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    Hey how did you fix it?

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    Hi, I have a world thats as old as minecraft. I made it in the months after launch. Its been worked on by me and my friends for years and i got corrupted last year. I followed the procedure for fixing it but nothing has worked so far. I do have a backup but it's about 60Mb smaller so a lot of work is missing. I only made the backup because I'm that sort of person. No one ever told me I should and the game doesn't say "make regular backups and back up your backups" anywhere. So unless they update the game to tell you this all the time I don't know how you are supposed to know a game about cubes is fundamentaly broken?

    Anyway theres a catch and I'm posting it here because I need someone with expertise I wouldn't find in the correct forum thread.

    It's on xbox one x. Originally it was an xbox 360 edition world. Transferred to xbox one edition and updated many times from the one map world size. I remember getting the option to rest the nether for updates at least twice. The end also updated i believe. I used duplication glitches in the past i think when it was still on 360 i can't remember. There was also one very weird block i found in one of my chests. From memory I think it was a white or brown block with writing on all its faces? I think I know roughly where in the world it was. I think if you took it out of the chest then tried to drop it the game crashes but I'm not certain i might be making that up. Game ran fine so i left it in the chest. It's almost like it's a block that got updated so it shouldn't exist or something. Idk if any if that is relevant.

    Anyway if you guys know how to get it off of xbox, i assume with an external memory, then i can send it to you. If you can fix it I will gladly pay you? Then i could get it onto pc and maybe start a server with it? If that's possible.

    I hope you can help. The world has many fond memories for me.

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