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    If I may, from experience I would like to say that it isn't the staff that make these servers (These as in Fallout/The Vault's) but the community that shapes it. Without the community these servers wouldn't continue to thrive and it wouldn't be a great environment for new Roleplayers. It doesn't matter who owns it at the time, because when they resign and give it to the next owner, the community stays and the community grows. People tend to say "[Insert Owner here] had the best launch," but to be honest, that's not true. I know from my own experience running the Vault that I barely had to do anything, because the community was right there asking me if I needed help or if they could give me a hand and that is what the Vault is about.
    You can look back on all the launches before this one and really, there is only one thing that stays consistent, which is the community. Pap and Bacon can do a great job with this server, doesn't matter if they have the greatest staff members of all time or the best plugins.
    They just need the community to stop fighting and be a real community.

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    Nice post, Ossy!
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    I was playing on this server and it sucks, hard.
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    [center] [/center]
    [center]The New Fallout Themed Serious Role Play Server[/center]
    [center]Dedicated Server - 24/7 - Role Play - Economy - Towns and Cities - Factions - Detailed Lore - Wars[/center]


    [center]Server IP
    Coming soon[/center]

    We also own a 50 slot teamspeak server and I encourage all users to go on there. Even if you don't have a mic you can use the text option to talk to others. It will add a more social experience to the game and you don't have to keep in character, we aren't that strict :wink.gif: Just come in and chill out with other server members. Here is the IP:


    We have a website for our server, though it is still a heavy work in progress but if you'd like to see our website go to the link below.


    [center]Server Radio Station[/center]
    One of our users, Timothion, had the great idea to put together a radio station for the server. He took the idea into in his own hands and it has received great feedback. He also has the assistance of Dexevara who has put in a lot of broadcasting time. The station plays old music around the 50's era which is similar to what you will hear in Fallout itself. It adds a great fallout feel to the server if you have the radio station going in the background so I highly recommend it. It is called Utah News Radio or UNR for short and even has a radio tower in game inside Vault City. To listen to the radio use the link below.

    Backup station - http://www.iradeo.com/Timothion/player/22253

    The Vault RP is sponsored by the epic guys at BeastNode who give all of their customers the best Minecraft hosting out there! They have the best Customer service that I've seen on Minecraft so if you're looking to start up a server, go with BeastNode.

    Thursday the 28th -

    I will now be incharge of the Vault RP. Our former owner, Crisis does not want to work with it anymore due to problems with the server, etc. Anyways, we are going to open the server up again this week. This is going to be the fourth relaunch with is very disappointing to say. A server like this has alot of potential and that is why I am taking charge of The Vault RP.






    Major Factions/Leaders
    Brotherhood of Steel
    Elder - Commandopip
    Sentinel - BACON_NATOR
    Colonel - HeWhoFightsCreepers
    Caesars Legion
    Centurion - Hoytgeo (Wolfshepard)

    NOTE: If you wish to join a faction you will need to apply using a separate application form. Once you fill out the app you will have to post it on the Vault's forums. You can find where to put your application a bit below.

    NCR Application

    NCR Application

    Don't ask to be a Ranger, 1st Recon, Officer. You will all start as a private and make your way up.
    Page Showing your accepted -

    Position you want [(Not rank) Miner, Farmer, Chef. Just leave empty if you don't want a specific job {everyone will be a guard} -
    Why do you want to fight for the NCR? (I hate the legion is not a answer) atleast a paragraph -
    IC Last Name? -
    Gender? -
    What are you good with? -
    What animal is on the NCR flag? -
    IGN? -

    BoS Application

    BoS Application
    Characters Name:
    Characters age:

    Why are you joining the BoS:
    What rank would you like to be: (Paladin, Knight, Scribe)
    Why should the BoS accept you:

    Characters Name:
    Characters age:
    Why is your character joining the BoS:
    What is your character good at:
    How would your character benefit the BoS:
    Short Back story of your character:

    Caesars Legion Application

    Caesars Legion Application
    You will all start as a recruit/slave and make your way up, each starter rank leading to a branching rank progression.

    Page Showing your accepted -
    Why do you want to serve the Legion?
    Gender? -
    IGN? -

    Post your NCR application, here.

    Post your BoS application, here.

