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    Quote from KryptonFPS»

    I use it for mainly streaming and recording. The thing is that when I try and stream in 60fps, it says High CPU Usage... That's why I was maybe thinking about upgrading the CPU

    An upgraded CPU will probably still be in high usage when streaming. Especially in 60 FPS, there may not really be a CPU that powerful that handle high quality broadcasting like it is just running a web browser. If there were such processors, I do not think that should be a priority compared to your graphics card, which may need an upgrade. I'm using an Intel I5-4670k and can easily record in 60 fps in 1080p (my worries are NOT about performance, but more about the video itself such as video file size and compression quality).

    Your current graphics card is a Nvidia GT 730, which is in need of a upgrade since the I5-4690k seems to be a refresh of my processor that can overclock better due to a material change (if I'm thinking of the right CPU). A CPU higher than that may be bottlenecked by your GT 730 if you play games other than Minecraft (which I do). You can consider overclocking your I5 if you are under the right conditions.

    I'd go for the graphics card and check to see if the power supply works (I have a SeaSonic 650 Watt Bronze+ with an AMD Radeon 7970)
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    Quote from MineLabsMC»
    Ok will do tommorow.

    And what specs do you need?

    I just need your GPU specs. I need the creator (usually AMD, Nvidia, or Intel), and the driver version.
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    Quote from Zabo51»
    Does not look like the pictures :( kind of disappointed

    It looks like the pictures for me. Well, just not the alpha 1.8 shadermod.
    Hi Guys.
    I'm getting a New PC (Someday... ;_; ....) and i want to know if this Shaders will work for me

    CPU: Intel Core i5 4440
    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-B85M-DS3H
    RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 (2 x 4GB)
    GPU: MSI N750Ti TF 2GD5/OC

    Waiting for your comments, thanks :D

    Shaders will work with that 750 ti. Just look at "750 ti minecraft shaders." The processor's fine according to cpu benchmarks. Although performance might not be absolutely amazing, it's fast since most shaders are developed on Nvidia cards. Research the 750 ti a bit.
    Can anybody help my sky is black?

    Could you post a screenshot and post your specs?

    Also, what is wrong with the new quoting system... The preview is different from the final result
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    I just got the 14.7 AMD drivers and have some test results. I used an XFX 7970 on stock clock and an Intel 4670k with overclock to 4.0 (since I set that about a year ago, I don't know if it's still in effect). I'm using Optifine A4 with the 1.7.10 non forge edition mod. For the most part, these are still scenes with a tiny but a jumping and moving around. Results will probably vary among people.

    GPU temperature remained at 71C, while the CPU was around 46 or something C. I just straight up started a new world on an Samsung SSD.

    Using SEUS preview 2, I believe unmodified, the fps was around 40-60 when the world started loading up. It was 24-30 when I maxed out the rendering. The AMD Ratpr whatever maxed out all my MC settings at 16 chunks. Everything maxed out except the smooth lightning which was at 85%. At %100, it would've been more or less the same since I got tired of the world trying to load up. At a lower render distance, I see FPS gains up to 40-50 FPS. I generally use /time set 5000 for most of these tests, but it varies heavily.

    SEUS v10.1 standard bought a 10+ fps boost to max FPS I saw in the bar. FPS remained at 31.

    CUDA shaders on AMD version bought me 40+ FPS once the WHOLE scene loaded up. If you don't use far render, then this number will spike up. The FPS is random in the 40's at high and lows.

    Suprisingly, on the non AMD version, I get random good FPS spikes. It was like before, but could go up all the way to 60 once loaded and while I was moving around a tiny bit.

    Chocapic's V4 extreme was a nightmare and was definitely meant to be used by Nvidia's drivers. 15 FPS as soon as I switched...

    But guess what? The high version, just one step down, gave me ONE HUNDRED FPS as soon as I started it up. Remained on a constant 58 with slight variations with MOST chunks loaded.

    Paolo's lagless shaders (very old version) gave me around 90 fps on startup, then went to the 40s-50s area. Funny, how I used to get 112, but I guess that's the render distance.

