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    EuropeCraft is a upcoming Survival Server that will always be updated to the latest release of Minecraft (excluding preview releases).

    As the title says, it is hosted at my apartment. Many people think that is a horrible idea.
    However, I am using proxies, tunnels etc to hide my real home IP address and also get DDoS Protection.

    That means that the cost of running the server is pretty minimal except for the proxies and tunnels, but that is almost nothing in comparison of paying for a whole dedicated server from a company such as Hetzner or OVH.

    Server Machine Specs
    - 2 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 v2
    - 64 GB RAM
    - 4 x 500 GB SSD in RAIDZ-1
    - 500/100 internet speed (limited to 100/100 for now)

    So what is this server about?
    Well, I have wanted to run servers for YEARS now but I never really made it work. Mainly because I was always renting hardware from places like Hetzner or OVH. Now, I can run a server more permanently since I own the hardware itself.

    The server is going to be Survival with some plugins such as GriefPrevention and EssentialsX. There will be no Pay2Win aspects to the server what so ever and you are NEVER going to feel forced to donate just to be able to play.

    The spawn area is not built by me, it is purchased online. So are ALL the plugins that are being used (except for the free plugins). We are refusing to death to use cracked / nulled / leaked plugins since that can introduce backdoors and other security holes.

    Current state of the server
    Currently, the server has JUST started the development. So there is not much done to it. I have just started to assemble some plugins.

    What staff are needed?
    At the moment, some builders and developers would be nice. Moderators and Administrators positions will be opened once the server releases to the public. Please note that at the time, none of the positions are paid. So if you are eg. a Build Team of X amount of people that charges for builds, do not apply to this server, you are better off finding somewhere else.

    Interested in joining?
    Add TMKC#2536 on Discord and reply to this thread once you have added me.

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    The take on this server is basically "The Walking Dead",

    It will be a modded server where you start with basically nothing and have to survive against hordes of zombies.

    Just like in the show, you can team up with others to survive. You can create a community, setup farms and more.

    I am looking for builders so that we can create a custom map for the server.

    The planned server version is 1.12.2, but this might change. I need to build the modpack itself first and got to find the most optimal version that supports the mods needed for a good server.

    If you are interested in joining the build team, add me on Discord

    (Discord server link coming soon, I have not made the Discord server yet)

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    Name: Benjamin

    IGN: Purple__

    Discord: PurpleSB#1640

    Timezone: EST

    Role: Builder

    Knowledgebase in Position: I am fairly familiar with worldedit as well as world painter, and I have been builder on many other servers and am able to provide a portfolio for my past work on other servers.

    Some Information About Yourself: I am 19 years old, I have been working on my servers on and off for about 7 years, and have a ton of experience in other things than just building. I'm willing to put large amounts of time in on builds as I enjoy building and experimenting with new styles to build with. I take my time building but I usually build very massive fully detailed builds which need lots of space; Building small scale is definitely my weakest point, but I still want to improve nonetheless.

    Hours Per Week: I can't pinpoint an exact amount of time, but I'll be able to be very active; I never staff on more than one server at once.

    Previous Experience: I have a detailed portfolio I can link you to if you decide to contact me detailing each server I was staff on, the role, and the years of which I worked on that server.

    Additional Info: I hope that you consider me for the role, any additional questions I can answer as well as provide you with anything I possibly left out.

    Quote from sommod»

    Name: Josh

    Username: Sommod

    Discord: Sommod#1758

    Timezone: EDT

    Role: Developer


    I have knowledge in several different languages, but most of my knowledge resides within Java (Mainly due to OOP style of language). I also have knowledge in databases, web development and minor information about scripting. While Minecraft has not been my main source of knowledge, I have spent time learning and developing code for Minecraft for many years.

    Information about me:

    I can currently pursing Computer Science as well as Obtaining Certifications within select areas (AWS). With these aspects of life, my time is either filled with working or relaxing with video games.