    Post your Caesar's Legion application, here.

    The Vault is an immerse and fun Role Play Minecraft server. We pride ourselves in offering the best server performance and the best in-game experience. The server is based on the popular game Fallout and is set in a post apocalyptic world. The server is whitelisted so to gain the full experience you will need to apply. More details on that can be found further down the post. When you first join our server you will be a wastelander then after 1 week you can join a faction.

    There are four main factions in the server which are, Brotherhood of Steel, Caesars Legion, NCR and Vault Dwellers. There are also Wastelanders who are neutral and don't want any part of the main factions. There are various creatures you will find on your travels from Humans to Ghouls to Robots. You will find faction camps throughout your travels as they are scattered across the land. A word of warning if you set foot in a factions land and you do not belong to them be cautious.

    Our goal is to try and make the server feel as much like Fallout as possible or any open world RPG game. You can join a faction and choose to follow their laws and rise the ranks. Or you can be a lone wolf and do what you want to do and choose how you live. Living on your own is harder as there are few cities open to Wastelanders around the world. You can find towns which will have farms, shops, a place to sleep, houses for a long stay. You can start your own town if you have enough money to do so and enough people willing to become citizens. This is only a small piece of what we offer here at The Vault, so apply for the whitelist and give the server a go.


    You awake to find yourself in the middle of a desert, you can't remember anything that has happened over the last few days. You remember everything before that, who you are and where you came from. You look out of the corner of your eye and are greeted by a mysterious robot who keeps repeating himself. You look around to see if there is anything to salvage, clothes or supplies. There is no sign of life other than the robot.

    You decide to set out, there is nothing for you here and you will die if you stay. You're head hurts but you don't know why you focus yourself for a minute until you feel normal again. You survey the area and spot a single building in the distance. As you make your way towards it you realise it's further away than you anticipated but you continue. After some time you reach the building, it looks abandoned so you investigate.

    The doors opens and makes a loud creaking sound as if the situation wasn't suspenseful as it is. The door slams shut with the wind leaving you in darkness, you use the pip-boy around your left arm to light the area. A monster leaps towards you, knocking you to the ground. The monster jumps on top of you as you struggle to get it off. You see a weapon in the distance, you grasp for it, you grace it with your fingertips. You hit the monster in the face and scurry towards the weapon. The monsters footsteps bang loudly, getting closer and closer. You bend down to pick the weapon up and with a quick spin you thrust the monster rendering it unconscious. You then stand over the monster and bring the weapon above your head and with one swift blow you kill it.

    You exit the building there is nothing there worth staying for. As you rush out the sun shoots straight into your eyes, blinding you for a few seconds. Once you're vision is recovered you see a caravan in the distance. You run towards it, getting closer and closer then the caravan fades there is no one there anymore. Then you spot a small house and you decide to enter. What happens from here is in your hands......


    The server is set in South East Utah and mostly follows Canon. If you already know enough about Fallout skip to 2276 on the timeline, before that is just a brief explanation of how the Great War began for anyone who hasn't played the game. The end is a brief explanation of the vault in the server.


    War never changes...

    From the beginning of time, man had always had the taste of blood in his veins. From the barbaric fights before the discovery of fire, to the wars in the name of a God, and to fight to cause an onslaught of massacres around the world. The Nuclear war was a an end to humankind but was marked as a beginning in various points of history...

    2066- Construction of Vault 93 Begins in the southeast border of Utah, workers are given orders to rush the building process.

    2066, Date not found- Resource rationing in Denver causes riots. Midwest U.S.A. and Mexico start having food shortages and can't supply Denver with the food it needs. Food riots occur.
    National Guard called in.

    2066, Spring- As the oil resources dry up across the globe, China's fossil fuel dependency causes an energy crisis in the nation. China, bordering on collapse, becomes more aggressive in its trade talks with the United States.
    Unwilling to export oil to China, talks between the United States and China break down.

    2066, Winter- In the winter of 2066, China invades Alaska. The Anchorage Front Line becomes a true battleground.

