrillion meteres sized plane!
    Here's an art demonstration:
    (White line represents the Moon's orbit, the green line is the plane's orbit)
    The sun in the corner does not belong to the system in Minecraftia, it's used for the lightbending that happens by the blackhole:

    Minecraftia has a massive spinning spead considering it size:
    Okay, so, How many hours a day in minecraftia do you think? well, someone who didn't play minecraft before or doesn't know how much who is somehow reading this useless and rather weird thread. you'd say it takes a long time because the planet is pretty large! FALSE
    Each day on minecraft (a full orbit) is 20 min, 10 min day, 7 min night, 1:30 for dusk and dawn.
    Well, 20 min a day must have a pretty fast orbit speed, how fast? well as fast as 320601280 m/s! which is somehow not causing problems cause there should be gravitational issues!
    How did I get that number you ask? well here:
    There are 86400 seconds in a earth day (24x60x60)
    Obviously, there is 1296000 seconds of measurement at equator of planet (360x60x60)
    Therefore, there is 15 seconds of measurement to 1 second of time on Earth
    There are 1200 seconds in a minecraft day (20x60)
    Therefore, there is 1080 seconds of measurement to 1 second of time on the Minecraft world.
    The chunks available in minecraft can be equal to 1080 seconds of measurement at the planet's angle of tilt (as the sun goes straight over world, it can be assumed that we are right on the angle of tilt to the sun and the moon)
    The Minecraft world's available chunk is 8x size of Earth, according to most sources. Assume it as a circle, with it's diameter along the equator of the planet.
    The Earth's circumference is 40,075.16km
    Therefore minecraft chunk available is 320601.28KM in length
    Therefore 1080 seconds measurement in minecraft is equal to 320601.28km
    Circumference of minecraft world is 320601.28 x 1200 = 384721536km
    As said above, day is 1200 seconds
    384721536000/1200 = 320601280 m/s

    ~ Calculations done by senamic
    But hey, that is just a theory, A GAME THEORY
    Other facts (and theories):
    Here are some more juice for you, I know you want it:
    - The Blackhole Minecraftia is orbiting is called The Void Well, you already know that by now, but uhh, yeah
    - The Moon is Cubic Don't worry luv, the cavalry is here (or should I say, the cubic moon is here? I need friends..) So, you're kinda sad because Minecraftia isn't cubic? well, the moon is !
    - The Moon's name is unknown
    - The Moon is pretty big! to be able to see from anywhere on minecraftia, the moon has to be pretty big, especially because of the size of Minecraftia!
    - Steve is roughly 2 meters tall (1.8 meters)
    - The Humans are bigger than now, so are the structures: Each block in Minecraftia is 1 meter in size, So a basic villager house is about 4-5 meters high, a generic oak tree is about 7 meters tall. (And a small nightmare, the spider is 2 meters wide (4 meters surface area) and 1 meter tall, now, picture that in reallife!)
    - 1 Notch Apple is roughly 155kg in weight
    - Steve can lift 23967590.4 KG
    - Neptune is almost the size of Minecraftia
    - The Nether is in another dimension: Now, this comes as a no-brainer, but there are some people who place the nether below the overworld. The Nether is in an another dimension, The nether is a round plane which has weird statics, The nether is a parallel universe to the Overworld (here where I just realized that the planet's name is overworld..) but it goes around a star, but it also has a blackhole beneath it (there is void there too) which makes the planet like this:
    - The surface is made out of bedrock, the creatures live under the bedrock in a hollow sphere, there's a blackhole under the hollow sphere.
    It explains the void, but it also explains both the massive heat and the fact there is no Day or Night:
    - When a planet or an object is too close to another object, (like earth and moon) they don't orbit around them selves, because of the tidal forces. (that why we always see one side of the moon)
    - The End is the center of the blackhole: Okay, now, The End doesn't really fall into any logical term, but it will make sense if it where to be in the center of the blackhole, well, not in the center, but rather in an alternate universe, the blackhole works as a passage. Remember that end portal looking all spacey? my conclusion is that Endermens are 5th dimensional creatures (explains the fact that they can bend time and space, #Teleport) and the blackhole is considered 5th dimensional (correct me if I'm wrong here, not really sure on this part, but either way, The End is a higher dimensional dimension), so it all makes sense here!
    - Steve can jump 1.25 meters in the air (An average human can jump about 0.6m)
    - Aiden is currently super tired of typing this and really needs sleep, but who cares about sleep when you're writing a theory that will probably not be read or not cared about, am I right?

    "Minecraft Theory: The Block Bang"
    Hope you guys enjoyed reading this, tell me your thoughts about it below
    and feel free to correct or submit anything related!

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    posted a message on Enslaved pigmen villages
    Quote from SatansCamero»

    not literally, dude it was his suggestion for a quartz mine being in as a village structure

    anyways here is your ,what is it... proof?


    such as the enderdragon having a name and so fourth. but the big thing that stares us all in the face is the planned feature that you could find broken books, or runed pages, that act as lore journals when repaired in a lectern. this means to a degree, lore has always been planned in minecraft.

    Okay, now first of all, you said about Enderdragon having a name, where's the proof to that?
    Where and when did any minecraft developer said:
    planned feature that you could find broken books, or runed pages, that act as lore journals when repaired in a lectern.

    In the link you provided, there was nothing that even mentions Runed pages, lectern (Lectern was a planned feature, but was declined) or a lore.

    As what Cerroz said:
    We need a proof for all of these
    Which you did not provide a true, trustful and real proof!

    wiki page - written book

    It is true that there was a book in the End with some secret behind it, but it was removed after. but that also doesn't mean that you can simply say that it will be the lore of minecraft without an actual proof behind it. it is merely a conclusion, not a solid proof.

    None of the Devs said that they are planning on adding in a story/ background/ lore to the game, Minecraft is a sandbox game where you and only you decide how you'd like to play it, it's kinda like math, where things exist because we put things that way. Enderdragon is in the End because we wanted it there. not all things are obliged to have a background/meaning behind it.

    That aside.
    I don't really support the suggestion because as what many others have said, The idea is not really fitting the game and the idea is Vague, What are bloodstones? are they craftable? where can we get them? what about the mobs? how often will the village spawn? how is the design of the village? why are we going to even add them? what is the mob health? how big is the mob?..etc there's tons more info you can add in to make us atleast take this suggestion seriously.

    No support!

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