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    posted a message on Failed to login: Invalid Session when trying to connect to server
    I'm getting the exact same thing. I just bought my own server and I can't even connect to it, I'm so ed right now because I wasted my money on a server that I can't even join.

    Give me a fix or refund my money.
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    posted a message on XYZ Coordinate Variables
    X Y Z Coordinate Variables

    As we all know, you can either press F3 or use the /coords command to view your current X Y Z coordinates for your player at that point in time. Well I haven't found any threads about this so far that I know of (and yes I have searched for existing topics) but I'm going to get right to the point.

    I think MoJang should implement an X Y Z variables, these types of variables should include, but not limited to...

    1) Using /tp command to teleport back to your most recent marked coordinates (Great for teleporting back to a place that you forgot where it was in the world or just simply traveling faster between two places)

    2) Using a command like /SaveCoord, as well as adding %X %Y %Z for any other miscellaneous reasons (optional to put in), to save your current player coordinates. This would be useful for (Using a command block for instance) Pressing a button, or stepping on a pressure plate, or whatever mechanism of your chosing to teleport you to whatever xyz coord you have set using the /SaveCoord command.

    Now I know that you can already teleport to a specific xyz using /tp @p [X Y Z] in the command block, but adding in a /SaveCoord command and the %X %Y %Z variables can let you put those variables in the command block and, according to what is saved in those variables locally via the /SaveCoord command. That way the command block can teleport you mulitple places of your choosing as long as you have those coordinates saved into those variables.

    So what do you guys think? If you have anything else you would like to add on that is relative to coordinates, please feel free to add them!

    Constructive Criticism encouraged.
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    posted a message on Vantage Craft Server! ALL-N-ONE
    We need some (actually a lot) of players for our server. Not many people get on tand this server is quite new.

    Server features:

    Currency for killing mobs/players
    Special abilities
    Special Crafted rare gear and weapons
    Shop to buy/sell items
    Creative mode/map
    Survival mode/map
    Vanilla Map
    Mob Arena

    Those are just the few features that are on the server, So come play and have fun!


    Spawn (Cont.)

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    posted a message on MCX360 Texture packs
    Quote from Mustache_Guy

    Who says they will be fan made for the Xbox version?

    I can see 4J making a bunch or at least copying some.

    Even if they make you pay for them, I will buy one, and mod it to my liking :) , that way, I can keep redownloading the default if I want to make another one :)

    Quote from MrSpaM

    That wouldnt work, all you'd get is people uploading their favorite ones and claiming they were theres

    They wouldn't have to say it's theirs, they wouldn't have to put an author on a skin pack. They could just put it up to vote on the forums, and whichever top 3 or so has the most votes, get put on. It's not really that hard to do.
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    posted a message on Redstone and Pistons Help
    I am on Minecraft right now (Xbox 360 of course) and I have an enchantment room with bookcases all around it, behind the bookcases are pistons that will PULL the bookcases away to lower the full potential of the enchanting table. (Thus useful for players who want more lower level options when they do not have enough experience) And I want to keep the bookcases square. For example, all the bookcases get PULLED out except the side that is closest to entrance, when the left and right side are pulled out, it leaves a open spot on each ends of the bookcases that I am standing on, now I have pistons set up to where it will push an extra set of bookcases outward to fill in these spots. But when I go to close the bookcases back to normal, the extra set doesn't go back in BEFORE the original ones do, this is caused by the pistons being delayed at he beginning, so the pistons PUSH AFTER the original ones span out. But when closing back in, it doesn't happen til after the originals are pushed back in. Causing the pistons to mess up and mess up the book cases.

    So, does anyone have any recommendations on how I can get the extra set of pistons to go back in before the originals get pushed back in? Whilst at the same time be pushed right after the original pistons get pulled out?


    (I took out the bookcases so you have a better understanding on where the pistons are and how they are placed)

    Before pistons are pulled out, extra set sits back.

    After pistons have pull bookcases out and extra set fills in the spots

    After I revert the bookcases back, the extra set does not go back in first because of the delays. Causing unintended results.
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    posted a message on How do I know which enchantment i get/
    Best way to get the enchantment you want is to open up notepad and translate the symbols. And as your enchant your item, write down what enchantment does what.
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    posted a message on MCXBLA Official Known Bugs List [Updated for 1.8.2]
    Buggy pistons, When you use multiple pistons to make a door, most of the time the pistons and/or it will disappear, causing you not to be able to go through the door, I know it's not lag because it happens in offline games as well.

    - Making a simple Piston Stair case with the pistons moving as slow as possible makes you still glitch into the piston making the piston not push you.

    I would really like to be able to make whatever redstone mechanism I want without it messing up -_-


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    posted a message on Existing Biomes
    Same as my world, I cannot have any farms if everything is ice for crying out loud!
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