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    I know. Kind of disappointed but not really surprised. From my experience, a lot of guys in the minecraft community act really creepy to any girls they encounter.

    A lot of guys in general, not really specific to the Minecraft community. It's awful.

    Quote from Charlito153»

    No, it means transgender and such.

    Uhh, no. Trans people often still identify as male or female. There are, however, plenty of other genders not defined within the binary.

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    Quote from Thunderhoof1»

    what do you mean theres far more than 2 genders?

    Gender identity isn't a binary!

    This page does a fairly good overview I think.

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    Ping is really weird right now, it's usually ~9ms. Over WiFi, so not as good as it could be.

    Over Ethernet, I can easily pull 110Mbps down, ~4Mbps up, and a 7ms ping.

    Edit: Over Ethernet

    Also, this

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    Note: This information is no longer correct for the new launcher (Minecraft 1.6 and above.)

    Table of Contents

    What is LWJGL
    Auto Updater
    Manually Updating

    What is LWJGL?

    LWJGL is the LightWeight Java Game Library. Essentially, it is what Minecraft uses for graphics, sound, and input. The latest version of LWJGL is 2.9.1. Currently, the game ships with LWJGL 2.4.2 on the old launcher. However, the new launcher will always provide the latest build.

    Why update?
    • Updating will fix some input bugs where keys seem to get stuck if you click at the same time. It also removes the "ghost" mouse pointer clicking.
    • Some users report a performance increase upon updating.
    • This can also potentially fix some issues regarding sound not working/cutting out.
    • It has been reported to fix intermittent crashes on Windows.
    • It has also been known to resolve the "cannot get JAWT interface" error for Mac users using Java 7.
    • With 2.8.1, on most 64 bit computers, the lwjgl64.dll update will cause a black screen crash. You can revert to the backup version you have saved if needed.
    • Again on several 64 bit computers, the OpenAL64.dll update can cause a sound glitch that makes bursting sounds. Keep a backup in case you need to rollback.
    • Version 2.8.5 generally breaks shift-clicking, 2.8.4 and 2.9.0 does not - you can change the url in your browser to access 2.8.4 or 2.9.0 rather than 2.8.5.
    • With version 2.8.5 on Windows, clicking mouse button while holding W/A/S/D keys stops the walking. This bug is already fixed in LWJGL 2.9.0
    • LWJGL 2.8.5 has a bug which sends a false signal that the user released all currently pressed keyboard keys when a mouse button is pressed. That means that your building will be significantly slower. Do not update to this version if this bothers you.
      • This bug seems to be fixed when playing in fullscreen mode (Default F11), or updating to LWJGL 2.9.0.
    Auto Updater

    I have created a simple utility to update LWJGL to the current, most stable build of LWJGL.
    You can download it here.

    Current versions the auto updater has: 2.9.0, 2.8.4 (old version, do not use unless you have a reason)

    Manually Updating

    Where to download
    Select the latest stable release and download the lwjgl-X.X.X.zip. You should also backup your .minecraft folder before following the steps below. As a last resort, you can use the Minecraft Launcher's Force Download option to reset the files.

    What to replace
    In the lwjgl-X.X.X.zip, there should be two folders, named jar and natives. You should replace the files in .minecraft/bin and .minecraft/bin/natives with the versions from the .zip.

    The .minecraft folder's location varies by operating system.
    • Windows: %appdata%/.minecraft
    • Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
    • GNU/Linux: ~/.minecraft

    All operating systems
    You should replace these files in .minecraft/bin/
    • jinput.jar
    • lwjgl.jar
    • lwjgl_util.jar
    You should replace these files in .minecraft\bin\natives\
    • jinput-dx8.dll
    • jinput-dx8_64.dll
    • jinput-raw.dll
    • jinput-raw_64.dll
    • lwjgl.dll
    • lwjgl64.dll
    • OpenAL32.dll
    • OpenAL64.dll
    You should replace these files in minecraft/bin/natives/
    • libjinput-osx.jnilib
    • liblwjgl.jnilib
    • openal.dylib
    • libopenal.dylib
      • For this one, create a copy of openal.dylib, then rename it to libopenal.dylib
    You should replace these files in .minecraft/bin/natives/
    • libjinput-linux.so
    • libjinput-linux64.so
    • liblwjgl.so
    • liblwjgl64.so
    • libopenal.so
    • libopenal64.so
    (information from the Minecraft Wiki)
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    You're using my API, cool!

    Just a few things
    • You really don't need jQuery for this! (it's a huge library for just one function)
    • If the server doesn't have query enabled (or you don't know if it does or not), you should use /status instead
    Here's the script that I'd use instead (with the same HTML, except you don't need to load jQuery):

    (function(f,g){var h="//api.syfaro.net/minecraft/1.2/server/"+(g?"info":"status")+"?",k=Object.keys(f).map(function(B){return encodeURIComponent(B)+"="+encodeURIComponent(f[b])}).join("&"),e=new XMLHttpRequest;e.open("GET",h+k,!0);e.onload=function(B){if(200!==this.status)return console.error("Error loading server status");var a=JSON.parse(this.response);document.getElementById("lastUpdate").textContent="Last update: "+a.last_update+" (GMT-6)";var c,d;g&&"success"==a.status?(b=a.version,c=a.motd,
    d="Server is online!",a=a.playerList.join(", ")):a.online?(b=a.version,c=a.motd,d=!0===a.online?"Online":"Offline",a="Unknown"):(c=b="Offline",d="Server is not online! Please try again later",a="Offline");document.getElementById("version").textContent="Minecraft Version: "+b;document.getElementById("serverVersion").textContent="Server MoTD: "+c;document.getElementById("online").textContent=d;document.getElementById("playerListHTML").textContent=a};e.send()})(
    		ip: '', // change to server IP
    		port: '25565' // change to server port
    	}, true // change to false if the server doesn't have query enabled
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    Some guy on Twitter actually put a santa hat on my avatar for me :P
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    I think the reason they have it is because Minecraft currently exists for Xbox. They'll probably add one for any consoles that you can run Minecraft on.
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    cd path/to/server

    You can then safely close the SSH session.

    Should you need to come back and check on it, you can use the command 'tmux attach' to reattach to the tmux session.
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