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    posted a message on LootSky | Staff Recruitment | 1.17.1 Skyblock Generators Server

    Hey everyone, I am Sykuu and I am the owner & developer of a brand new Skyblock network called LootSky.

    Over the last few weeks, I have been working on developing the custom Generator game mode. Now that the server is getting ready for beta testing, I have decided to start looking for some staff members to help me out and for some beta players to help test the server. Once released, our generators seasons will last for one month and will have Points Top payouts for players & alliances.

    I am hoping to release a public beta on Saturday the 30nd of October at 3 pm CDT.

    Staff Recruitment
    Currently, I am only looking for a small number of staff members to work closely with myself to help grow a community & help players out when they need it. I will NOT be hiring any manager/admin positions directly unless you have a lot of experience in that type of position. Everyone will be started in a lower position and be promoted from there.

    If you would like to apply for a staff position, please either join the Discord using the link below & create a support ticket or reply to this thread with your discord name, a brief overview of your staff experience, and your timezone so that I can get back to you. Applying via discord will get a faster response.

    Staff Requirements
    I am fairly relaxed when it comes to staff requirements. All I ask is that you are able to be active and willing to put in some effort to help build a fun and welcoming community. Having experience in your desired position is a big bonus, but not required.

    Media Recruitment

    Although I am not specifically looking for content creators, I am open to having a chat with them about partnerships with the server. Feel free to reach out if you would be interested.

    Website: LootSky.net
    Discord: lootsky.net/discord/

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    posted a message on [1.17.1 JAVA] Anarchyy SkyBlock - Hiring Staff!

    Please add me on discord, Sykuu#5227. I would like to discuss a server development position with you.

    Also, your discord invite link is invalid.

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    Please add me on discord, Sykuu#5227, yours does not appear to be accepting requests- I would like to talk with you about your development position.

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    posted a message on [PAID] Prison Developer Recruitment

    Good luck finding someone to complete such a large project pro bono, especially for a fully custom core. If you are willing to negotiate some upfront payment & the rest paid afterward add me on discord, Sykuu#5227. I have plenty of experience working on custom prisons projects.

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    posted a message on Anyone down to start a server with me?

    Your discord doesn't work. Please add my discord, Sykuu#5227

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    posted a message on NEW MINIGAME SERVER > LOOKING FOR STAFF! @Builders @Developers and more!

    I have contact you on Discord, Sykuu#5227. I have questions re a development position.

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    posted a message on New prisons server idea looking for input

    Hey everyone, so I'm not 100% sure if this is the right place to be posting this given that I am not specifically recruiting for a server just yet (I do plan to, but I am still in the early stages of development & planning and would love a lot of community input). Sorry mods if this is the wrong place, let me know and I will happily re-post in the right spot.

    TLDR: I am currently planning out & developing a brand new prisons game mode that is loosely based on CosmicPrisons (but with my own unique features and twists). At this stage, I am looking for people to put forward ideas or server owners who may be interested in hiring me to develop the server for them (or people who would be interested in playing the server if I were to release it myself). I have set up a small section in my personal development discord that will be dedicated to this game mode. Join my discord using the link below, or read the rest of this post for more information.

    Discord Link: Click here to join my discord.

    The Idea:

    For quite some time now, I have been slowly working on planning out a brand new prisons server that is based on the popular CosmicPrisons server. For those who haven't played it before, it mainly takes the mining out of the usual pit-styled mines and turns it into an open world, where mines are scattered through the world and build into the terrain. There are also a large number of "world events" to help draw players away from the safety of the mines and encourage them to engage in combat.

    My idea is to replace a large amount of these basics aspects (including the mining, guards, cells, gangs, enchanting system, meteorites & meteors) and then to build on top of those features to expand the gameplay. To do this, I would look at including ideas such as custom combat-based healing items, KoTH / Outpost events, Masks, Crews (which can lead to much larger network-based ideas later down the road), bounties, custom ores, and more (I don't want to go fully into all my ideas publicly just yet).

    I would also like to look at adding in community ideas that are suggested.

    What do I currently have?

    Currently, I have the server core developed (this includes economy, permission, holograms, regions, location management & a bit more of the basic server essentials), I also have a world manager plugin developed. In terms of the prisons game mode itself, I already have a fair chunk of the basics developed. This includes player data management, mining (including the mining events, pickaxe items, energy & guard taxes), satchels, some enchanting (the mining enchantments are mostly working, the enchanter interactions), and some shops as well as a number of minor features & menus.