    Using Sildur's 1.051 Ultra, I got 50 FPS at selection, then stayed around 30. The 1.050 version had 60 fps at selection and a 5 fps boost at chunks loaded. This version uses a blur on objects rendered farther away to create a fog effect. This explains some reasons of having very low FPS when I used to use this because of smooth gameplay. Now, I believe I'm using the betas Sildur sent me for testing, not his official public versions.

    I would like someone else with similar specs to post their details so I can compare. I just don't want to use far render with shaders. No errors during my test. The MC log showed no errors, but I couldn't see all of it. Ask me if you want to test more shaderpacks and if you want me to test gameplay FPS (like when I'm actually doing something).
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    My old monitor bled backlight and I got used to that. My new monitor is now an IPS/e-IPS panel that reproduced color very well. So now I have dark colors that are too dark, even for regular MC. For some reason, my monitor doesn't have a gamma setting.

    The new monitor is the Asus V239h-p, and the smart contrast helps a bit, but also hurts depending on the situation. Regular MC barely works, lol. Of course.

    div>Quote from epyon101 »Quote from Tuaam »

    I think it's a Gamma issue.

    You know of anyway I can fix this? Minecraft only has a brightness option, not a gamma. If I'm suppose to install Optifine I can't since I know I at least have 1 mod conflict atm, which is TE.

    If your monitor does not have a gamma setting, then there is an alternate solution. Optifine won't help either since it uses a brightness slider and no gamma option.

    The alternate solution is to access your GPU control panel. This is a menu that is either from Intel, nVidia, or AMD. Intel should be something like Intel Graphics or similar, nVidia control panel (unless nVidia renamed it to intergrate whatever they advertised, but that should belong to something else), or the AMD Catalyst Control Center.

    Gamma settings will be located there.
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    Quote from hb0mber


    Quote from Sildur1

    Windows 7 x64
    Nvidia GTX 770 very latest drivers
    Latest forge, glsl mod, latest java 8 and java 7 x64
    Very far distance

    120fps with 1.05 Lite
    100-110fps with 1.05 medium
    90fps with 10.5 high
    80fps with 1.05 ultra

    I'm getting around 40-70 FPS on high with 16 chunks render distance.

    The ultra version gives me 5 fps less.

    I have an i5-4670k Intel processor and a AMD Radeon 7970.
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    Quote from Randmax

    nvidia`s driver v 337.88

    • BiomesOPlenty-1.7.2-
    • buildcraft-6.0.16
    • CodeChickenCore-1.7.2-
    • CustomOreGen-1.7.2-1.1.6
    • forestry_1.7.2-
    • gregtech-1.7_5.03d
    • IC2 OptiFine (this one was tweaked a bit by someone to regain compatability with IC2experemental. Tried without optifine, but no change)
    • industrialcraft-2-2.1.484-experimental
    • NotEnoughItems-1.7.2-
    • PFAA-1.7.2-0.1.6
    • Railcraft_1.7.2-
    • ReiMinimap-1.7.2-1.0
    • ShadersModCore-v2.3.12-mc1.7.2-f1040
    • Thaumcraft-1.7.2-
    • twilightforest-1.7.2-2.2.1

    Does the problem occur when you only run shaders/Optifine?
    Try to do this on a new world.
    Quote from Durbius

    This mod has...


    Check the pic :I

    Uh.... Try it on a SINGLE PLAYER world.
    Mineplex does something with the in game time and some of its lobbies make the shaders look wierd.
    Quote from rapolis
    hey sildur! make new version: 1.04 vibrant less lag better water reflections waving vines waving sugarcanes brighter night bloom is now more blurry parallax mapping glitch fixes better shadows handheld torches are now brighter in day only! handheld torches no longer emit pink light at night

    old water can be switched back in gbuffers_water.fsh in old water system no longer shows weird lines at night sky waving fire has now stronger waving these shaders requires more RAM only up to 2G to reduce lag up to 87.8%

    weird stuff and glitches:

    the crosshair on the block side = east glitched parallax mapping (texture pack is 3d craft) the portal with handheld torch is having pink light at night only! :steve_happy: HOW I CAN FIX THIS??? OR FIX IT IN THE NEXT UPDATE!!!!