    2066, Winter- As a sign of increasing tension between the two countries, Canada proves reluctant to allow American troops on Canadian soil or allow American planes to fly over Canadian airspace. American and Canadian tensions rise, but Canada eventually backs down, and U.S. troops pass through Canada.
    This sets the stage for the Canadian annexation in 2076

    2067- The first suit of T-45d Power Armor is deployed in Alaska. While lacking the full mobility of future versions, this Power Armor is incredibly effective against Chinese tanks and infantry. Its ability to carry heavy ordinance becomes key in various localized conflicts, and it has the power to destroy entire towns without endangering the wearer.
    China rushes to create its own versions, but they are many years behind the United States

    2068- Construction of Vault 93 Ends, people start flooding into the vault.

    2069- Canada begins to feel the pressure from the United States military as the U.S. draws upon Canadian resources for the war effort. Vast stretches of timberland are destroyed, and other resources in Canada are stretched to the breaking point. Many Americans refer to Canada as Little America, and Canadian protests are unheard.

    2072- The United States' increasing demand for Canadian resources causes protests and riots in several Canadian cities. An attempted sabotage of the Alaskan pipeline is all the military needs as an excuse to finalize its annexation of Canada, which had already begun in 2067.

    2072, June 3- Canada fully annexed by the U.S.A.

    2074- Negotiations between the U.S. and other world powers come to a dramatic end. The President walks out of oil talks with the other world powers. After a much heated debate, the President stormed out of the meeting and declared that the last known supply of petroleum will be used exclusively by the U.S., and the U.S. will not sell or trade any oil to outside parties.

    2076, January- The United States annexation of Canada is complete. Canadian protesters and rioters are shot on sight, and the Alaskan Pipeline swarms with American military units. Pictures of atrocities make their way to the United States, causing further unrest and protests.

    2077- Gas prices skyrocket, regular gas price being $7450.99 per gallon and $8500.99 per gallon for premium.

    2077- a Dangerous new plague hits Denver. Rioters burned down large parts of the city in their fear of contamination and anger at their treatment. Many panicked and fled the city by car, clogging the freeways when they ran out of gas and trapping everyone behind them.

    2077, October 23- The Great War begins, who struck first is unkown. Air raid sirens sound, but very few people heed the warning, thinking it is a false alarm. The Vaults are sealed. Two hours of nuclear bombardment ensues upon the earth's surface. The effects are far worse than most imagined. The earth's faults shift violently, thrusting mountain ranges through the soil and whole lands are being submerged under floods of water.

    2077, October 23- Salt Lake City is hit with 13 nukes and is mostly destroyed.

    2077, October 30- A week after the initial blast, a black rain begins to fall. The source of the black rain was the massive amounts of radioactive particle debris (mainly soot) from the nuclear firestorm a week earlier. Plants and animals both go rapidly into extinction.

    2080- The first effects of radiation are seen in the survivors. Widespread mutations occur with animals and humans alike. Those that survive the effects of the mutations are permanently changed. New species are created almost overnight.

    2082- Five years after the Great War, some aspects of the world begin to calm down. Radiation and poison levels are still too high for normal human survival.

    2189- The New California Republic is voted into existence as a sprawling federation of five states: Shady Sands, Los Angeles, Maxson, Hub and Dayglow.

    2189- The Followers of the Apocalypse rise to become a major influence in New California.

    2246- The future Caesar and Calhoun, a fellow Follower, are sent east to study tribal dialects, and meet with Mormon missionary Joshua Graham. During the expedition, the future Caesar discovers a cache of historical books, some of them regarding ancient Rome, including Comentarii by Julius Caeasar himself, which fascinates the young man.

    2247- Graham, Calhoun and the future Caesar are captured by the Blackfoot tribe for ransom. The young Follower uses his knowledge to train the tribals in the art of warfare, impressing them enough to become their leader. Caesar assumes the name of ancient Roman emperor and makes Joshua Graham his right-hand man. He decides to create an empire modeled after the historical Roman Empire, intending to erase the tribals' individual identities and replace them all with a single, monolithic culture - the Legion.

    2248- Caesar begins his conquest of the tribes of northern Arizona, southwestern Colorado, western New Mexico and parts of Utah.

    2250- Caesar declares himself the son of Mars, Roman god of war.

    2275- Camp McCarran, NCR's headquarters in the Mojave Wasteland, is established. Conflict with the Mojave Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel begins.

    2276- Vault 93 opens, the inhabitants settle the surrounding area.

