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    If anyone is wondering if they should use Bisect Hosting, here is my story.

    I have been playing MC for less than two weeks and I am separated from my fiance half way across the world. I wanted a game for us to play and I thought MC might fit the bill. After playing for a week and getting a taste of it I realized that this game was perfect. I started looking for a way for us to play online together and I did not understand what a "Realm" was because I was always used to hearing "server". I started my search Feb 12, 2018 and ended up right here, on this page. I honestly wasn't sure if this website was a scam or something because I had never even been on the MC forums. I looked at the reviews and decided that these guys were who I was going to give my business too. Today, Feb 14, 2018 I ran into an issue with my server (Not their fault and not an issue or problem with the server). I couldn't connect to the server, but my fiance that's half way around the world could. I tried for hours to connect, even uninstalled and reinstalled JAVA and MC. I opened up a support ticket at 5:30 pm and these guys worked on helping me figure out the problem until now 11:56 pm. Not only was my ticket originally answered within 16 minutes, these guys (Andrews & Max) worked their ass off for 6 hours and 30 minutes to help me figure out the problem. I would also like to add that the problem was with an upstream service provider, not their server, and they still gave me two days added onto my subscription.

    This is how a company gains a faithful and lasting clientele.

    I am extremely impressed with Bisect Hosting.

    If you are looking for a company that deserves your hard earned money, stop looking, you have found them.

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    posted a message on Need a simple question answered.

    Here is the deal, I'm currently in Afghanistan and my wife is in Wisconsin, USA. I just started playing MC and I'm loving it. The wife wants to play with me, in our own little vanilla world. No add-ons, no nothing. Just like if i went to single-player and made a game that way. But I'm really struggling to find out how to do this.

    Will someone please let me know a very simple way to just play this game(vanilla) with my wife from across the world?

    EDIT: I posted this here in servers because I figured that I either needed to host a server or buy one.

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