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    The map has been overhauled and moved to CurseForge, if you want an older version, the links are below


    Using the new "Loot table" tag and Spawners I have created a cool twist to skyblock.

    Feel free to record this as long as you Put the link to this in your video description! if you do a collab with someone they have to also put a link to this Post in their description as well if they recorded a video.

    How to play:

    You have to bridge to Different islands to get loot and other things you need to survive and you will need to make mob farms to get those items in the first little bit of the game getting a sword and killing them will do just fine, But later you Will need to make mob farms to get the loot and drops, Farming is a big part of the Game as you need it for food, There is animal a spawner but it is slower than the normal spawners that you start out with and it's not a 100% chance of getting a cow horse or sheep every time.

    End goal:

    Your final goal is to defeat the ender dragon and gain yourself some awesome loot from the spawner under the exit portal.



    Map release.


    - Added "Nether spawner"

    - Added "Orespawner" (Not working because its in the wrong file I will put out a video on how to fix it very soon)

    - Fixed "Shops"

    - Removed "Ore & Gem" Shop


    - Fixed "Animal Spawner" Spawn speed

    - Fixed "Nether Spawner" To have blaze

    - Fixed "Cavecube" to drop the correct items (I messed up something with the custom loot tables I will release a video on how to fix that issue)

    V1.3 "Jungle Update"

    -Added "Junglecube"

    - Added "Something for cat people"

    - Added "Saplings to Plant- Shop"

    - Added "Shape to islands" (Only in the V1.3 'Map' release and Higher)

    - Fixed "Cavecube LootTable

    - Notes: I would like to say thanks for 40+ downloads, Because of that I will be adding "Plugins" that you can install and will help you or make the map more fun :)

    V1.4 "Spooky Update"

    - Added "Graveyard"

    - Added "a Way to get Arrows"

    - Added "Way to Respawn Enderdragon" (Broken In 15w44b)

    V1.5 "Miner Update"

    Finally, After Months of me saying It's coming soon, it's finally here With some fixes and some new Stuff now and more coming!

    - Added "Stranded Miner"

    - Fixed "Grave Yard Spawner"

    V1.6 "Village Update"

    - Added Village

    - Fixed the Graveyard Spawner(again)


    Q & A:

    If you have a question about the map another good way to ask me a question is through Twitter

    Let's Plays:



    Spawncube V1.0

    Spawncube V1.1

    Spawncube V1.2 - V1.2 Command-Updater

    Spawncube V1.3 - V1.3 Command-Updater

    Spawncube V1.4 - V1.4 Command-Updater

    Spawncube V1.5 - V1.5 Command-Updater(Coming Soon...) - Starting Spawner Fix

    Spawncube V1.6 - V1.6 Command-Updater(Coming Soon...)


    Feel Free to use this In Video Thumbnails!

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    posted a message on [v2.0 OUT NOW - MOVED SEE THREAD] Spawncube - THEGamingninja [V1.6] [50,000+ Views] [30,000+ Downloads]

    I can See your Point about the Cats going to be Working on That soon. You don't Have to do a new Play through because i Made a commandblock Updater :), I am Thinking of a Way to Add in a Wither Fight, I'm Was thinking about Potions while Making V1.4, I Am Either going to Make them a "Plugin" Or make Them Hard to get.


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