    I don't think parallax mapping on Sildur's texturepack is final. He's adding more support in the future.
    Also, the texture pack uses more RAM than the shaders itself.
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    Quote from VL4DST3R

    So when we'll get the 1.04 that fixes th water and protal's transparency ?

    Sildur's early FB page says sometime early August. As for accessing the beta right now, try to ask him to be a beta tester. You could do some opinions as well as bug reporting (and maybe compatibility as well).

    Please help me with this.

    Everytime I use Sildur's Basic Shaders v1.04 Motion Blur a crash happens and this report appears in the .minecraft folder.


    My PC Specs:

    Intel Pentium G2020T w/ Intel HD Graphics 2500

    Windows 8.1

    4GB RAM

    Are you using Optifine? I used to get this with certain Optifine versions. Try to update your Java and Intel drivers as well just as a precaution.
    Quote from TheDiamondBoss

    Ok Can U Make The Good Maxed Shaders Work On Mac And Make It Run Perfect If Not Thats Fine But I Have A Relly Crappy Graphics Card And I Cant Change It Please Reply If You Can Or Not Or If You Know Any Good Shaders That Are Good For Crappy Graphics Cards Thanks! :huh:

    We need your specs, man.
    Quote from OutcastZeroOne

    keep up the good work man. I've only got a Dual Core 2.5ghz Mac mini and your shaders are the only ones I can use. still only get 24fps at best but will keep messing with settings to try and get better frame rate. May also give MC more then 4 gigs of ram too since Ive got 16 gigs to burn :p.

    I heard that anything over 4 GB runs even worse. The RAM doesn't affect shaders that much, but it affects the world a bit.

    This is awsome! But the download links will not work for me..

    I really want this pack as it is one of the only mac compatible ones.

    Can you give me a back-up link or email it to me please? ([email protected])

    Can i have this please: Sildur's Vibrant shaders 1.03 Intel

    So sorry.. ;(

    -TheMcKat :3

    Are you using adblock or anything? I can't share the link but Sildur could create backup links in the future.
    Quote from Randmax

    probabliy the most convinient shader pack I have seen

    still, it have some glitches that need to be fixed

    my base is under water, probably it is the source of problem

    Is there any solution for this kind of flickering?
    my comp spec: nvidia 760, cpu intel i3570, 8 gb of RAM

    Although I don't know too much about this issue, I still would like to know your GPU drivers and mods installed. By GPU drivers, I mean the version.
    Quote from AppleCrafter

    awesome stuff! but the water seems a bit too clear. is there a way i can change that?

    The next release will fix it.
    Quote from JerryJack77
    Hi there, I really like this shader but is there a way to have the Vibrant Sahders + Motion blur?

    I believe you have to enable it in the Vibrant version, but this could be another shaderpack I'm talking about.
    I just simply remember having motion blur on my other PC half a year ago.
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    Quote from rapolis

    HELP i need help: night is wayyyy toooo daaaark!!! and make evening and mornings fade lights except popping it fast make it fade and make night brighter to be able to see everything

    The new BETA fixes this. Also, I don't really understand the fading thing, so please try explaining it into a separate sentence instead of creating a run-on sentence.
    Quote from JuicyDiamond
    Everyone of these shaders crash my Minecraft except for the basic shaders world curvature and basic shaders acid. Even the intel one.

    - I use Intel HD Graphics with 1024 MB vRam (Video Memory)

    Uh... The Intel one is for Macs, though it should be compatible with Intel...
    Is Intel HD Graphic's the exact name of your Intel Graphics?
    If it isn't, try to find the actual name, and find some Intel drivers to update and see if that works.
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    Quote from YourIntestines

    I am using a Mac Book Pro, with a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M.

    Basic works fine, vibrant crashes, saying invalid program for gbuffers_skybasic, composite, composite1 and final, and light does this:

    I doubt your Mac OS or Nvidia GeForce 9400M could support the shaders. The OS already causes issues, but the 9400m is from 2008 and probably lacks the OpenGL support. If you can update your OS to the newest and find the right drivers to fix the OpenGL version, you may get to some point.
    Overall, the regular Vibrant and the max versions won't work to your liking (the 9400m does not have the raw power to run the shaders).