    2277- Ceasar's Legion scouts finds Vault 93 in an otherwise un-explored part of Utah.

    2277, Fall- The inhabitants of Vault 93 discover Ceasar's Legion Scouting parties, hearing if their brutality they kill them.

    2278- Ceasar sends out raiding parties to destroy the inhabitants of Vault 93.

    2278, Summer- The inhabitants defend against the first raiding party, they use a repaired radio to send out signals in hopes of help.

    2278, Fall- A Small band of NCR Rangers pick up the signals sent by Vault 93, they arrive and are greeted by the inhabitants.

    2278, Winter- The Rangers try to contact the NCR, they fail.

    2279- By knowing the Rangers don't expect help, it is nearly impossible to get through the groups of raiders. They settle in with the Vault 93 inhabitants.

    2281- Ceasar's Legion raiding parties start pulling out of the surrounding area, few remain to keep watch on Vault 93. The Rangers choose not to return to the NCR, their new goal is to help the inhabitants of Vault 93.

    2281, summer- A group of lost Doctors apart of the Followers of the Apocalypse arrive at the town formed outside Vault 93, they start helping out the inhabitants.

    2282, Tension grows thick with the Legion and the NCR, while the Enclave emerges through the wastes, testing held captives wastelanders and spreading propaganda.

    2283, Brotherhood of the steel Elder, Holmes grows sick and then later dies from an unknown substance in his sytem; a new elder is chosen later on.

    2284, The Brotherhood and the NCR begin a dispute over the Power Armor factory causing the war to escalate, Legion slowly grows in power and continues enslaving in numbers.

    2285, the followers relocate, taking refuge with the caravan while the NCR and the Legion continue to fight, letting the Enclave to grow in power.

    2286, Members of the BoS grow restless under their new leader, eventually a coup d'Etat assisted by the NCR initiates and soon Elder Tomik is assassinated. During the same year, the new elder left his position, dwindling the BoS to slowly lose in power and members.

    2287, The overseer in vault 93 gets overthrown by a revolt, leaving vault dwellers to be on their own on the Utah wastes. Meanwhile the Legion loses some power, members becoming disorientated on their tasks.

    2288, After the assassination of President Hamilton, (Enclave leader) the Enclave grew disorientated without a leader, slowly but surely dissapearing from the wasteland.

    2289, The caravan and the followers disband after many raids and conflict. The remaining members of the followers have integrated into the NCR to utilize their medicinal skills while others have perished or have lead seperate lives.

    2290, NCR gains new leadership as Colonel Malikov passes down the baton to lieutenant colonel Gomez.

    2291, A new, young elder, Elder Rommel takes the throne to lead the BoS.

    In the year 2292, What comes next for the Utah wastes is up to it's inhabitants. The constant struggle between factions, the lives of wastelanders rendered changed forever by the turning soils of radiation and maliciousness, and the constant wars raging over the distant empty lands. Bloodshed will forever run through the dry land as tensions grow on and on by the various different groups trying to live on the wastes. The nuclear apocalypse will act like a new chapter for the striving race of human kind when it was supposed to be an end. . .
    But war...
    War, war never changes.


    -No griefing
    -No looting in cities or faction bases
    -No hacked or modded clients
    -No xray texture packs
    -No sharing of account information
    -No inappropriate usernames
    -No racism or any other acts of discrimination
    -No use of l337 in chat
    -No 1x1 towers
    -If banned you loose the privledge to be a moderator, admin, helper or the owner of a faction.
    -When talking out of character use the Global channel which is the default. When you wish to talk in character use /ch local and if you wish to go back to global say /ch global
    -You must use the Official server skins or something similar. For example don't use a Joker or Billy Mays skin, keep it related to the fallout theme.
    -You must follow all laws all the time. If you break a rule once then you will be kicked and receive a warning. You're second offense will result in a temporary ban ranging from 1 week - 1 month depending on the seriousness of the offense. The third time you will be permanently banned. If you do something serious such as griefing or using hacks the 1st or 2nd step will be skipped.

