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    posted a message on mcmap (isometric renders, SSP/SMP, Minecraft 1.3.1 support)
    AHHH ok so you enter x,z that makes sense now. I was just thinking in a 2d plane since you only enter two coordinates, and thinking in x,y made it look like it was mirrored. My bad.

    I don't know if compass mods just arbitrarily choose the cardinal directions of a map, but our world's north is the -x value lol.

    *now I see you mention x,z in the command line info. Wish I had read that first. As usual, I prefer to learn by bashing my head against things rather than reading the instructions.
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    posted a message on mcmap (isometric renders, SSP/SMP, Minecraft 1.3.1 support)
    Thanks for making this, I've been using coordinates to render smaller sections of a 350MB map in order to avoid crashes/massive file sizes.

    I gave myself a headache trying to correlate server north with the renders and the coordinate system though. Am I right to say that the coordinates are oriented as if you are looking from the below the map rather than above? Or is this not supposed to be your standard x,y system? lol

    *though maybe thats just the default coordinate system used for minecraft, I dunno, I'm kinda new.
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