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    posted a message on The Betweenlands ~ A dark, hostile environment...
    I voted "other" because I love how you start fresh in a new dimension. It gives you a sense of freedom to start over, by collecting different wood and ores, because of the default armor and tools being useless.
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    THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS!!!!!!! I have combined this with balkons weapon mod and biomes o plenty, and they all work together, and they support one another, this mod allows me gunpowder without using creepers! Thankyou!
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    Quote from Tarlocx

    ok Here's my Idea Since your adding so many Monkey's I'd like to see Banana's added in minecraft they could be a special tree that grows 4 blocs tall and 3 blocks wide in all Directions But have a similar style to Mushroom (looks like two paper cut outs fit together) or be easily destructable and give no wood when choped just chips that can be made into charcoal and these trees should grow 2 Bunches of banana's that each gives 32 Indavidual Banana's when seperated.

    Next on my wish list is all monkey's and Apes Tameable with Banana's based on size a Gorilla as an example would need 32 indavidual Banana's before its tamed, while a chimp only needs between 1 - 5 single Banana's.

    Final word on the Ape's I'd like to see 2 easter eggs like the TMNT turtle name one.

    First a massive Gorilla roaming jungles Named Jackson Kong (King Kong) make him a boss with a rare chance to drop his head which when placed in a frame becomes a wall hanging head trophy andis itself a rare spawn.

    Second By captureing and nameing Certain apes with the following names you can have some good old laughs.

    Gorilla - Name it D.K. Changes coloring to Brown and gives its skin a Red Neck tie with two yellow stripesat the bottom end.

    Orangutan - Lanky Gives this ape the blue overalls with a white Tee shirt and makes it walk around doing a handstand on the ground

    Chimp - Diddy Gices the chimp a red ball cap and sleveless shirt with a big yellow D on it and a tail

    Chimp 2 - Tiny Gives this chimp Blond Pigtails and a light purple blue trimed tuque with a purple Teeshirt and blue overalls

    Baboon - Cranky Gives the baboon glasses, long white beard a gray slevless sweater and a cane

    Baboon 2 - Rafiki (need spell check google failed me) gives the Mandril Baboon skin with a long black stick with two tiny bumpkins on the end of it.

    Basicly one lion king easter egg a crapton of Donkey Kong 64 Easter Eggs and one King Knog Easter Egg.

    Lastly about the Elaphant Cargo chests why are they so small? the Beast is big enough to have the capacity of 4 single chests thats 2 chest to a side just pointing it out I think their cargo capacities should be increased from 2 rows of 9 and I'd like to see Elaphant pulled Carts and chest carts with Mamoth pulled sleads But Sleads should only work in snow biomes.

    Ty for reading and I hope you guys like these Idea's.
    I sort of like the idea of the gorrilla boss. But its name would not be king kong, because its trade marked. But It would be cool to see a giant gorrilla head on my house wall!
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    Is this going to become available to 1,4,7??
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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!! Now Opensource!!
    Quote from Acteon

    1.4.6 already? I'm still trying to get the server side mocreatures for 1.4.5 actually working.

    Anyone out there have animals spawning properly on servers? If you do, would you be willing to copy / paste your config file?
    My Mo creatures server is working, but I didn't use the multiplayer downloads for mo creatures. I have used this video, but its for 1.4.5 It worked for me.
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    Minecraft does not have enough weapons and I think it should get more weapons without needing mods. Perhaps shields??? or maybe spears and clubs. I don't know but it needs more weapons. Please help me make this topic popular enough that Notch might actually notice that we NEED more weapons. Also, has anyone noticed he has focused more on blocks and mobs to even think about weapons. I cant even make a good arena without using the same old weapons.
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    Quote from joelikespoodles

    How do you install
    I want to know too
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