    PvP Rules

    -No kill on sight or KoS for short
    -You must give a text based warning ingame before you attack
    -Do not give a warning over teamspeak it has to be ingame
    -If you do not receive a reply within 10 seconds you can kill the person
    -If the person acknowledges you then give him time to prepare, take his sword out for example
    -No killing in faction bases or neutral towns and cities


    To keep this similar to the game itself there are strict rules of griefing. You cannot destroy someones creations this will result in a temporary ban or worse. You may however loot chests and buildings but not inside faction bases. You can loot chests in the wasteland but if you destroy a buildings walls to get inside you will be banned. You are allowed to take items within the house such as paintings etc but no damage to the house itself. If you are caught stealing from a faction base you will be punished according to the law they have in place which will most likely be a ban.


    For a better experience we have a vast range of plugins available, some are Admin only plugins which you don't need to worry about. Others are for you to help protect and improve your experience while on the server. VIP members will get extra access to some of the commands which is explained further into the post.

    Radiation - It allows staff to pick certain areas of the map to radiate. When a player walks in the area they start getting radiated, eat some sugar to cure yourself.
    Heroic Death - It broadcasts publicly in the chat when a player dies and the reason for it.
    BigBrother - Allows staff to rollback changes made by griefers as if they never happened.
    NoCheat - It detects when people use flying or speed hacks.
    XRay Detector - This mod detects when people are using xray client mods or texture packs.
    ModTRS - It allows people to sumbit tickets to moderators with a problem or complaint. When a moderator logs on they will make the ticket their first priority.
    iConomy - Similiar to the popular iConomy it allows an ingame currency, Bottle Caps!
    iConomyChestShop - This allows us to have shops so you can trade for bottle caps.
    Signlift - It allows players to jump up and down floors by right clicking signs.
    NoWeather - This plugin removes rain and snow
    Factions - This allows us to create Factions such as Caesars Legion Or New California Republic (Additional things with Spout)
    ArmorKeep - This plugin allows us to disable Diamond Armor (Power Armor) to everyone except the Brotherhood of Steel (A Faction).
    Nicknames - Allows for people to have RP'ing names (Additional things with Spout)
    SpoutTrade - Allows users to trade items instead of Bottle Caps (Spout only)
    RyveMusic - Allows us to have music from UNR stream in-game (Spout Only)
    AdvancedStandalone - A leveling system normally used for RP (Additional things with Spout}

    [center]The optional Client Mod![/center]
    Spoutcraft, formerly BukkitContrib SP, connects the server and client which makes most of the Spout features possible. Some things such as inventory monitoring and the server speed improvements only require the Spout server plugin. Any player can connect to a Spout enabled server; they will just miss out on the features it has to offer. Spoutcraft is optional, but using it unlocks the real features behind the Spout plugin.

    Click me to download Spout!

    Plugins available through donations

    LWC - Easy chest and furnace protection to prevent chest items being stole or chests
    VIP - Makes it so you can join anytime, even if the server is full.
    Radiation - We make it so you no longer have to worry about pesky radiation. Walk through a radiated zone and not feel the consequences.


    Our currency is called Bottle Caps, like in the game itself, this is achieved through iConomy. Some towns and cities will require you to purchase land in order to build there. For example in Freelance City rich houses sell for 10,000 and apartments for 4,000. If you own your own town/city you are free to set a price as you see fit. Keep in mind no one will pay 40,000 Bottle Caps for a house in a small town you just built, so be reasonable.

    Creating Towns/Cities
    If you are a Wastelander and you do not belong to any Factions you may create your own town or city. Towns and Cities are differentiated by two main factors, size and population. When buying land for a town or city it will be costly. Each block will cost 400 Bottle Caps for creating a town. To start you will need to create a Town but do so you need to meet the following requirements.
    -Must pick an area of land that does not exceed 100x100 blocks and is above 40x40 blocks
    -Must have the Bottle Caps needed for buying the land
    -Must have at least three members, including yourself, willing to live in the town

    If your town does well and flourishes and meets the City requirements then you can expand your town into a city. The requirements for a City are as follows.
    -Must currently own a town that is no bigger than 100x100 blocks and exceeds 40x40 blocks
    -Must have the Bottle Caps needed for buying the land
    -You must have an active population of 10 citizens

    Be warned since you are not an official town/city of the lands then you will be vulnerable to raids and attacks. Your town/city is neutral and therefore has no allies or enemies. You can feel free to make alliances with the Factions in order for protection but the chances of this are low. You can also declare another city an enemy and can arrange a battle if need be. So take into mind that your beloved town/city is an easy target.

