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    posted a message on DiamondHost.org - Under New Management - Starting at $2/month - You are the Gamers, We are the Host
    I've never had a server hosted before, but this honestly took the cake.
    Live support, Friendly staff, and amazing servers to boot.

    The service you get, is amazing for the price you pay.
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    posted a message on 1.7 Pre-Release: "The Update That Changed the World"
    Quote from IZY2091

    Nice catch I didn't notice that.
    The reasonable and practical side of me is saying "that's probably just because of the fishing and boat updates',


    I feel like I'm talking too much on this forum so I'm going to walk away now, at least for today.

    Hahaha XD
    the 2 x 2 water re-appears in the 1.7 image..in a shrine.. o.o

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    posted a message on 1.7 Pre-Release: "The Update That Changed the World"
    Am I the only one to notice..
    The last two snapshots have had the randome 2 x 2 water source?
    not to mention the
    13W43A Snapshot

    Had a random quote saying "
    No time for explanations, the time portal is closing soon - it's SNAPSHOT TIME!

    Just some speculation here..though I see something in this..

    not to mention the red..golum thing in the various snapshot photos.
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    posted a message on CLASHABLES (180+ Hours Dev.) (Hand-Built)
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    posted a message on CLASHABLES (180+ Hours Dev.) (Hand-Built)

    Logo by: Me

    What Is CLASHABLES?:
    CLASHABLES is a more extreme type of "Team Deathmatch", with the teams consisting of Red vs Blue. The players themselves have the choice of 4 different classes, all containing their own special abilities and weaknesses. Each player gets 5 lives to live in the arena, once they run out it's game over for them. Once all the players on a team have used their lives up, the opposite team is declared the winner.


    Scout: Has speed and boost jump as his special abilities. Though he isn't to be used by those who normally can't run on small bridges while running at normal speeds. He wields a baton with knockback 2.

    Pyro: Has Fire Resistance, but due to his heavy equipment also moves slower. He wields a Blaze Rod with Fire Aspect 3, and knockback 1.

    Tank: Has the ability of Resistance, and can take many attacks to down, though his equipment makes him so heavy he can only hop around. He wields a pair of double blades that are sharp as knives with Sharpness 3. His weapon also hits with a mighty force, with knockback 5.

    Medic: Has the abilities of faster Regeneration, and Speed. He wields 64 bottles of a special concoction, which nauseate and poison the enemy, though though also slightly heal the person hit. These bottle also can be used as a weapon in melee as a blunt object with knockback 6.

    Earned Elite:(Secrets)

    (Note: There are more to come. Make suggestions if you'd like~!)

    Special Locations:
    When a player enters the arena, they'll receive one level of experience which can be spent in various spots in the map.

    Locations include:

    The Shops: Located on both sides at the center of the arena.

    The Shortcut Rooms: Located under the building directly to the left of each teams spawn.

    The Brewing area: Each team is given 3 bottles that they can use to make potions with. Though they have to get the ingredients first.

    Pictures: (Needs Updated..)

    Latest Version: Beta 3.2

    Here: Download

    Older Versions:

    RAR File:


    Zip File:


    180+ hours Development. Solo and Hand Made. Let me know of any Classes you'd like to see! Also, Please inform me of glitches, bug and ect. Leave your comments, opinions, and complaints in this forum~!

    To-Do List:

    -Set up multiple arenas to choose from
    --Make it actually announce which team won
    ---Move the shops out of the arena, and have them as a pregame lobby.
    ----Update photos

    Update: Beta 3.2 (Changelog can be found in RAR as Well)
    Yes It's back, and better than ever!

    With a redo of almost all the redstone, commandblocks, and classes, this update has had some great change for the better!

    This Update in a Nutshell:

    -Remade the Map Public
    --New area in the main lobby contaning a book with the basics of the game
    ---New team choosing set up
    ----New Team queing option, so neither team enters the arena before the other
    -----Classes have been revamped to avoid being over powered
    ------Classes no longer have to take a potion everytime they die (1.6 WOOT)
    -------Pyro's weapon is now a Blaze Rod
    --------New Respawning system
    ---------New scoring System
    ----------Redstone use has been reduced by 45%
    -----------There's no longer a redstone clock keeping the time the same
    ------------All commands used now relate to only specific teams, to avoid any accidents
    -------------The Shortcut rooms now only work for those with 1 Level
    --------------Brewing Areas were added
    ---------------Brewing ingredients are now placed around the map
    ----------------Thunderclaps when someone dies
    -----------------New sound when someone falls down one of the massive pits
    ------------------Venti ate all my pumkin pie..god dangit..
    -------------------New Earnable Elite Class
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    posted a message on Minecraft Capes! [Multiplayer Capes/Cloaks][www.MCCapes.com][Cape Gallery] + Transparent/Animated!
    Ign: Wizim
    Can I have access to animated capes?
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    posted a message on Closed..For Reasons.
    Quote from eragonn1490

    Amazing Map.. now to add my mods.. :D

    Thanks for the feedback, and what do you mean by your mods?
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    posted a message on Closed..For Reasons.
    Quote from TeotheJuggler

    It looks really well made! However I don't have anyone that could be interested in playing that with me nearby, so I can't test it out unfortunately.

    Also I think that if you really want a lot of people to play your map you have to be a little bit more creative. Sure as I said this looks really well made, but I have seen this concept quite a few times before. It's hard to get your map to stand out if others are very similar. So for next time I would suggest that you come up with something that you haven't really seen anyone do, or expand on an idea that someone else came up with. That really would make your map stand out more.

    Thank you for the feedback~! ^^

    I know that this sort has done before, though mostly through server plugins and ect. My goal is to completely surpass the boundaries of normal minecraft, and present something people spend hours coding for plugins and mods, though with the simplicity of just playing the level. ^^

    With the extensive use of NBT edits, scoreboards, and command blocks, this has been made possible.

    If you ever get around to playing it, I hope you find everything to your liking.
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    posted a message on Closed..For Reasons.
    Double-LE bump~!
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    posted a message on Closed..For Reasons.
    Don't make my work go to wast..okay? :X
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    posted a message on Closed..For Reasons.
    Page closed due to a revamp..
    Look for the new post?
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    posted a message on BATTLE ROYAL (MINIGAME) (TDM) (90+ HOUR SOLO BUILD)-Publicity
    Battle Royal

    So when I first made the OP for this map, I started it off on a bad foot..
    No pictures, some things were broken, and frankly I didn't put much into it..
    So to put it back out there, as a second try, I'm publicizing it again.
    Allot of work and time has been put into the map, and I'd hate to see it all wasted due to a fail on my part..
    Check it out, maybe even give it a download?




    Thank You for Your Time! ^^

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    posted a message on Command block triggering once and only once
    I personally thank you for this, I ran into the same issue myself while making a Gamemode level..I actually found the thread though google XD

    Anyway, thank you again~
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    posted a message on uyjulian's X-ray Mod - No patcher required! Drop into mods folder with Liteloader installed!
    Quote from julialy

    you need to put the mod in the jar

    I've tried that, several times now..
    All I get when I log in, is a black screen.. :SSSS:
    Maybe It's not Optifine compatible?
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    posted a message on uyjulian's X-ray Mod - No patcher required! Drop into mods folder with Liteloader installed!
    I installed this mod properly, and it says it's in game.
    Though when I press the keybinds, all that happens is the world vanishes and reappears real quickly. Suggestions?
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