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    You MUST sign our White-List on our forum. WHY? To protect your IP.

    Here is the thread you must read:

    Community Standards [Must Read]

    Social Behavior

    The most important part of Terms of Service relate to behavior: Common sense, consideration, and reasonable behavior are expected in the game. Meme's and Trolling is heavily frowned upon on this server in world/game. Those not able to communicate with out use of meme's in this enforced RP environment will be removed from the server community, as in banned. The same goes for Trolls.
    Please do not offer any resident any sort of computer technical advice that is meant to cause harm to their computer, Minecraft or online experience. You will be banned immediately.

    Scamming and Stealing

    Don't SCAM what's not yours! - Stealing is defined as taking the in-game property of another resident without the knowledge and permission of that resident. Scamming is stealing from another resident through misrepresentation - examples would be stating that you wish to join their Town but have ulterior motives to drain the bank and rob the town blind breaking valuable blocks and possibly causing major destruction. If these 2 examples - SCAMMING IS NOT ALLOWED, while stealing of in game possessions is allowed. Scamming will get you banned from our world.


    Harassment of anyone on the server will get you kicked. 3 warnings/Kicks = Ban
    * there is n reason to verbally harass or constantly insult any on the server. If you dislike someone so much that you feel the need to do this, then please leave our community.
    * this means: name calling, insulting, telling users to log out, or basically asking, telling, or suggesting to them that they leave the community for whatever reason, assuming such advice was not solicited first.

    You do not tell people to leave my home , my community. I do.

    Hatefulness is not welcomed here.

    Swearing and Inappropriate Content

    Please keep it respectful, and refrain from making any racial, sexual, unlawful, religious slurs, insults or other deliberately offensive remarks directed at another resident. We do not use a chat filter In World/Game nor on the forums. Please censor yourselves with maturity and appropriateness for the topic. No one is saying it has to be vanilla, but there are no reasons to alienate with word choices or content.
    Exploits and Abuse of Bugs

    Do not abuse broken game mechanics! - Sometimes bugs or oversights in the game design may occur. An example would be a situation that allowed a resident to break blocks at a spawn town or any town they knew to be previously protected. If a bug, exploit or problem is found, you are expected to report it immediately and not take advantage of it. Exploiting, publicizing or encouraging others to exploit bugs, design oversights or other issues is not acceptable and you will be banned without hesitation as you have proven yourself untrustworthy in our small community where a modicum of trust is at least required in our agreement so that the world can move forward without being slowed by destruction, griefing and exploiting by the minority who cannot abide by simple common courtesies and respect.

    Common Sense and Helping Yourself

    Common Sense and maturity is required - Being of age10-14 is no reason to not have common sense and maturity and no how to communicate properly without being rude. Nor is it an excuse for exploiting or cheating or taking advantage of people. Use common sense.

    If you do not wish it done to you, then you probably should not be doing it to who you are planning...And for sure, when that which you send around comes back around to TNT or PVP your riches away - do not come crying to others. You reap what you sew. PVP / FFA does not mean license to be an asshat, unless you choose to be that asshat.
    Repeated Displays of Willful Ignorance - your hand cannot and will not be held here. All the information you need to be successful in the world and fit in and make a nice life here of adventure is listed In World under /commands.

    Your failure to not only READ but EXPLORE these "help commands" and instead asking repeatedly others to do what you are too lazy to do will result in your being removed from the community as a pain in the butt and whiner. Most who never read, eventually whine about what they cannot do and rage in aggravation and frustration that they willfully brought upon themselves with their choice of laziness or ignorance. Neither will be tolerated by this community.

    Ignorance only lasts until once educated/learned. When you come here. Learn what you need by reading and politely asking when confused or when not understanding what was read. Demanding help and tantrums, when not having read = hit the road, mack and you can come back once you learn how to read.


    Don't spam! - Use the chat client sensibly, just like you would when talking to someone in person. Spamming is defined as repeatedly sending letters, messages or nonsense in a way that makes it difficult for other knights to communicate. Spamming is not acceptable in any form. Uppercase Spamming will get you kicked faster than Elton John at a Nazi Skinhead Meeting. Guaranteed.

