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    I too am also on this forum.

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    To be fair, Notch was developing the game from the ground up and experimenting with ideas rather than deciding what to add to an already fully realized game. As for the amount of content added, the most recent update adds far more content and polish than Notch could ever add by himself without taking as much time as say Dwarf Fortress, a game developed by one person alone. To release a decent update in the case of something like Dwarf Fortress, an update with as much content as Minecraft's most recent update can take years to be rolled out.

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    I discovered Minecraft in early 2011 around Beta 1.3_01, those were the good ol' days. Also used to be on here everyday back then. I remember refreshing the main page every 10 minutes and seeing new posts in almost every topic. Now this forum has like a handful of posters now. It's a little depressing to be honest. I also lost my old account completely so thank you to whoever/whatever did that, very cool.

    Also, if any vet who happens by here remembers elmegaards server from back in the day I was nickryba. How's it going.

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    I'm gonna disagree. I think survival is balanced fairly for the most part. Yes you can just eat raw stuff with no cons, except eating things raw doesn't regen health as fast as cooking it which I suppose is a little unbalanced. But lets get to the bigger problems like mining. I believe the reason mining is so quick is because nobody wants to constantly have to go and craft a million pickaxes to mine a couple of blocks of stone, you may argue that people accumulate ore far too quickly but that's simply the way the game is paced out. You say that mobs are so slow it's boring. Just how often do you play Minecraft? I might have agreed with you 2 or 3 years ago when I was playing at least every week, but I took a huge break from playing it and I have to say it's been pretty fun for me after taking a break. I've actually had a great time fighting mobs on easy difficulty which is why I think you're simply bored of the game rather than this being some sort of balancing issue with Minecraft itself. Let's not forget too that Minecraft is not marketed as a very punishing experience or something for more hardcore gamers unlike something like 7 Days to Die or Soulsborne titles. It's very much a casual experience for most people unless you're on an ultra-hardcore pvp server or something similar. Overall, I believe survival is there for people to learn how to play the game or for returning players looking to play solo for a few hours.

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    In game: TCPNick

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