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    *Friendly Staff*

    Hello players!! I would like to give you some details about this server.

    IP: cpe.vgmc.us

    Port: 44751

    +[Owner] TJHxx (Me)
    +[Co-Owner] LordKreeg
    +[Admin] Kelton01
    +[Admin] GamingBrookeHD
    +[Helper] Heect00ry
    +[Helper] Persona_Ava559
    +[Helper] xRisingMC
    +[Helper] Electric

    This server provides 20 slots!!! Enough slots for everyone!!!

    Staff is always here to help!! If you have any questions or comments please comment down below. If you have one in-game, /msg one of the staff members and we will respond as fast as possible!!

    Other tips...
    /help - Lists all commands available to you
    /msg [name] - Messages a certain player privately


    We only accept PayPal!!

    Who do you want to send the money to? - [email protected]
    (When sending money make sure to include your username!!)

    $5=VIP Rank:
    -Access to color text
    -Access to /repair (repair your damaged items without a cost!!)
    -Saturation (Never eat again!! Unlimited hunger)
    -Access to /warp VIP

    $15=VIP+ Rank:
    ALL features included in VIP rank!!!
    -Access to /heal
    -Extra speed
    -access to /warp VIP+

    $30=MVP Rank:
    Access to all VIP and VIP+ features!!
    -Gains strength (At all times!! Be POWERFUL)
    -Gains Resistance (NEVER DIE FROM FIRE AGAIN!)

    Donation Terms:
    -Refunds are not permitted
    -Wait up to 3 days to receive your perks and rank
    -We CAN take your rank back IF you break any terms/rules

    JOIN NOW!!! Oh and one more rule!!!

    Golden Rule - HAVE FUN!!!
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    Hello I'm here to apply for any position that suits you!

    My In-Game Name Is TJHxx ⬅Leader of The XX Clan (PDxx Is Part Of My Clan)

    I am 14 years old! Tbh Pretty Good Age

    My Kik Account name is also TJHxx ;)

    My device that I play on is android!

    I have been playing MCPE for a pretty long time now. I've started playing it when the game was in version 0.6.0 and this is also my favorite game ;)

    I have many experience with being a staff member, even an owner! I use to own a server named TJCraft... I am also experienced with technical stuff like the console etc.

    I would love to be a guard or any position you think may suit me because I would love to help the server out! I would be online most of the time making sure everything is running smoothly. I really do think I would make a great contribution to this server. If I get into staff you may notice I might get annying asking if there is any help needed ;) I love helping out and I HATE breaking rules. I learned it the hard way :(

    My definition of disobeying the rules is very clear... Its like saying you hate the server and you don't care about obeying thr rules... Basically it just means,to me, YOU ARE BREAKING THE RULES AND JUST LOSING YOU CHANCE OF BEING ELIGIBLE TO PLAY ON AN AMAZING SERVER!

    This is my application :D I hope I get considered!


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    posted a message on Connect to external server w/Blocklauncher Pro and no wifi ?
    I hoped I helped lol if I did then your welcome!
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    posted a message on FACTIONS SERVER!- 24/7--XxLegit_ProxX--Factions---New--Plugins!---PVP-
    Grest server! Enjoyed the server all the time I played it! I also felt so welcomed. Like home to me! Definitely one of my favorites. No doubt! Making a YouTube video soon and then will post the link here :)
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    posted a message on Kill2Thrive Survival Server
    Nice server. You just need to make us players be able to use some commands. Players cannot use ANY commands. If you can change that, that would be great! /help doesn't even work :/ so please fix!

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    Quote from KuteKrafter

    You can be head admin but can you work plugins? If not then
    Its okay. :)
    Thank you for considering me to become head admin! Trust me you made the right choice! I will do my hardest to help your server out and protect it! Thanks again!
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    I would like to be any position that suits you!

    Experience: I am owner on a server called TJCraft. I am admin on 5 different servers. I have been playing MCPE for at least 3 years now.

    Why I would make a great staff member: I know how to use my power wisely. Since I'm owner on a server I know everything about being part of staff. I am serious when it comes to people breaking rules. I am online most of everyday.

    Age/Name/IGN: I am 15/ my name is Tyler/ My In Game Name is TJHxx

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    Great mod scripts. I love all of them. Keep up the scripting!!!
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