    End User License Agreement [Must Read]

    ############ End-User License Agreement ###########

    The User shall not redistribute the Protected Content, in whole or in part, in any file format for sale or for free. The User shall not store the Protected Content any place where it could be used by another person or party (whether it is on a network or on the Internet). The User shall not convert or recreate the Protected Content to any other media format and re-distribute the files, regardless of whether it is for sale or free. The User shall not use the Protected Contentin such a way that the original materials could be extracted. Protected Content acquired from SweetCraft.me Minecraft Service shall not be used for illegal purposes. The User may not copyright any newly created rendered images using the downloaded, original Protected Content files. The User may not use the Protected Content in rendered images for any personal or commercial projects. The User may backup copies on hard drives, CD or DVD of the zip file for personal archival purposes only. The User may not store files online. The User agrees to be bound by the permissions and limitations contained in this EULA as demonstrated by the User complying with the SweetCraft.me Minecraft Service TOS (Terms of OS).

    Terms of Service - AKA - The Agreement [Must Read]

    The Agreement.

    SweetCraft.me offers to allow you to use its online Minecraft service identified by the legally held domain address“minecraft.SweetCraft.me and sweetcraft.me", with the software provided by Mojang AB, to participate in the environments that supports the use of the Minecraft Client at rifts.sweetcraft.me(minecraft.sweetcraft.me), soley conditioned on your agreement to all the terms and conditions contained in this Terms of Service document (hence forth referred to as the "Agreement") and your compliance with the posted End-user license appended to this document and located at this link: EULA

    Your use of the SweetCraft.me Minecraft Service constitutes your agreement to all such terms and conditions and your agreement to comply with the "Community Standards" (as posted by title at the link: http://sweetcraft.me, and our EULA. To confirm your agreement to all such termns and conditions and your agreement to comply with the Community Standards, you should at the end of your Access Request (Whitelist) application to join the server community type the following: "I accept the Agreement."

    If you do not accept this Agreement, you should simply not log on, as you will not be white-listed if you cannot accept this Agreement. Furthermore, you are prohibited from accessing or using the SweetCraft.me Minecraft Service and Forum Community. Accessing or using the SweetCraft.me Minecraft Service will be considered acceptance of this Agreement.

    This is a legal and binding agreement between you (the “User”) and SweetCraft.me Minecraft Service ("SweetCraft.me").

    By logging in to our Service, downloading, copying, or otherwise using any SweetCraft.me Minecraft Service Content (the "Protected Content"), you have conclusively accepted all of the terms and conditions of this License.

    Thank you!
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    GalleryGhost: UmadBro?

    Come at us 9000 times and be bounced off the server via the ban list, brah. We know you be jelly and you be mad.

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    Quote from Galleryghost

    hahaha i am just laughing here :laugh.gif: :laugh.gif: :laugh.gif: :laugh.gif: :laugh.gif: :laugh.gif: :laugh.gif: and yes i am gonna stick by my story.
    and what the hel* ur were talking about karatur???? i wasent there i was on faerun
    and sry i dont have terraria :tongue.gif:

    I am laughing as well.

    You are straight out busted and have nothing more you can say.

    I however, have no shortage of words of which to deliver unto your tiny brain. I will limit my speech to this however.

    *** Every time i see your name appear in a thread for a whitelist on this forum, i am going to post your X-ray cheating.

    And last person i did this to "TrampOllen", emailed me his apology because he had to stop using his account and make a new one since it was rather impossible to join a server from his forum with my sending every admin the horrific things he had said and done on SweetCraft.

    And i really doubt ANY ADMIN here will want you on their server once they see your 3 minute 41 diamond mining spree which only resulted in your loser butt getting banned and being confirmed as a unrepentant cheating, failure at Minecraft. A game where you root around in the dirt like a hog for free stuff, you could not do without cheating.

    Good luck finding another server with 80 plugins running so smoothly and so many options that allow people to do so many variety of things.

    LOL. Busted out.

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    Quote from Czahrien

    I am trying to envision the shape of that strip mine and failing miserably. Definitely not anything I've ever seen before :tongue.gif:

    And i am trying to imagine what galleryghost will say as a reply to that diamond log posted.

