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    posted a message on [1.17.1] Steven's Traditional (64x) | A faithful/default styled resource pack

    Are you planning on updating this to support the Recipe Book in the latest updates? It would be nice to play this while I test out the new features in the snapshot.

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    posted a message on Texture Error/Bug
    This is an HD texture pack, in order for it to display correctly, you need to patch your game with this.
    Hope it helps! :biggrin.gif:
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    New youtube video up for the server! :biggrin.gif:
    Server videos

    Our IP is , and you can also connect through our new domain at thehideoutmc.com! Feel free to join whenever you want and be sure to introduce yourself :laugh.gif:

    The server has been up for a few days now and it is growing slowly but surely! Thanks to the new players and have stayed we are already growing a community and I hope to grow it even more. Some players from our server and I have taken some screenshots to showcase some small communities we have growing in which I will put in the next spoiler :biggrin.gif:

    old post
    Our server has just started up yesterday and we are still working out some kinks, but while we are, we want to invite anybody looking for a server to join and have fun!
    Our IP is

    Our admins are Mark, Gage, Rin, Beagle, Pineapple, and Spirky! So show them respect! (And also respect to everyone else, including yourself!)
    if you need me and I'm not on, feel free to throw me an e-mail at [email protected]!

    Also we have some new plugins for bukkit, ones that players need to concern themselves with are BOSEconomy, Natural Giants, McMMO, Chestshop, Bookworm, and Runecraft.
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