    Due to having already a decently tight schedule, my time is limited on what I can provide. I also spend some of that time enjoying games, relaxing from the responsibilities I have. I cannot say for certain the amount of time I can provide to developing, but I can manage myself to ensure a productive work enviroment.


    With none of the servers I have helped in the past existing anymore, it's difficult to prove I have worked on servers before. I do, however, have a repository of some plugins I have developed as well as plugins I have created for myself.

    Additional Information:

    I rarely check MinecraftForums for communications; I advise contacting me via Discord. Should I not seem beneficial for a Developer Position, please DO NOT contact me. I will assume no contact is a deny of position.

    Both of you have been added!

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    FredrixMC is a custom survival experience server running on the latest version of Minecraft (1.19.2 as of making this thread).

    We are looking for staff to help develop the server. We have plugins like ItemsAdder and Oraxen to help with bringing in custom items, ores etc into the server.

    The plan with the server is not to make the next HyPixel. The main plan is to provide a custom Survival experience that people of all ages can enjoy - from beginners to SciCraft level players.

    The envoirnment is non-toxic and we want to keep the server in a good mood where everyone can feel welcome and have a good time.
    Server Machine specs:
    - Intel Xeon X5650 6c/12t (dual CPU system)
    - 80 GB DDR3 ECC 1600MHz
    - 6 x 500 GB SAS HDD in RAID-10 + dual 250GB NVMe SSD as read/write cache
    - 500/100Mbit internet speed (with port forward from OracleCloud to my house for static IP + DDoS protection)

    What are we looking for?
    - Java Developers
    - Model designers + coders for Oraxen (link) or ItemsAdder (link)
    - Plugin Configurator
    - Builders
    More positions will be opened as the server comes closer to release, but right now, we need developers and designers

    As a "payment", you will be handed a small development server with around 4 GB RAM as a development server that you can use to test plugins.
    Any Premium plugin like Oraxen or ItemsAdder will NOT be sent to you, you will only be given the config files if needed due to risk of leaking plugins.
    If you already own the plugin, you can download it yourself and work that way.

    Application Format:
    - First Name:
    - In-Game Name:
    - Discord Handle (ex. JohnDoe#0001):
    - Timezone (ex. UTC +1):
    - Applying For Position:
    - Knowledgebase In Position:
    - Some Information About Yourself:
    - Hours Per Week Available:
    - Previous Experience:
    - Any Additional Information You WIsh To Add:

    Send the application in this thread and I will review it and add you if you are accepted into the team!
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    It is now official!

    Xeon Formations LTD is now fully registered with Companies House in the UK.


    We still need staff, so go ahead and apply! It is a really simple process!

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    Quote from FrencchyBB»

    Man won't even pay his dev's cos of "Limited budget" next time just say your poor would make everything a lot better go enjoy your pebblehost instance

    You came into the Discord server just to hate. I am not a millionare, alot of servers don't pay their staff. Why do you have to hate on my server because of it? You might have worked as a dev for Mineplex, but that does not give you the right to hate on other servers.

    And how do you know that I use PebbleHost? I don't, I have my own hardware. I am not renting from a company. I self-host my stuff.

    You are just making assumptions and so far, you are incorrect.

    I am not poor, I just have a limited budget to spend. Since you think you know everything, have you heard of "bills" like electricity bills, water bills etc?

    So stop hating on smaller servers and people who try to make a server.

    But thank you for the free bump on the thread, I really appreciate it.

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    posted a message on XeonMC - New Customized Survival Experience


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    Quote from 4___»

    the russia thing is the stupidest thing ive heard, blocking out a possible audience for a small server is the dumbest thing ive ever seen :skull:

    You might think it's stupid and you are entitled to your thoughts. But there is no need to post it on the thread. Keep it to yourself. I don't really care that I'd lose audience because of it.

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    Our server machine has arrived!
    2 x Intel Xeon X5650
    80 GB RAM

    4 x 500GB SSD (RAID-5)

    This will be fuuuuuuuuuuun!