    What am I looking for?

    I'm currently looking for a few things, mostly just community input into the idea and suggestions for ideas/features that players would enjoy seeing in the final plugin.

    I would also be interested in hearing from anybody who may be interested in helping fund the development of this game mode. This could either be as a server owning looking to take this exclusively for their network, a series of servers looking to have this as a semi-exclusive game mode, or players who would like to see me release this as a service itself.

    How can you contribute?

    If you think this idea sounds fun and have ideas, suggestions, and feedback on it, please either join my discord server by clicking here or leave your ideas in the comments below.

    Similarly, if you are a player or server owner or someone thinking about owning a server and would like to know more about this game mode or would like to talk to me about developing it exclusively for you, please join my discord by clicking here and creating a ticket or put your discord tags below & I will get back to you asap.

    Thanks for reading, I hope to hear from you soon!

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    posted a message on Need someone to help me make a kit pvp server. (Euopean)

    Add me on Discord. Sykuu#5227. I have questions re your plans for the server.

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    posted a message on SyioTech Development | Developer, Configuration & Setup Recruitment

    Hey everyone,

    SyioTech is a brand new development team that I will be starting up over the coming days/weeks.

    In preparation for this, I am here today looking at bringing on a few developers & configuration/ setup experts to help out. All developers will be paid & I believe that the rate will be one of the best out there compared to other development teams.

    At this time, I will not be going into my plans for this team publicly, however, if you are a developer and would like to know more please join the Discord using the link below and create a ticket. I will get back to you with further information when I can. Alternatively, you can leave some information about yourself as well as links to your portfolio & a way to contact you below and I will get back to you asap.

    What are we looking for:

    • All kinds of developers: web, games, java, Minecraft, Discord etc
    • Configuration & server setup developers

    In terms of requirements, we aren't overly strict as long as you have a portfolio & some experience (or are willing to complete a test to show us your skills).

    Discord Link: Click Here

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    posted a message on GalacticBuilds Build Team & Creative Server | Recruiting Builders

    We have published our new website & we still recruiting more developers! Join our discord today to apply.

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    posted a message on GalacticBuilds Build Team & Creative Server | Recruiting Builders

    Note: Builders will be paid on a commission basis (85 - 90% of a build cost) depending on the type of sale. We plan to sell non-exclusive builds as well as commissions.

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    posted a message on GalacticBuilds Build Team & Creative Server | Recruiting Builders

    Hey Everyone, My name is Sykuu and I am the owner of a brand new creative Server (running 1.16.5) and Build Team.

    The Creative Server

    The first part of this project is our public creative server. Currently, the server allows 1.8 - 1.17 to join, however, we strongly recommend that you use the 1.16.5 client as that is the base version the server is running.

    Some features include:

    • 3 servers linked via Bungee with different plot sizes (75x75, 251x251 & 501x501)
    • Free access to world Edit
    • Public discord community

    You can check out our build server at play.galacticbuilds.cc

    The Build Team

    The second part is the GalacticBuilds Minecraft Build Team. As the build team is brand new, we are currently in the process of hiring a number of builders to help us get it off the ground. Our aim for the build team is to provide paying clients with high-quality building services, this will include both custom commissions & non-exclusive builds (which will be sold through our website).

    Team Requirements:

    • Must have a building portfolio (or be willing to build on our public build server to demonstrate your ability)
    • Must be active & be able to communicate effectively
    • Must be able to work on a tight timeframe
    • Preferably 16 years of age or older
    • Having experience working on a build team or working for clients is a large bonus

    Application Process:

    To apply for the build team, please either reply to this thread with a way to connect you or join our discord server by clicking here & creating an application ticket. Once you have filled in the basic application information you will be contacted by a manager or a head builder.

    Important links:

    website: Click here

    Donation Store: Click Here

    Discord Server: Click here

    Server IP: play.galacticbuilds.cc

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    posted a message on Looking for a developer for my skyblock server (payed)!

    I have sent you a friend request on discord, Sykuu#5227.

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    posted a message on [PAID] New miencraft server project Looking for devs and builders paid

    I have added you on discord. Sykuu#5227

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    posted a message on [ Recruiting ] SurgeMC | Factions | Recruiting Staff, Content Creators & Faction Leaders!
    [ Staff Update ]
    • We have hired 1 staff member but at still looking for a few more. If you would like to apply, join the discord and use the -apply command in the bot commands channel.
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