    Try the vibrant intel version, because you've already tried to basic and the other Vibrant versions.
    Quote from VL4DST3R
    I am back again :) but this time with a request/question : Is there any way I/someone could change the water transparency to make it more opaque, because as it is now, it is far too clear for my liking... Look how it is compared to other shaderpacks:

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/eeai5s7bg7dp3gh/Shaders Comparison.png

    EDIT: I also noticed the nether portal, what happend with it ? so color-less... is there a glitch that affects semi-transparent blocks ? that would explain what happened with the water...

    EDIT 2: now that I've been able to use the latest shaderpack I couldn't help but notice that something was missing: motion blur, any chance of getting that back ?

    As for motion blur, I do not know if that exists in the beta I have due to my lack of free time to peek inside the shader files.
    Now, the beta versions helps fix the transparency problem of the water and nether portal blocks. I have four comparison images.
    Also, the clouds are barely noticeable, but are pleasant considering that the clouds are still a beta feature (or experiment).

    Hopefully, Sildur lets me show off some images of the beta (two) since he has some on the FB page. If you would like more images, ask me for some if Sildur allows the full preview (many things are WIP and are not set in stone yet).

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    Quote from Cr4zYxD
    How about volumetric clouds for the new Vibrant Shaders?

    Would be great!!

    The beta version has Chocapic's cloud implementation. The clouds are not 3-d and are not as realistic (and to some people, nice) as the SEUS shaders.
    Sonic Ether has a copyright of that code, so the current SEUS clouds cannot be used. Since the beta versions have this feature, the clouds code could be reproduced using a different method if enough support is given to make that a priority or a to-do list add-on.
    Quote from VL4DST3R

    For some reason when using those shaders with noCubes mod, the terrain flickers, but not chunks, random blocks here and there and it gets REALLY annoying. I tried everything, changing Optifine settings, disabling all mods except those two, different settings for the shaders, you name it. It bugs me because the problem only appears when using sildur's (latest) shaders, any other shaderpack is ok. This is my favorite shaderpack, looks amazing and isn't a resource hog like others, and i don't want to change it :( . My video card is an GTX 660 and I am running on Minecarft 1.7.2 Until now I was using a very old version of this shaderpack, specifically Sildurs Nvidia shaders 1.6.2 Pre and it works fine with noCubes mod enabled, so it must be something from the recent updates that is causing the problem... Any ideas about what should I do ? I can provide a Video with the glitch "in action" if it heps...

    So you get this error without Optifine? Could you tell me your Nvidia driver version?
    Quote from juppy99
    when i use vibrant it crashes my graphics card

    Could I have the OS, PC specs, and MC version?
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    Quote from Hehle4
    I have a Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 card.

    As far as I know, SEUS does not support many Intel cards (or any at all). At the same time, the intel cards would be too slow in general as well.
    Try some shaders such as Sildur's BASIC and Paolo's lagless shaders.

    Please provide me a crash log just in case it's a different problem.
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    If only the actual model could be used in the game.. That would be awesome (for the compass).
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    posted a message on Shaders Mod (updated by karyonix)
    Does anyone know how to help prevent stuttering even though the FPS is over 60?
    This happens in 1.7.5 more than 1.7.2. There's less stutter in 1.7.2 despite me having more mods (though they aren't really performance costing). I have Optifine and shaders on both versions.

    Quote from EpicIEO90909

    help when i ever i go on and play a black screen appears i dont know how to post screen shots but it says "Failed creating framebuffer! (Status 36061)" and i don't know what to do

    I believe that means that your system specs are not compatible with these shaders.
    I need to know your computer specs, mainly the GPU of it.
    I would also like the OS.
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    posted a message on Shaders Mod (updated by karyonix)
    Here's a benchmark that sort of compares the Nvidia card (9400) to others.

    http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu.php?gpu=GeForce 9400 GT

    Not entirely accurate since these run a different benchmark, not SEUS ones.
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