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    Twilight is the story of a woman having to choose between necrophilia, or beastiality.
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    Quote from Disethas

    We are hard-pressed to combat the rouge angles of satin.

    They're so acute.
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    posted a message on Enderman could spawn in the nether
    Who said Endermen only spawn in the dark?
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    posted a message on Why fight hunting?
    Quote from BetaMan1313

    I wouldn't care if you couldn't comments... half of these comments are annoying as ****


    Oh, you're one of those guys. You just speak complete crap, and you know nothing about the topic you posted.

    Quote from BetaMan1313

    Protein. Duh. No hunting=not enough essential nutrients

    Meat is not necessary to live. Peanuts, cheese, and eggs have protein. You can eat those. Vegans live perfectly normal lives. Also, there are things called FARMS. I live on one, and we butcher our steer every so often for meat. There's also a thing called a store some people go to.
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    posted a message on Why fight hunting?
    You didn't give any reason why people should stop anti-hunting. Why would there be more death if there were no hunters, and why would we be wiped out in 3 weeks? Make no sense. <.>
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    This actually looks promising. It's not a copy of Minecraft, as it has unique features. There are tons of games with cubic blocks and worlds, not all games like it are copies. I'm going to be watching this for a while.
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    posted a message on I can't wait to have a pet enderman
    If they can't teleport through solid objects, there is no point in the mob teleporting. Your house is not supposed to be a safe haven. Notch has already made that point with beds, where mobs will get into your house if the area is not safe(E.G. not light enough, or open pathways). That feature is a bit buggy though. I also think Endermen will be pretty rare.

    If your house is always supposed to be a safe haven, the game would be EXTREMELY boring. Why would I want to play a game with no excitement? Go ahead and don't update, nobody cares.

    Quote from uglidollal

    both air and glass are transparent,so put 2 and 2, and...

    Jeb_ has stated quite a few times that glass is NOT transparent. You can see through it, yes, but it's not transparent in the sense that mobs can't see you through it, as they treat it as a solid block.

    However, spiders can see you through all blocks. The reason for this is so they can climb on your roof and scare you when you walk out of your house.
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    posted a message on Mainstream things/social norms that you hate?
    I'm just gonna go ahead and say most things are ****, at least in the US.

    I'll list some things.

    Government. All they do is lie to our asses.

    Food being called "healthy" when it has a **** ton of preservatives and pesticides. Sure, it may be healthier than most foods, but it is by no means the best for you. If you want REAL food, grow it yourself. Thankfully, I live on a farm, but some people can't afford it, so they have to deal with the store bought food. If you've ever had store bought hamburgers(which I have) and compare it with one made from a cow you had butchered and knew there were no extra things in it, the one you have butchered tastes SO much better. Same with a lot of other things.

    People who follow the crowd. Lots of people do it, and people need to think for themselves. There are plenty of people who die in public(a homeless man for example, who was on the news) each day because they're sitting there dying and everyone walks by until someone has the guts to call emergency. This can go with anything, not just somebody dying.

    Snotty jackasses who think they're so cool, and are so much better than anybody else. I don't need to explain further.

    Rich people who rub what they have in people's faces. I'm fine with rich people who don't do that, but spoiled brats are so annoying.

    People who only take one look at something/someone and make an opinion about it/them. E.G. "He looks stupid, better stay away from him."

    Any mainstream music, with very few exceptions.

    There's more, but I'm too tired to type out many more now. It's 3 AM.
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    posted a message on Why do people say "Fix'd" instead of "Fixed"?
    Why do people say "Fix'd" instead of "Fixed"?

    For one, it's bad grammar. It's not part of any language.

    For two, it has the exact same number of characters as "Fixed" does.

    To top it all off, the apostrophe is FURTHER away from the other letters of "Fixed" on most(and I believe all) keyboards.

    The only character relatively close to the apostrophe in the word "Fixed" is the I, but even that is closer to the OTHER characters.

    It makes absolutely no sense to type "Fix'd" instead of "Fixed".
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    *facepalm* There was a thread EXACTLY like this a few months ago. They had this exact same problem, and it IS a glitch. It is possible that someone made it, but it is a(n) (apparently not) known glitch in SMP. Seed and coordinates in SSP will not reproduce the same glitch, and it probably won't produce the same glitch in an SMP server.
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