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    Holy Super-Mod, Batman!!!

    This is EXACTLY what my vision of minecraft has been missing.
    I added your mod to my personal modpack and have only puttered around with it for like 30 minutes, and SHAZZAM! Im freekin HOOKED.
    The ability to 'teach recipes' is chock full of win.

    There are a few mods that I simply will not play without (Pam's, Chisel, Carpenter's, Backpacks...) and now yours is one of them.
    Not only did you make my 'must have' list, but you got a new paetron at $2/mo recurring.

    After watching about 6 or 7 youtubes about HV, I can see that this mod is VERY MUCH still being developed and improved. Therefore, even though I dont have the faintest coding sense and dont know the feasibility of my request, here it is; Can you make other mod's crops 'farmable'? (specifically Pam's Harvestcraft & Pam's Wee Flowers) All her crops/flowers have a unique seed, a unique plant and a unique drop/crop, and function exactly like the wheat mechanic.

    Let me explain why?..... I build in survival, and your 'teach recipe' gives me the ability to have villagers craft tons of different mods' 'bricks and blocks' for building. But those mods require a LOT of dyes. Pam's wee flowers provides a way to grow masses of flowers that provide those dyes.

    Anyway, fill that request or not, paetron is permanent, and Im a fan.


    Previous work;



    What Im up to right now;

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    posted a message on How many bases do you have in your survival world?

    As far as you know....... just the one;

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    Dear Pam,

    There are 4 mods (mod families) that I will NOT start a new world or version without. And your entire family of mods is on that short list.

    Thank you for your hard work.

    I will be becoming a patreon today.

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    posted a message on Teds World Gen Mods - Realistic World Gen Alpha 1.3.2
    Quote from LarrytheModder»

    Hey, would you consider adding support for Plant Mega Pack? This, Biomes O' Plenty, and Plant Mega Pack (http://10paksmods.net) all working together would be awesome.


    I think all that needs doing is to register the 'rwg_hotdesert' tyoe biome names with the FML biomedictionary, and LOTS of mods will work better with this;

    Mo' Creatures, Lycanite's Mobs, Plant Megapack, etc etc.... most spawning mods look for the FML biome assignment, I think.

    I would be HAPPY to add in the code, but I have NO IDEA how to java, or code anything.

    My research tells me that this is what is needed, but I dont understand it.



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    posted a message on Is your base underground or above ground?

    One above

    One below

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    posted a message on Adventures of a Minecraft Newbie: Journal


    I like the way you play, the way you build, the way you ENJOY every minute of this --->GAME<---!!!

    You REALLY remind me of myself the first couple of weeks of play. Myself, for instance, I didnt even know that I could WEAR ARMOR for at least a couple months. And I must have unnecessarily fallen to my death a thousand times before I learned a trick not to. And I never even tried to make tools out of something besides cobblestone forever. lastly, I remember when I made everything out of dirt and cobble, and when I accidently mined out a block of a wall or ceiling and didnt know that I could put one back in that matched, lol..... ahhh the joys of babyhood. :)

    I hesitate to coach too much, but there are a couple 'hints' I would offer;

    Try cooking EVERYTHING in an oven and see what you get... EVERYTHING!

    Try using various things for fuel in the oven and see what happens.

    Learn what 'sneak' is and how to use it in various situations ;)

    Play A LOT on legit vanilla survival, before you join a server of any kind... they will overwhelm you with completely non-understandable words, concepts, expectations etc, until you loose your noobiness. Trust me... from what Im reading here you dont need them. You just need google.

    And last, PLEASE keep entertaining us with this awesome guide, and its flashbacks for us surv builders. We are gonna LOVE it long time, I promise. If you ever get tempted to cheat or use a 'Mod File' send me a PM and Ill make some suggestions on which ones I use that dont break the 'earn it the hard way' feeling that I treasure with you. You dont need cheats yet or maybe ever.... search my profile for my threads and see what Ive done straight legit-survival for proof, Chant.

    Oh... PS.... never dig straight up or straight down.... You'll wish you hadn't. :)

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    posted a message on ENCHANTING PLUS
    Quote from Rui_rui»

    For some reason I can't repair items. When I put it into the enchantment table, it says the repair cost is 0 levels, and when I hit the repair button, nothing happens.

    You can only repair an enchanted item.

    First put a tiny ench on it. Then repair it. Then take the ench back off to regain some of the levels.

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    posted a message on Carpenter's Blocks


    I have been wishing 'Frames' would reappear.

    I LOVE Carpenters Blocks. Its like the old 'Slopes' on steriods, but man those frames can make a medieval house just POP!


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    posted a message on Teds World Gen Mods - Realistic World Gen Alpha 1.3.2
    Quote from Seven_Dragons»

    I just want to put my support in for this mod and ask for compatibility with Enahanced Biomes. I only use a handful of mods and EB adds lots of new rock types that really flavor the world. I hope you consider my request. Thank you!

    Once upon a time, I used EB also, but I found that Biomes o Plenty in concert with Underground Biomes Constructs gave me MORE diverse building blocks, with a more powerful pair of configs... and had FAR better other-mod support than EB, to boot.

    Consider this set of mods Im running;

    Almost NONE of the world-Gen mods are EB-compatible, Including Streams Mod, which is freeking AWESOME paired with RWG.

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