    GalleryGhost, you were making some remarks about our not being accurate as to your activities, and our plugin for "OreDetection" being broken. However, the plugin only works on Ysgard the PVP world, and only detects Gold/Iron, you however were on KaraTur, so how does that explain your comments on the OreDetector?

    In fact, GalleryGhost, I am curious as to the methodology behind such epic mining prowess that allows one individual to successfully navigate to and retrieve 41 diamonds in 3, (THREE), III, Minutes - 180 Seconds.

    Do you care to make any more replies in defense using those same words you have already?

    Do you wish to stick by your story? You seem a bit lacking in reply when before you were rather fast.

    Is there a reason you have nothing to say now?

    3 minutes, 41 diamonds - your butt is banned because you are a LOSER, CHEATER, that has to CHEAT in Minecraft, a game where anyone digging in the dirt can get rich eventually, you lazy non-contributing detriment to the Minecraft Community.

    Go play Terraria.
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    Quote from Galleryghost

    ur xray detector is good but not perfect cause i was branch mineing :sad.gif: so i got banned for no reason


    A Liar is as a Liar does.

    Get lost, you are not wanted.

    Here you go Galleryghost: 41 diamonds mined in 3 minutes

    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:47:12] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3821, y-15, z--4613)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:47:14] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3820, y-15, z--4613)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:47:19] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3821, y-14, z--4614)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:47:20] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3820, y-14, z--4614)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:48:07] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3805, y-17, z--4605)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:48:08] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3804, y-17, z--4605)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:48:09] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3805, y-17, z--4604)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:48:11] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3804, y-18, z--4605)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:48:30] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3789, y-16, z--4587)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:48:31] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3789, y-16, z--4586)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:48:32] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3788, y-16, z--4586)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:48:33] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3788, y-16, z--4587)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:48:34] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3789, y-15, z--4587)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:48:35] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3789, y-15, z--4586)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:48:36] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3788, y-15, z--4586)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:48:37] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3788, y-15, z--4587)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:48:48] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3794, y-16, z--4578)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:48:48] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3794, y-15, z--4578)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:48:51] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3795, y-16, z--4577)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:48:52] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3795, y-15, z--4577)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:49:23] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3798, y-6, z--4557)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:49:24] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3798, y-5, z--4557)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:49:25] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3798, y-6, z--4556)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:49:26] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3798, y-5, z--4556)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:49:27] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3797, y-5, z--4556)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:49:42] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3803, y-6, z--4554)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:49:43] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3803, y-5, z--4554)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:49:45] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3804, y-5, z--4554)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:49:47] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3804, y-5, z--4553)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:49:48] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3804, y-4, z--4553)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:50:23] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3811, y-16, z--4549)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:50:24] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3811, y-17, z--4549)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:50:26] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3812, y-16, z--4549)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:50:26] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3811, y-16, z--4548)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:50:27] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3812, y-16, z--4548)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:50:29] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3812, y-15, z--4548)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:50:37] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3816, y-17, z--4548)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:50:38] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3816, y-17, z--4549)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:50:39] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3817, y-18, z--4548)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:50:40] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3817, y-17, z--4548)
    [Mon, 11-Jul-2011 09:50:42] DIAMOND_ORE broken by galleryghost at (x-3816, y-16, z--4549)
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    Quote from TrampOllen

    In-game name: TrampOllen
    Age: 17
    Optional info: Blank :3

    I think this requirement disqualifies you:

    Quote from nacho_duck

    The server has been around for about two weeks now, and has flourished since its creation. It thrives on the ideals of simplicity and friendliness and has become a great place to do what you like best; play Minecraft.

    I helped you during your 3 weeks and after revealing a bit of real life info you went racist freak out nuts.

    I suggest the server admin read your racist freak out and swastika creating here and see the pics of your own words and actions:
    TrampOllen Screaming Racial Slurs after making a Swastika

    here is a quick pic and the log of his words to match the screenshot:


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    Quote from TrampOllen

    I'm looking for a mature and awesome person to co-own/owner with me on a server. Just looking for someone who is dedicated and make the right choices. I would love to set up a 30-60 slot server if that person could split the pricing with me. I can do most of the technical work for the server. Any unique person who would love to have a great time and own an amazing server with me? It is very hard to find someone..... :Notch:

    OK. Everyone. This is a scam. This person is a liar. They are a not mature, and in fact they are a racist hate monger.