    Battles and Wars
    Since we are not in a fixed timeline which means we can take the server in any direction we wish there can be Battles and Wars. At anytime a faction can declare battle with another faction as long as both parties set out the arrangements. The same goes for towns and cities. For a battle this includes setting a time and place for the battle to happen. As for a War no arrangements need to be made, attacks can happen at anytime, anywhere and will continue until one side surrenders.

    If you live inside a town or city you must use the public mine if that town/city has one. If you are caught mining inside your house the Mayor has the right to ban you from the town and you may receive a warning for breaking the rules. If the town does not have a public mine then normally you are free to mine in your house but make sure to ask the Mayor.


    Texture Pack
    This is out official server texture pack made specifically for this server. If you do not use this then you will see random blocks of wool and other things will look out of place so I do recommend using it. All Credits for the texturepack goes to Game_Geek for making this whole texturepack just for our server. To use the texturepack click here!

    MC Patcher
    You are going to need MC Patcher for blocks to look the way they should on Last Days, so click here for MC Patcher.

    Skin Pack
    Click the link below to take you to the download page for the server skins. Pick one from the appropriate faction folder and use it on the server. Big thanks to JulianG who pretty much single handedly put this pack together.


    It is a HD pack so you will need this as well - http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/42962-hd-texture-fix-feb22-13-support-fixed-compass/


    The team loves working on the server as a hobby but times are hard and hosting can be expensive. With donations we can maintain the server running and even upgrade the RAM and player slots. If you donate you do get benefits which currently are extra commands. Down the line as we grow and expand such as we hope to offer more bonuses to being a VIP member like exclusive website features. The payment packages are as follows.

    Explanations to all donation benefits are explained below the Diamond Package.

    $5 - Grass Package

    If you donate $5, you will receive the Grass Package. In this package, you will receive:

    • An In-Game Title
    • VIP
    • #1 Priority
    • 1,000 Bottle Caps

    $10 - Cactus Package

    If you are kind to donate $10, you will receive the Cactus Package. In this package, you will receive:

    • An In-Game Title
    • VIP
    • #1 Priority
    • LWC Protection
    • 2,500 Bottle Caps

    $25 – Pumpkin Package

    If you are very kind to donate $25, you will receive the Pumpkin Package. In this package, you will receive:

    • An In-Game Title
    • VIP
    • #1 Priority
    • LWC Protection
    • HeroBounty
    • 10,000 Bottle Caps

    $50 - Lapis Lazuli Package

    If you are very very kind to donate $50, you will receive the Lapis Lazuli Package. In this package, you will receive:

    • An In-Game Title
    • VIP
    • #1 Priority
    • LWC Protection
    • HeroBounty
    • A free Town
    • 40,000 Bottle Caps

    $100 - Diamond Package

    If you are VERY VERY kind and amazing to donate $100, you will receive the Diamond Package. In this package, you will receive:

    • An In-Game Title
    • VIP
    • #1 Priority
    • LWC Protection
    • HeroBounty
    • A free City or Town
    • 100,000 Bottle Caps
    This package lasts forever

    The explanations for the benefits in the donation packages are:

    • An In-Game Title - You receive a special in game user title to show everyone your generosity.
    • VIP - This allows you join the server at any time even when it is full.
    • #1 Priority - If you have a problem or submit a ticket it will jump to the top of the pile. We take care of those who are kind enough to donate.
    • LWC Protection - You gain access to the LWC commands that allow you to protect your chests, furnances and doors.
    • HeroBounty - You gain the ability to place bounties on other players. You are also able to edit the amount of money which will be awarded to the person who kills the bounty.
    • A Free City/Town - You will get a free City/Town which will be yours to own forever, or you can sell it. The size of the Town will be 80x80 blocks. The size of the city will be 200x200 blocks.
    • A number of Bottle Caps - You are given an amount of Bottle Caps which you are allowed to spend on anything you wish in-game

    Buy Bottle Caps

    $5 - 7,000 Bottle Caps
    $10 - 15,000 Bottle Caps (1,000 extra Caps!)
    $25 - 50,000 Bottle Caps (18,000 extra Caps!)
    $50 - 150,000 Bottle Caps (50,000 extra Caps!)