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    posted a message on OneLife Survival is recruiting

    OneLife Survival is a survival server with Lifesteal. You can steal hearts from players by killing them. When you reach 0 hearts, you will be banned for 1 month. The only way to get revived is if another player uses a Revive Book to revive you. When revived / unbanned, you will be restored to the default heart number,

    ----SERVER INFO---
    Basically, SMPs and Survival servers have been popping off for a while now and I wanted to get in on the fun. I noticed a lot of people watching Lifesteal servers on YouTube and it looked hilarious, so I thought to make my own server open to the public.

    The server will have GriefPrevention since it is a Survival server and not a SMP as well as common plugins like EssentialsX.
    There will be donator ranks on the server, but they don't give much if anything. I do not rely on donations to keep the server online, but I will make a few packages that people can buy if they want to. There won't be any game breaking things / P2W perks in the packages what so ever.

    The server will be running on the latest version of Minecraft (1.19.1 as of writing this post). I am getting a custom jar made for the server with my own patches, security updates etc so that I can patch bugs and exploits myself.

    There will be 2 servers:
    - Public
    - Development

    As the names suggest, Public will be the server that you actually play on. Development is for developing features, testing out different things that might be pushed to the actual server.

    - Plugin Configurators
    - Developers
    - Testers
    - Hackers
    - Moderators
    - Administrators

    - Plugin Configurators
    You should be able to understand and configure the most common plugins on the market. If the plugin is a free plugin, you can download it and make a request for a dev server so you can configure it on a dev server to test out the config. If the plugin is Premium, you will be sent the config file for the plugin to configure it, then I will upload the config to a dev server.

    - Developers
    You need to know the Java coding language to code plugins for OneLife. You do not have to be a expert. You can be a beginner as long as you know how to code. There will be no set deadlines on creating plugins.

    - Testers
    You will be testing the server on a Closed Test Server before the server launches as well as testing out new features that will be added along the way.

    - Hackers

    We want hackers to help us test the anticheat and make adjustments to it so that we can hopefully remove all possibilities for hackers. You will be testing the anticheat on a separate server all together to make sure that nothing is getting ruined.

    - Moderators
    You will be the face of the server. You are a moderator to assist players with problems, take on reports and make sure that the players have a good time. If a player needs to be banned, you submit a request to a Admin or higher to get the banned issued.

    - Administrators
    You will be doing Admin duties such as banning, unbanning and server moderation like assisting the moderators with their duties.

    A full list of all the roles per staff rank will be in our Discord server once it is made.

    To apply, add me on Discord: TMKC#2536
    You will be making your own application to show creativity.

    Staff requirements:
    13 years or older
    Know fluent English

    Due to the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine, I will not be recruiting from Russia. I am also going to block connections from Russia so the people there can not join. I am not racist in that regard in any way, but I don't want to risk getting drama from the Russians. I hope you understand.

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    posted a message on SMP-Hardcore | Hardcore SMP Server on 1.19

    I have now obtained the domain smphc.net

    Remember to add me on Discord to send in your application.

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    posted a message on SMP-Hardcore | Hardcore SMP Server on 1.19
    SMP-Hardcore is a upcoming server that is not PvP focused. It is more towards being a place where players can gather and have fun, chat with others, build and have a fun time.

    The concept is that if you die, you will be banned for 7 days and your inventory, echest etc cleared. Any donor ranks will be kept intact.

    PvP will be disabled, but there will be PvP arenas where you can fight if you wish. Just remember that if you die, you get banned for a week. Combat Log will end up with the same result.

    The server will be online 24/7. It will be ran in London, United Kingdom on OracleCloud Free Tier.
    I do have money, but I rather spend the money on making a good server rather than spending it all on a server machine.
    It also means that the server will be online 24/7 and not rely on donations to be up and running.
    And no, I am not trying to be cheap by using free stuff, but OracleCloud is decent. Don't be a hater. I am not a 12 year old kid trying to make a quick buck. The server is not meant to generate a large sum of money. Hence the free server hosting from OracleCloud.

