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    Get it through your head that you are playing an incomplete version of a game, despite what you say you are a paying customer, but you are paying for a project that is still in Beta, you are still a BETA TESTER.
    There will be glitches, there will be incomplete things. Live with it! Its not like your playing the completed project.

    Sure, its annoying that you need to make a new world for the server, I cant argue with that. But if you can't live with it then for **** SAKES, wait until the god damn thing is finished before you update, then maybe you will never have to deal with the issue.

    Maybe Mojang should just stop updating the Beta and just wait until its done to release it, because people are to ****ing stupid to realize that they are playing a game that is not done, a game that will have issues, and major changes.

    Oh, and real quick, while we are on the topic, your thing about disabling NPC's destroying blocks... There is a peaceful difficulty for a reason!
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