    Buy Towns/Cities & Protection
    (NOTICE: Once you buy protection you can make a city with it but if it is used for something else the city option will be gone. Also, protection can be used for your house, base, etc.

    $5 - 20x20 blocks
    $10 - 40x40 blocks
    $20 - 100x100 blocks

    All towns will be protected from griefing

    After you have donated please send an email to [email protected] or a pm to one of the admins with the following information;
    IGN -
    Package you donated for -
    Transaction ID -
    You can also add this information into a note while paying if you can fit it in.

    Click this button in order to donate


    IGN -
    Age -
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly -
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? -
    What is the fifth Server Law? -
    Link to vote for us and have you voted? -
    Link to the website? -

    Name -
    Gender -
    Age -
    RP example -
    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] -

    Do Not apply on this thread, go here to apply!


    Vote For Us

    Wear these on the forums to help out. Copy and paste the code below the picture and pout it into your signature.







    A. You're either not whitelisted, the server is down, or there's something wrong on your side. If you are not whitelisted, create an application, and a member of staff will review it.

    A. If someone has griefed something that you have built and/or own, report it to a member of staff either ingame by using /mail (Person) (Message), or create a thread on the forum topic labeled "Report Offense".

    Q. WTF, All these buildings look weird and WTF IS WITH THE RANDOM WOOL?!?!?
    A. We have a texture pack that everyone's using called Last Days. You can download it here:

    Q. I installed the texture pack, and I see weird portal and water textures on the blocks n stuff..
    A. Download and use the HD Patcher which is located here:

    Q. I caught someone griefing/spamming/trolling etc THEY'RE EXTREMELY ANNOYING!
    A. First, take a deep breath, then take a screenshot, and post it to the "Report Offense" section.

    Q. I wanna be one of you guys! Honest, I'm really good at helping!
    A. If you think you're up for the challenging job, give it a try and apply for a helper position here. If we think you're really good at being a helper, we'll promote you to a Moderator!

    A. Don't worry, please don't post anything on the forums, and just relax. Remember, Minecraft is just a game, not a life. An Admin will be sorting it out to get it up A.S.A.P. The best thing you can do is give support.

    A. If they aren't working, try right and left clicking, and move around until you finally get the lift to work..

    Q. WTH SHOPS AREN'T WORKING!!11! *begins crying*
    A. To use shops correctly you have to right click a sign and to buy items left click it to sell items.
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    Say hello to our new Moderators!

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    Golden, you seem to be getting alittle aggressive with the members and this has to stop, failure to stop being will have you banned from the server for a period of time.
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    Quote from seniram91

    when is the relaunch?

    August 5'th.

    You know it helps when you read the official post.
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    Quote from halfmoon74

    Characters Name: halfmoon74
    Characters age: 16

    Why are you joining the BoS: Because power armor is awesome.
    What rank would you like to be: Paladin
    Why should the BoS accept you: Because I'm a huge Fallout fan and sided with the Brotherhood when I got the chance.

    Characters Name: Conrad
    Characters age: 21
    Why is your character joining the BoS: He thought power armor looked awesome and is looking for a purpose in life.
    What is your character good at: His energy weapons, melee weapons, and explosives are all 99.
    How would your character benefit the BoS: He could smoke a lot of Enclave, NCR, Caesar's Legion, Super Mutants, and scavenge some new tech.
    Short Back story of your character: He is the only survivor of a small California farming village that was taken by the Master's supermutants. He roamed the wastes ever since.

    Please send your faction application to the owner of that faction, not on the forums. ALso I can tell you right now your not going to get in with "PWR ERMOR IS AWSOME". You'll patrol the wastes because you like Power Armor? You'll be in a war because you like Power Armor?
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    Quote from HAMP40

    Yay new server, hopefully you can port over the same map with our inventories :smile.gif:

    By the way I posted a app for mod here Swiss, please read it.

    I am going to make an official application for being a moderator, please wait until that application is finished.
    Also, I am going to add new forums seeing as how you can't get to those ones via the official website (www.thevaultrp.com). Crisis gave me everything on the server. I believe that the world has the all the player data so your items may return.
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