    The specs of each "node" is as follows
    ---PROXY SERVER---
    1 GB RAM
    1 Core 2 Threads CPU
    50 GB Storage

    ---SMP SERVER---
    4 ARM based Cores
    24 GB RAM (22 GB usable due to allocating RAM to OS and background tasks)
    100 GB Storage

    All the worlds will be pre-generated for the best performance.

    The Proxy server is there to prevent DDoS on the actual server and to keep things more stable. More of futureproofing more than anything.

    So why a recruitment thread?
    Well, it might be a SMP and all, but there are still rulebreakers and things like that. So staff is still needed to keep the experience nice and clean.

    I am looking for
    Plugin Configurators

    The server is currently in EARLY stages of development. Making a SMP kind of server is not as simple as download PaperSpigot and call it a day. There are still alot of things to do in the background to make a good and enjoyable experience.

    Add me on Discord to apply

    Application Form (send me this in DM via Discord)

    First Name
    In-Game Name
    Requested Position
    Experience in Position
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    posted a message on 🌟Project Minecraft🌟 Looking builders and moderators!
    Project Minecraft is a survival server where we test the limits of Minecraft.
    Just like SciCraft and the technical servers, I wanted to make a server that tests the limits of Minecraft without being a anarchy server.

    The server itself will be a normal Survival server with plugins like GriefPrevention, ClearLag etc, but I wanted to see how far we can push the game.
    The server will not be whitelisted, anyone can join it.

    Griefing will NOT be allowed. If you grief, you will be banned from the server.
    The server is located in Germany, EU.

    I own the domain name "project-minecraft.net". All points of access to a server resource such as the website or joining the server is protected with either Cloudflare or TCPShield. This minimizes potential DDoS attacks and making it was harder to find the actual IP address that the server is using.

    ---Application Format (builders)---

    What is your first name?

    What is your Discord tag?

    How old are you?

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?

    Where are you located?

    What timezone are you in?

    Do you know any other languages other than English?

    Do you have a portfolio?

    Do you agree that any builds you do for Project Minecraft is for the server and not to be used for another server?

    Do you agree that the work you do for Project Minecraft is UNPAID until future notice?

    ---Application Format (moderators)---

    What is your first name?

    What is your Discord tag?

    How old are you?

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?

    Where are you located?

    What timezone are you in?

    Do you know any other languages other than English?

    What do you do if you see someone breaking the rules (no matter the rule)?

    What do you in the situation that someone is saying that they have been falsely banned / punished?

    Someone who is reported has gone offline. What would you do?

    Do you agree that the work you do for Project Minecraft is UNPAID until future notice?

    Post your application in the comments. I will get back to you over Discord with a reponse if you are accepted.

    Thank you for applying! I hope to see you soon!
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    posted a message on Recruiting for startup well funded server. looking for builders, admins and devs
    we hope to pay most staff but it depends on effort

    And what is the right amount of effort to get paid in that case? Like, I can put in 5 hours a day into the server, but then you just turn and say that 6 hours a day is required. You do not specify any criteria for being paid.

    Admins must be able to add and configure plugins as well as setting up kits

    Then what is the point of Developers? Developers are the people who develop plugins and configure them to work properly. Administrators are in-game to make sure that the server functions.
    So what are they? Admins or Devs?

    ----------Here is a re-written version of your post that would be more suitable----------

    Im a co owner of palladium mc and currently we are looking for any position except for mods and helpers. We can not guarantee payment since there are not set criteria for being paid other than enough effort.

    --Job specs--

    Admins: acts like 2nd hand developers configuring plugins because we are too lazy to pay devs to do it
    Builders: build things for free because we do not want to spend money on a finished build, we just wanna leech as much as possible


    That should sum it up

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