    TrampOllen decided to attempt to grief us by making a Swastika Statue and TNTing a 150x80 block area (Which by the way looks so freaking awesome on that world because its a hardcore PVP FFA world called Ysgard aka Gladsheim, for warriors - so thanks on adding to that worlds history tramp, even though i could just regenerate those chunks and it would look like you were never there.

    When i confronted him about the Swastika he accepted that he did when i said "nice work", and knowing I had mentioned something about the ethnicity of my children, proceeded to Tourettes Freak out.

    So for all you who think TrampOllen is mature. LOL.

    Here is the evidence from my server log with pics:

    The Log Clips preserved on PasteBin - FOREVER: http://pastebin.com/1mac7sSH

    SweetCraft Server @ June 6th 2011.

    2011-06-06 23:22:29 [INFO] |||||SweetCraftGirl: hey tramp
    2011-06-06 23:22:32 [INFO] Ysgard [OOC] TrampOllen: yp
    2011-06-06 23:22:35 [INFO] Ysgard [OOC] TrampOllen: yo
    2011-06-06 23:22:39 [INFO] |||||SweetCraftGirl: nice work
    2011-06-06 23:22:42 [INFO] Ysgard [OOC] TrampOllen: thanks
    2011-06-06 23:22:49 [INFO] Ysgard [OOC] TrampOllen: :tongue.gif:
    2011-06-06 23:22:52 [INFO] |||||SweetCraftGirl: i guess you didnt read the forum
    2011-06-06 23:23:00 [INFO] |||||SweetCraftGirl: the part specifically pertaining to NAZI effigies.
    2011-06-06 23:23:01 [INFO] Ysgard [OOC] TrampOllen: Well I have an explanation
    2011-06-06 23:23:05 [INFO] |||||SweetCraftGirl: and zero tolerance
    2011-06-06 23:23:19 [INFO] |||||SweetCraftGirl: ok lets hear your explanation
    2011-06-06 23:23:23 [INFO] RTPONG++
    2011-06-06 23:23:46 [INFO] Ysgard [OOC] TrampOllen: Your children are muts and nigrazoid niglets. Now take those cock stroking hands and ban me ****.
    2011-06-06 23:23:47 [INFO] Ysgard [OOC] TrampOllen: ******
    2011-06-06 23:23:48 [INFO] Ysgard [OOC] TrampOllen: ******
    2011-06-06 23:23:50 [INFO] Ysgard [OOC] TrampOllen: ******
    2011-06-06 23:23:51 [INFO] Ysgard [OOC] TrampOllen: ******
    2011-06-06 23:23:52 [INFO] Ysgard [OOC] TrampOllen: ******
    2011-06-06 23:23:53 [INFO] Ysgard [OOC] TrampOllen: ******
    2011-06-06 23:23:54 [INFO] TrampOllen just burned up like a crispy critter
    2011-06-06 23:23:54 [INFO] Ysgard [OOC] TrampOllen: ******
    2011-06-06 23:23:55 [INFO] WorldHub [OOC] zemod: wtf i just lost like 5 thousand coins
    2011-06-06 23:23:58 [INFO] Faerun [OOC] STrunksJoe: who didn't see that one coming
    2011-06-06 23:24:01 [INFO] Faerun [OOC] pickitnflickit: banhammer
    2011-06-06 23:24:01 [INFO] WorldHub [OOC] TrampOllen: ******
    2011-06-06 23:24:02 [INFO] WorldHub [OOC] TrampOllen: ******
    2011-06-06 23:24:03 [INFO] |||||SweetCraftGirl: gp ban TrampOllen
    2011-06-06 23:24:04 [INFO] WorldHub [OOC] TrampOllen: ******
    2011-06-06 23:24:05 [INFO] WorldHub [OOC] TrampOllen: ******
    2011-06-06 23:24:06 [INFO] WorldHub [OOC] TrampOllen: ******
    2011-06-06 23:24:07 [INFO] WorldHub [OOC] TrampOllen: ******
    2011-06-06 23:24:07 [INFO] Player data successfully stored into "PwnCraftInformation.yml".
    2011-06-06 23:24:14 [INFO] |||||SweetCraftGirl: wow

