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    Even IF there are people who wanna help you, you are unable to receive money. Your server can't even have monetization since you are not of legal age to have PayPal or any form of way to receive money online.
    People might BUY you the stuff directly and that is the ONLY way you can get the things you want.

    Before starting a massive project like this, finish school, become of age and get a job or something to generate a income to sustain the server.

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    Here is a tip for ya...

    And here is also a updated "pricing list" for you with more accurate pricings:
    Hosting: 60-70 USD monthly
    Models: 4-500 USD
    Website: 30 USD yearly
    Plugins: 1000 USD MINIMUM

    Unless you plan on using free plugins, which does NOT make the experience custom.
    To make a CUSTOM experience, you need actual Java devs, and they can EASLY charge 2-300 USD PER PLUGIN depending on the complexity.
    If you get Java developers that work for free, you can basically kiss your project good bye, because they are NOT writing something like HyPixel's SkyBlock for free.

    So you are going to need around 2.000 USD to GET STARTED.
    Good luck with that without having an income.

    Quote from tgpemuneeb»

    The server was released as season 1 we got players, but I shut it down for some time because I was running out of funds and I had a new idea

    If your project ran out of funding, CLEARLY no one was donating which means that they did not think it was worth spending the money on you. What makes you think they are going to donate this time?

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    We are still looking for staff! The server is getting closer and closer for a beta release!

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    Application Sent!
    Great kind of server to join! I recommend throwing in a application!

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    I can sponsor your server for a 300% money back amount each month. If you do not accept, that's fine, you can just get a job and pay for it yourself.

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    VelocityMC is a brand new SkyBlocks network. We are focusing on a good over-all gaming experience. We have a MASSIVE server box to keep the server running (hopefully) without any lag.

    Our Staff list has only 16 year old people and higher to keep the staff as mature as we can. We have a strict rule where ALL the staff has to ALWAYS be professional. If we see a staff member being unprofessional and / or acting immature, the staff member will be demoted on the spot. Staff members are NOT allowed to play on their Staff accounts. They MUST use an alt account to play to keep the game fair for everyone. If you see a staff member play, notify an admin or above.

    We offer multiple "realms". One realm is one SkyBlocks server and each realm has its own name. Each realm is different, so the progress on 1 realm will NOT transfer over to another realm. That means that if one realm is full, you can play on another one while you wait for the realm to get a free slot.

    The server is still under development, but we are getting closer and closer every day! So join our Discord to keep up with the development progress and to get notified instantly when we release. That way you can join and play as soon as we are ready.

    We also have so called "seasons". One season is 1 month.
    Payout List:
    Top 1 island: 100USD PayPal, 200USD Store Credit and an exclusive tag for the island owner
    Top 2 island: 50 USD PayPal, 150USD Store Credit
    Top 3 island: 100USD Store Credit
    Top 4 island: 50USD Store Credit
    Top 5 island: 25USD Store Credit
    The OWNER of the island will receive the PayPal amount and then that person can choose if he want the money for himself or distribute it across the members.
    (these numbers can change when we release, but it should be close to the given numbers).

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    VelocityMC Logo


    VelocityMC is a brand new Factions server. We are trying to re-invent how Factions is played. We have spent hours upon hours configuring plugins and developing custom plugins that is just for us.

    Most of our plugins are either custom made or premium plugins. This means that we provide with the best experience that we can.

    The free factions plugin can go and suck it. We are using the best Factions plugin out there: SavageFactions. We want to give the players the best experience and the best way to do that is to use a Premium Factions plugin like SavageFactions. Not only is it a paid plugin, it also has uniqe fewatures that no other factions plugin have, like built-in Factions Fly right in the plugin, Factions Vault and much more.

    Our staff team has been working hard on the server. We have a custom built spawn, custom world and much more.

    Our Dedicated Server is tricked out to keep lag to a minimum. The specs of it is

    • 128GB DDR4 2133MHz ECC RAM (32GB currently allocated to the server)
    • 6 Cores, 12 Threads 3.5GHz / 3.8GHz Intel Xeon E5 1650-V3 CPU (all cores allocated to the server)
    • 3x2TB SATA SSD Storage in RAID-1
    • 1Gbps Network Link
    • 1.2Tbit DDoS Protection
    • Cisco Firewall

    We also have our own cPanel/WHM Dedicated Server for our website. We want to host everything ourselves instead to have full control of the settings and options.

    All the staff will get their own Email address ([email protected]) after they pass the Trial state.

    We are looking for these roles currently

    • Developers (creating plugins)
    • Configurators (configuring plugins)
    • Moderators
    • Administrators

    Join our Discord here to apply: https://discord.gg/Zu6t8Ud

    Go to the Staff Application channel under the Important section and type /apply. It will bring up the application, and we will review it as soon as we have time to.

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