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    Quote from opl»

    Exactly as Alvoria said! It's actually one of the things mentioned in the FAQ in the first post too.

    lol, I'm so embarrassed right now. X3
    I'm normally always one of those people who reads the FAQ and stuff, I dun derped. :'3
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    I like the one on the far right!
    A tiny bit of cartoony look really evens out the creepyness of the Minecraft villager model.

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    Quote from Blakey39MC»

    A rehaul of water spawning would be nice, as well as water being needed to live. I would like for there to not be random ugly piddles everywhere, spawn less water but when it does spawn it should be rivers, lakes, lagoons, and the obvious ocean.

    I agree, water in Minecraft is a bit more of an exploit machine than a liquid. lol
    Though no needing water to live, thirst doesn't fit into Minecraft frankly, it's why they're making food not as important in 1.11, you want it if you fight a lot because it'll help you heal, but if you're just an architect who builds a lot then it's not fun, it's just obnoxious and pointless. lol
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    I'd love it if doors didn't need parent blocks, similar to how trap doors don't need them anymore.

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    Quote from MuzikBike»

    Kind o a weird question here, but how about selecting which parts of your skin are actually bare skin, so that your skin colour could change depending on what biome you originally spawn in?

    As a cool idea as this is, people can just make their skins African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Caucasian, all those different things if they wanted to.
    I'm absolutely not against the idea as it would be interesting, I just think only a few people would enjoy it.

    So, I'm not for it, but not against it.
    The main reason I wouldn't support it is that a lot of adventure maps use crazy biome things and that would get odd at times.
    Though if the color hue chart could be changed via a resource pack similar to grass then.... haha, then it's be awesomer.
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    Quote from RamboHD»

    SweetBrew sp614x has a TODO list in the first post on page one

    Well, I see nothing to do with the Better Water, Which makes me wonder if he dumped the idea.
    I hope not, it was a cool idea.
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    Quote from MuzikBike»

    Random thought that came into mind: how about gas discharge lamps? They emit light when powered, like redstone lamps, and have connected textures. They would be visibly translucent, light emitting blocks, a combination of two properties I don't think any block has as of yet. When not powered they would all look similar to regular glass.

    There would be helium (pinkish), neon (red), argon (purple), krypton (dark blue), xenon (purple), radon (green) and oganesson (white)

    Sounds more like something they'd have in a technology mod of sorts.
    I mean, Minecraft does it's best to keep the era timeless, besides the fact of Swords and bows.

    Also, vanilla Minecraft doesn't have connected textures, that's an OptiFine only thing.
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    This is one of my absolute favorite resource packs.
    You have no idea how exited I am it's finally updated to 1.10.2 and I can use it again!

    I'm also exited to see the other musics. :3

    Weird as it is to say, a lot of fond memories are tied to these sounds, so it's like going back home in a small part of me. lol
    This really made my day. ^-^

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    So, I'm going to have a lot of people hate me for saying this....
    But As cool as Thaumcraft is, maybe instead of Making Thaumcraft II or Thaumcraft 6.0 you should abandon the idea of a mod and make your own game.
    Get some coder friends(Or not, you could do it by yourself) and make your own thing from scratch.
    You really have a lot of interesting ideas and concepts that'd made for some great games.

    The simple research system alone could be a cellphone app game, though I'd hope you would make a bit of a bigger more indepth game.
    But if you've ever seen the game Unturned on Steam, it's insainly popular and loved, and it started out as a guy who made his own server on Roblox.

    Your mod is one of the most popular mods out there, so you clearly know what you're doing.
    Making your own game would also leave you with a lot more freedom.
    Everytime Minecraft updated you wouldn't be swarmed with questions of "When is TC going to be 1.10/1.11/1.12 ect?"
    You could add a story if you wanted, or maybe leave that illusive "Story written by the player but in your direction" idea, which I personally liked a lot.

    The idea of style of games is endless, if you did a Pokemon:GO style where you go out hunting for aspects for your Thaumlab and can battle other thaumaturges would be interesting. Players taking too much from a specific area could make warp start to spread.

    Or you could go with a Skyrim styled game, classic hack and slash adventure all about learning the science of thaumography.

    I really would encourage you to make your own game, because if it's anything like how Thaumcraft has been I would buy it in a heartbeat.
    Only suggestion is I'd keep it at a E10+ rating at worst seeing as most of your fans are from Minecraft which is a lot of kids, but again, it's your game.
    You could do whatever you want.

    Yeah, no more people making add-ons, but frankly most peoples add-ons just add a derp ton of pointless aspects and a focus that makes you win the game. lol
    And if you made it open source like Unturned did you could have a modding community like them.
    If you like the Minecraft style of digging and building you could do that still, most Minecraft rip-offs fail because they just copy/paste Minecraft, you'd actually have your own full ideas so I think it could survive on it's own, especially if you had a Ars magica style of things so spell creation could be deeper on top of the whole finding aspects and making machines and stuff.

    A lot of fans will hate this idea because (understandably so) they don't want to lose this cool mod to the realm of "Not updating".
    But really, think about making your own game.
    You could go farther, make side money, have more freedom and no nagging about updating to newer Minecraft versions.

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    Quote from DummytheDumDum»

    I think that the new style of combat is ridiculous and should be either fixed or replaced with the old one,because the old one was way better and simpler.

    I disagree, the new combat system is quite simple and takes a lot more tactics than the old one.
    I think the only change I'd like to see is the ability to turn off how they slowly pop up, we have the attack indicators, why do e need to see the item slowly pop up?
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