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    posted a message on World Downloader [old thread]
    Quote from Derekristow

    Unless you happen to be the CEO of Comcast, they will not care enough about what happens on your server to check it out. You don't have the legal power to hold this up in court, where it would probably fail anyways due to how downright ridiculous getting a server taken down over Minecraft content is. Plus, EULAs have never held up when taken to court anyways, even when from major developers. Even past all of that, the entire concept of intellectual property is absurdly controversial, so copying (it isn't technically stealing since the creator still has the original) IP is questionably wrong anyways (Unfortunately, an argument about IP's morality would result in an even worse derail, so here isn't the place).

    Clearly you have zero experience in this matter.

    There is not one 3D content creation center online: renderocity.com, etc, where the users do not use License agreements to protect their IP and defend it and enforce by means of a DMCA. In 2009, a Content Creators on Renderocity, reinforced the legal authority of their EULA by LAW against users in 3D worlds and environments where people have chosen to take artistic IP content from other locations like Second Life, BlueMars, etc, and use them as they wish against the EULA. These law suits have been fought and won, time and and time again - YES, LEGAL PRECEDENT, ok? Do you have any clue as to what that word even means.

    You said a mouthful of non-experienced ********, unfortunately.

    Thankfully, i know from "first hand experience" different. Not only will Comcast honour a DMCA take down request and investigate it, they will without any warning, remove your Internet service for 1 year as a sanction due to your ignorance in action.

    If you had anything at all to do with content creation, you would not have said so many things based in ignorance and formulated in the darkness of your brain bucket with nothing to back it up but your angry opinion.

    Facts babe. I deal in facts, and knowledge through the senses, also knowns as empiricism, not anecdote, or the experiences of others. Simply my own, and my actions.

    Also, FYI - DMCA's DO NOT GO DIRECTLY TO COURT OR ANY JUDGE. The onus lies on the accused to prove ownership of said IP brought into question. It is not a legal or court matter at all unless the person receiving the DMCA has the ability, and wherewithal to actually muster up a legal defense to defend their IP THEFT. And to this day, those who steal the content, never go to court to defend such theft.

    Get real, grow up. This is a real issue. It has nothing at all to do with "CEOs" at all, especially not at a corporate level like Comcast. It goes directly to their legal department that deals with DMCA's which they do have, especially to deal with the Business Accounts that they host, like mine.

    Thank you for participating. Try actually living in the world and doing these things before you choose to opine about them.
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    posted a message on World Downloader [old thread]
    Quote from Similar

    Thanks for the accusation. Before you let your assumptions run off with you, you might consider that some people use this mod to get a copy of their own MP builds.

    #1 - Do not take the role of victim and whiner and act like you are being attacked.

    #2 - Do not play absolutely stupid (yes worse than dumb and ignorant) by sounding as if NO ONE will use this for anything BUT content theft on other servers. Are you that naive, or just 14?

    #3 - You have made a tool that allows for people with minimal effort to download content on servers that does not belong to them. This is called Content Theft, and Intellectual Property Theft.

    If you cared about your mod not being abused on servers by the unethical, unscrupulous and out right thieves, you would have made a counter part plugin for Bukkit servers that allow Admins to deactive this mod when used on their server or inform them that it was being used. Neither of which you did, nor did you include any other tools or methods to prevent your utility from being misused.

    BUT, there is a fix Admins.

    I am going to append to my Opening Post a EULA - End User License Agreement. To use my server you will have to acknowledge that Intellectual Property rights of all there, and the legal fact that you have no right to copy and use that content any way. And that the content on my server not only belongs to me. But is restricted in my use to only advertisement, marketing, branding. Not reselling of the content my residents create, which they retain intellectual property rights over and I legal retain a copy of that I.P. to use as agreed upon in my EULA that will be required to log on to my server.

