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    Are there ways to make different dungeon types? And also ways to make certain dungeons only spawn in certain biomes? I'm using Biome Tweaker to create custom biomes for planets and only want a certain type of dungeon per planet.

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    posted a message on Dungeons2!

    Would love a more detailed explanation of how I could still fully customize these dungeons.

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    So will you ever update this? I would love to be able to use it in my modpack for 1.10 without setting it up for 1.8 then moving it up to 1.10 because I want to use some special blocks from mods. I love the mod concepts you have and am yet to get them used but I will be on to do that very soon!

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    posted a message on Help setting up a MCPE Server
    Hey guys, I could really really use some help. I've been looking and looking for a software that is up to date with the newest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. I have found one that is 0.15.0 but you can't connect to it.

    I'll give a list of software I've found;

    If you find something please help me and the rest of the community out and comment about how I could do this
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    posted a message on Minecraft Mooded Server Application

    Minecraft Mooded Server Application

    This is a modded Minecraft private SMP server. Please note you will be accepted sooner if you record and upload to YouTube.

    Mooded MC is a modded 1.8 pack that I set up, me and a friend are modding for it as well.

    The mod list is below.

    The information needed to join is also below.

    Mod List:

    - Archimedes Ships

    - Backpack mod

    - Biomes O Plenty

    - Chameleon (Core mod)

    - Chisel 2

    - Code Chicken core (Core mod)

    - Custom Mob Spawner

    - Cyanos Lootable Bodies

    - Ender Utilities

    - EXP Chests

    - Fast Leave Decay

    - Hopper Ducts

    - Igneous Additions

    - Inventory Tweaks

    - Item Physics Full

    - More Weapons Mod (Mooded Pack Only)

    - More Materials

    - Moving World

    - Mr. Crayfish Furniture Mod

    - Multi Mine

    - NEI (Not Necessary)

    - Open Computers

    - Optifine (Not Necessary)

    - Road Blocks

    - Special Attacks

    - Storage Drawers

    - The Additional Blocks Mod

    - Vein Miner

    - Xaeros Minimap (Not Necessary)

    And counting

    Application Info and Link

    In order to join:

    - Must be older than 10

    - Should be a YouTuber (Not needed)

    - Must know basics about mods

    - Mustn't complain about things

    - Must like Minecraft and modded Minecraft

    - Must have a skype

    Please don't post your information in the comments.

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    posted a message on Help Me, My block has no texture(Pink and Black)

    My Items Have Textures, But My Block Doesn't.

    Block Class

    package com.tjgames.buildtools.init;

    import net.minecraft.block.Block;
    import net.minecraft.block.material.Material;
    import net.minecraft.client.Minecraft;
    import net.minecraft.client.resources.model.ModelResourceLocation;
    import net.minecraft.creativetab.CreativeTabs;
    import net.minecraft.item.Item;
    import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.registry.GameRegistry;

    import com.tjgames.buildtools.Reference;
    import com.tjgames.buildtools.blocks.BT_Crafter;

    public class BlockManager {

    public static Block BT_Crafter;

    public static void init() {

    BT_Crafter = new BT_Crafter(Material.cloth).setUnlocalizedName("BT_Crafter").setCreativeTab(CreativeTabs.tabTools);


    public static void RegisterBlocks() {

    GameRegistry.registerBlock(BT_Crafter, BT_Crafter.getUnlocalizedName().substring(5));


    public static void RegisterBlockMaterials() {


    public static void RegisterBlockCraftingReceipes() {


    public static void RegisterRenders() {



    public static void RegisterRender(Block block) {
    Item item = Item.getItemFromBlock(block);
    Minecraft.getMinecraft().getRenderItem().getItemModelMesher().register(item, 0, new ModelResourceLocation(Reference.ModID + ":" + item.getUnlocalizedName().substring(5), "inventory"));

    Mod Class

    package com.tjgames.buildtools;

    import com.tjgames.buildtools.init.BlockManager;
    import com.tjgames.buildtools.init.ItemManager;
    import com.tjgames.buildtools.proxy.CommonProxy;

    import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.Mod;
    import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.Mod.EventHandler;
    import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.SidedProxy;
    import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.event.FMLInitializationEvent;
    import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.event.FMLPostInitializationEvent;
    import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.event.FMLPreInitializationEvent;

    @Mod(modid = Reference.ModID , name = Reference.Name, version = Reference.Version)
    public class BuildToolsMod {

    @SidedProxy(clientSide = Reference.ClientProxy, serverSide = Reference.CommonProxy)
    public static CommonProxy proxy;

    public static void preInit(FMLPreInitializationEvent event) {
    //Item Registry
    //Block Registry


    public static void init(FMLInitializationEvent event) {



    public static void postInit(FMLPostInitializationEvent event) {



    .json files


    "parent": "block/cube",
    "textures": {
    "particle": "blocks/cobblestone",
    "down": "blocks/cobblestone",
    "up": "build_tools:blocks/BT_Crafter_top",
    "north": "build_tools:blocks/BT_Crafter_front",
    "east": "build_tools:blocks/BT_Crafter_side",
    "south": "build_tools:blocks/BT_Crafter_side",
    "west": "build_tools:blocks/BT_Crafter_front"


    "variants": {
    "normal": {"model": "build_tools:BT_Crafter"}


    "parent": "build_tools:blocks/BT_Crafter",
    "display": {
    "thirdperson": {
    "rotation": [ 10, -45, 170 ],
    "translation": [ 0, 1.5, -2.75 ],
    "scale": [ 0.375, 0.375, 0.375 ]

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    posted a message on Private Minecraft youtube server
    Hey I would like to play and record on this server, Im a youtuber, been up there for almost 2 years.

    Age 14, going to be 15 in 4 months

    33 subscribers, https://www.youtube.com/user/TJPlaysNow

    Skype, tj101lol

    I record many thing like Minecraft LP,Sims LP, Minecraft Mini Games, And more.

    My video quality is farily good, I get a little lag, but its in HD quality, about 27 Fps In Game While Recording.

    Hope you add me cant wait, Alredy sent a skype request.
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