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    We allow griefing and factions. We have 2 worlds to get to factions and PvP do /warp pearlisland. We have amazing hilarious staff and we are fairly new. Maybe you will own the BEST faction
    IP: mc.pearl-craft.com
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    Quote from PMSF

    but if you make a server, people gonna grief it... like mainstream
    Theres plugins that stop griefs obviously...
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    This is me(Rawrr aka Swifty) and Coki's first attempt using voxelsniper. So far we have done great with the geography and landscape. Now we are working on the village and some other side buildings like a dock for air ships.. If you are experienced in voxelsniper or making steampunk buildings please contact us in the comment section if you would like to help out. The picture below is a horrible shot of it my bad but, it does have a basic look over the land. More info to come soon! http://imgur.com/nPj3q
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    Hello Minecraft players. I would like to introduce my need for a texture of wands. DaizyDog is making a server which is near done. He has asked me to do the texture pack so I accepted. It is a server of straight up war between the elements wind, water, earth, and fire. On here we would like to get certain wands that do more damage. I have made 2 texture packs that are fair. Nothing huge but there decent texture packs. I will attempt them tomorow but, I know many people can make a 5x better wands than me. So that is why I posted this. I would like to see if anyone can create some neat wands. At the moment I have no request for a certain type. The best looking wands will be the most powerful. The least good looking wands will be one of the starter wands. I will give out more info if you would like to join later. You will also get credited on the texture pack if the wand is approved.
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    I'm glad you liked the idea khihuahua. I made a better post and more info on it developed from the last 2 weeks.

    I was wondering where you will be placing the World of Warcraft map. I posted a message on the forum
    to see if you would like to put it on my server, which is a work in progress. It is based on World of Warcraft, so it will go perfect with the server. Also I don't mean to come on " too strong ".

    I know you're very busy, and I do not wish to bother you too much by asking for this. The server is
    exactly like World of Warcraft, including the mounts, races, classes, quests, battlegrounds, dungeons,
    levels, and many other features.

    The current races are: BloodElf, NightElf, Tauren, Dreanei, Undead, Dwarf, and more to come.
    The current classes are: Mage, Priest, Druid, Hunter, Warrior, Rouge and more to come. Each classes
    abilities are amazing. Druids can turn into animals and mages and priests can cast spells. There are
    many abilities that the character gets throughout leveling as well. I would like to explain it all but, like i said
    i don't want to take much time.

    Another major thing is that the Minecraft hotbar acts like the WoW hotbar. I will explain better if you accept
    the request for the map. I think this would be a better server to put the map on, rather than CurseCraft, including the fact that their server will not include the full Worlrd of Warcraft experience.

    This map would grant us so many people including the possibility of the YogsCast.
    I watch their videos sometimes, and they mentioned you and I thought to myself, If i get that map, the population of the server would be insanely high.

    So as you can see, to have this map would be a huge honor. I know that CurseCraft asked first, but I still
    think that CurseCraft wouldn't be the best place. I just think that my server should get the map because it
    is opened to the public. My server will get more views of the map because you do not have to be invited,
    which is exactly what CurseCraft does. I also think that my server is a bit more prepared for the map, i guess
    you would say, and Cursecraft server isn't even world of warcraft based. The website for my server
    is at http://www.RivalryCraft.com. It is in the beta state also.

    I am also willing to pay money to have this map on my server. I could pay you $100.00, or I could give you a monthly credit
    for a certain time for it to reach $100.00 dollars. I can also raise the amount to $150.00. But we'll talk
    about that later if you accept the offer.

    If you could please write back stating your answer, when you have the time. Thanks

    - Sincerely Swifty

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    Are you still letting the map be hosted on servers? If so I have a server coming out soon that's World of Warcraft based.I think this map would be just PERFECT for the server. I can give you more info on the server if you're interested.All I will say about it is that is just like World of Warcraft.Me and my two admins have been playing WoW for about two years and we know a lot about it. If you are interested you can contact me at my Email: [email protected],of you're not interested that's fine I completely understand. I would like to say more details on the server, but I don't want anyone to steal the idea ;) . Me and my two server admins have been watching this project and other World of Warcraft maps for 2 weeks now and we have took this as our best option. I do know you are probably going to give the map to CurseCraft,but I'm pretty sure it would go better with a World of Warcraft based server. Before I go I just want to say that what you're doing here is truly amazing :D .
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