    What does this mean? Ok little script kiddies, it means this:

    #1 - I log onto your server and see assets from my server - OH NOES - actually, more like lulz, this will be cool.

    #2 - I then simply take a snapshopt and include that with the legal DMCA take down notice to your ISP/HOST provider.

    #3 - Your host provider will check the validity of the of the DMCA (Most likely will not do this unless they have a personal stake in the matter that could set a precedent and ultimately infringe upon the rights of all ISPs and privacy of their clients).

    #4 - They will immediately contact you with notice that they received the DMCA and that you have 24hrs to remove the content (If they are extremely nice accomodating).

    #4a - What usually happens: The ISP gets the notice, checks the info regarding what is considered intellectual property, checks the account of the accused (meaning your minecraft server, second life account, IMVU account, BlueMars account, etc) to see if the IP exists, upon finding it, they remove it and leave your account depending on how many notices you have had in the past. However, with Minecraft, it is not so easy, they must immediately take your server down until you remove the content, and more often than not, they do not restore your account because you have shown to be problematic and have committed actions that resulted in a Legal Document and Order being sent to their offices because of you.

    So, go ahead. It is a great utility for backing up one's own intellectual property. But, you just literally ushered into Minecraft what it took 3+ years to usher into Second Life and that is public and prolific ability to copy content from one server and place it on another against the will of the source server and intellectual property owner <--- key prhase.



    I am very familiar with the DMCA take down procedure having been a part of Second Life since 2003. If you find a server that has wrongfully obtained IP from your server, contact me, and I will happily walk you through the process of filing a DMCA notice with their host provider and giving their host provider: (1) a major pain to deal with, (2) policing and micromanaging their clients - 2 things they do not want to do - especially when failure to do so can me their ability to provide internet or host services being terminated.

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    posted a message on SweetCraft -=[MMO-RP-PVP-SURVIVAL]= [24/7 - Dedicated]

    We are not closing to a white list only. We simply NEED to have your names there so that if anything ever happens - like Server upgrade, offline mode becomes mandatory, we can activate White List and you will get in without a problem.

    This is "NOT an APPLICATION" - it is a NOTICE TO US YOU ARE COMING and to have the dang door open!


    :Bacon: In-game name:

    1. :Bacon: Referred By: Your Referrer gets a $1500 Gold Coins so make sure you name them!

    2. :Bacon: 18 or Over?: Yes or No (you need not post your age :biggrin.gif:)

    3. :Bacon: Why are you coming? [Builder] [Adventure + RP]] [Creative Survival Fun!] [Vampire] [Or Wut?]

      :Bacon:1. Follow the rules and laws of the Town you belong to (good or evil)
        Town joining is not required. You can build/destroy outside them.
      :Bacon:2. No chat spamming and definitely no caps-locking or caps-lock+spamming *bad bad bad!*
      :Bacon:3. No Cheating,Exploiting, Hacking – using Ore hacks/etc *coughpyrcough*
      :Bacon:4. Common sense is a must
      :Bacon:5. Respect local town/region building codes
      :Bacon:6. There is no /give for any reason especially not your death.
      :Bacon:7. “Lag” whiners are kicked – Lag is part of the net, YOUR net AND OUR servers.
      :Bacon:8.*Most Important* Common courtesy and respect. This server has 2 owners who live together with the server.
        We work 16-20 hours a day on it, literally. To log in and be rude and insulting to us as we only try to make your experience and virtual life more enjoyable means you do not want to be there. Pretty simple. So instead my logging out upset – you will be removed temporarily and maybe permanently if you are a righteous heinous anus kind of asshat. :biggrin.gif:
      :Bacon:9. Stealing – Home Invasion/Burglary – Jacking/Gaffling = APPROVED outside of towns and inside of any town
        whose Town Laws do not say it is illegal.
      :Bacon: :Bacon: 10. DO NOT Repeatedly Log in and out - it spikes the server and actually creates the "L-word". Repeat loggers will be locked out for a 60 minutes.

    4. :Bacon: IF you have read the rules and agree please type "Bacon Cake is Yumzor" or we know you did not read the rule nor do you think Bacon Cake is yumzor.:
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