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    One thing I like about of online sims you can have internet radio stream in your server. Its not the servers job to stream it. Its whoever joins the server. And in the options theres always a option to turn off the servers internet radio.

    I was playing on the Friendship is Magic server and I have internet radio going and it made minecraft so much more fun. ESPECIALLY while wearing 3D glasses.

    But what do you guys think. Internet radio for the win

    Server would controll it like this

    /internetradio (url)
    /internetradio off

    and then the users would have an option in their menu that would be

    Stream Server Music: On/Off

    I really love this idea and hope you all do too
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    posted a message on Login Problems
    i love how people are all like I CANT LOG IN!!!!!!!!!!!! PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    posted a message on 1.8 Updates: Taller Worlds, Delicious Foods
    TALLER WORLDS HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but what is this launcher supposed to do. all it did was open minecraft like normal
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    geeze over react much. the only man on the island thing is only because the game isnt complete yet
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    posted a message on Apparently Al Gore Was Right...
    Quote from BrookMorrison

    So on SMP I live in a snowy biome town, we all of course know that that biome grass is a dark green, well that somehow changed to the normal forest green. It also no longer snows there even when there's globally weather going on. And for even more mindf***ery, it was raining in a desert biome.

    So uh... any thoughts?

    Al Gore hacked your server
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    posted a message on I Need A Modder To Alter My Spawnpoint
    download MCEdit.
    thats the easiest and fastest way
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    posted a message on creepers over powered?
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    posted a message on Achivement get things
    Quote from the_pea

    How in do you get those like achivement get things at the bottom of your post????

    ive been looking forever to get one... or those like duku craft things...

    poin:how do you get them!! :Portabella: :Portabella: :Portabella:

    Its called a signature dude

    Look at this one.

    The doku craft signatures are to support dokucraft and can be found on the thread itself

    to add a signature go into your account settings
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    Quote from lemonnater

    aww cannot survive a night without your bed Alpha up man you can kill sheep and get 1 wool from them anyway pointless post and of course

    This has been suggested before to make sure you do not post again please follow these guide lines...

    Step 1. Search for your idea with the search bar

    step 2. (Assuming that you have not found the topic) Use the search again but have a different name for your idea maybe someone has called it some thing else.

    step 3. Haven't found it? Then search a few pages of the suggestions part of the forum to check even more do not want to be accused of spamming do we!

    Step 4. Your idea not found then it means 2 things

    1. Your idea is really bad and no one has dared to even suggest it

    2. Your idea is new and unique

    Now post a good descriptive topic, but if you have managed to miss it and someone says it been suggested please say sorry and put a link at the bottom of your post giving them the credit

    If you want to make sure then

    Step 5. Use the "already suggested topics list" its outdated but maybe you will find what your looking for

    it was suggested 10 minutes ago!

    I hate when users like you attempt to god mod. Leave it to the mods. I mean come on. Wasted your breath there buddy. Its ugly to see these things in topics :rolleyes:
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] Diamond Shards: Hardness fix! And update to [1.7.3]
    Hey cudos This is actually kinda cool. Can be used for currency.
    Though diamond in my opponion should not be found in cobblestone lol
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