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    Here in the Philippines, most people here have crappy PCs(Mostly they only rent from the so-called "computer shop") and we all know that our internet speed is the slowest(2nd yey) in Asia only some are fortunate to have beefy gaming rigs and only the richest can get high speed net that are mostly living in Manila. When minecraft updates, lag increases. That's why 1.7.X-1.8.X servers are more popular here than 1.9 - 1.11 servers (PC version) lol. They didn't like the 1.9 combat (Because of both FPS and Latency lag). So Filipino players began to drop dramatically, before a common "pinoy server" can have 30-50+ active players but on 2016, 20 and below. I'm a server owner, my server decided to open its door to foreigners because of that change.

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    posted a message on [v3.7] AMIDST - Strongholds, Village, Biome, Etc. Finder. [1.7.4]
    Update this for 1.8 please!
    In 1.8 you can customize your world like sea levels! Add the feature that can generate it please.
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    posted a message on {Steve Town}My minecraft XB360 server!
    Let't make a survival town and have fun :3!

    Available Jobs: Anything
    Currency: Maybe Gems and ingots.

    GT: GuysImTristan

    Just post your GT name here to!
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    Griefing is bad because you are destroying or stealing something you don't own.
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    The mod that I keep trying to find. Now Found :oVery Nice mod useful to make islands. Mojang kinda made minecraft a very large land area for players, It's bad for me thou, I just didn't like what mojang did, Look but you fixed it!.
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    posted a message on Looking for servers need admins or mods or even co-owner!
    Abandoned post sorry!
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    posted a message on Chunker Games! A PvP map for your friends.
    12 people downloaded it!
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    I suggest animals drop bones for obviousity.We all know Animals and some mobs have bones -_-.Mobs only drop meat :P But an animal has bones not just meat right?So I really suggest this!.

    If you support my Suggestion.

    Share this :)
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    Fix your english bro.
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    posted a message on Christmas surprise?
    Quote from MartyComplex

    Great. 1.4.6 is NOT compatible with 1.4.5 servers.
    Dear Mojang,
    You needed to break every server for this...?

    Mojang, stop updating. Just stop. You will sell many, many more copies of the game if you stop updating and leave Minecraft in the capable hands of the bukkit community.
    dude because of your comment if it happens there will be no more UPDATE "FEATURES" like other planets more mobs
    minecraft needs more update!by the way do you want mojang lose minecraft because you said You will sell many, many more copies of the game if you stop updating and leave Minecraft in the capable hands of the bukkit community.dude bukkit if for servers mojnag is for he game -_-
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