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    posted a message on My player goes haywire when moving mouse in Minecraft

    Do you by any chance have a Razer mouse and/or are using RazerSynapse? I've heard it can cause trouble.

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    posted a message on Poke Craft - Catch 'Em All

    (I posted this on the Curse page for this mod, but i'll put it here too)

    Three questions:

    1. I can for the life of me not get certain NPC's to spawn correctly
    in the Johto map, Falkner is just some generic-looking pixelmon dood
    (who won't initiate battle in any way), no Nurse in the Pkmn Center, and
    the merchants in the marts are also

    pixelmon NPC's with generic dialogue (changing settings like
    [Paraphrasing:]"Replace Minecraft's NPC's with Pixelmon ones" or
    [Paraphrasing:]"Spawn merchants in marts" does nothing.), though if i
    make a new map, marts and Pkmn Centers are populated just fine, so i was
    wondering if you (or anyone else) might know what i am doing wrong?

    2. Is this mod 'dead'?

    3. Are there any mods or maps similar to 'Johto', where one can
    basically play a Pokémon game in Minecraft? Also, what does this [Poké
    Craft] add to the mix that just regular Pixelmon doesn't already have?

    (Sorry for noob, but i'm frustrated, tired and it is pretty late night atm..)

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    posted a message on Who has the best avatar out of the two above posters?

    Sparky (Though i don't dislike Nuc's avatar either.)

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    posted a message on The Avatar Above Is Your Companion In The Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse. How Lucky Are You?

    Ooh, this could actually work!

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    posted a message on The Above Avatar wants your hand in marriage*Runs away in panic*

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    posted a message on Is the above avatar Good Or Evil?

    Lawful Neutral, leaning True Neutral.

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    posted a message on The Above Avatar is Your Substitute Teacher. What Is the Lesson?

    Advanced Course in Training the Muscles of your Tongue. (That sounded weirder than i meant it. :I )

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    posted a message on Would you ever kiss the avatar above you?

    A platonic kiss because cute.

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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]

    What does the Filmic and Natural tonemaps change? (Natural making sand look like white-hot molten iron is the only real difference i can notice o.O)

    Also, what does the Local_Operator setting do?

    EDIT/ADD: I'm also using the pack, but it looks a bit too bright (textures lose detail because of becoming too brightened up), is there a setting i can fiddle with to tweak this?

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    posted a message on Default Improved (Normal, specular & parallax occlusion maps included)

    Bloody 'ell! First reaction when using it with SEUS Ultra was: Is this really Minecraft? :o

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    posted a message on CaptTatsu's BSL Shaders - 500K+ Downloads!

    This seems really cool and it's cool needing only one file instead of having one for each quality type, gonna watch this one for sure.

    EDIT: Tried it now and i love it! Only problem for me though is that didn't get very stable or good fps (even though the testing conditions weren't exactly optimal, aka. i had other programs running at the same time and so on), so i'll either have to fiddle around with the settings (which are really well organized and explained btw) and see if i can find something that looks good but also doesn't kill the game, so to speak.

    Side-Note: I've been trying shaders for the first time ever today (not just yours), and my jaw has been dropped several times (including by your shaders), fantastic stuff!

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    posted a message on Chocapic13's Shaders

    These are the first shaders i've ever tested and i think i just blew a fuse or something....i am so amazed...i have no words :o

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    posted a message on OptiFine HD C9 (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)

    Been playing FTB Vanilla+ (MC 1.7.10) lately and besides no connected textures by default and some slight stuttering at times, i have no issues with how it runs, but i am a bit on the fence about using OptiFine with it just because of a bit smoother FPS and connected textures, as OF has to be handled manually, and i am basically wondering what whoever is reading this thinks, is it worth the (possible) hassle of manually updating and/or things (possibly) breaking everytime a modpack is updated?

    As a side-note, there are bordeless windows (as it's own "entity"/"texture", just not the for the default glass, which i might not use much anyway) and the (i think) Ztones thingie already in there, which also seem to give quite the borderless custom glass textures.

    It would seem like i don't really need it when playing FTB Vanilla+ (i use it when playing unmodded MC though), but what do you people think?

    EDIT/ADD: If i were to use OptiFine with FTB Vanilla+ (1.7.10) anyway, would i be right in my choice of "OptiFine_1.7.10_HD_U_D1" with Chunk Loading set to "Smooth" (avoiding Multi-Core since it glitches out the textures)?

    Also, are the any options/settings/functions that are known to cause issues with common mods and/or FTB in general?

    EDIT/ADD2: Turning off Fast Render seems to have solved some texture glitches (mainly concerning Carpenter's Blocks with (in-game) user-added textures when watched at a distance, it seems). Just for the record.

    EDIT: After working out the quirks with some of the settings (mainly the "Multi-threading" Chunk Loading option and the "Fast Render" option) and testing for a bit i must say that i will most likely continue to use OptiFine when playing Vanilla+ (That's a strong "most likely" btw).

    Only encountered one problem so far (not sure if it even had to do with including OptiFine), one wall in the house i built (all the same blocks), went fully black, but that fixed itself after reloading the graphics via the Debug Command [F3+T],

    and now it works fine.

    EDIT2: ..maybe i spoke a bit too soon, i now seem to get lag spikes while placing blocks, seemingly at random,

    also, moving the "Max FPS" slider seems to screw things up and after a slight bit of testing it would seem that it only saves that setting after restarting the whole game, is this normal?

    PS. The lag spikes when placing blocks (or removing grass/fern/similar) seems to get a bit better when putting "Max FPS" at "VSync" and then making sure it saves the setting, but i'm not sure (i haven't tested it extensively yet, as i'm off to bed for today). *Insert Villager "Hmm.." Here*

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