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    posted a message on Help Needed w/Server
    Try using hamachi. That's going to be best option for small server with friends. I am pretty sure that's very simple. Google it. The port thing can be a little tricky sometimes, you need to do it differently with different routers.
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    posted a message on Minecraft wiki 150k articles? Gamepedia derp?
    When you go to wikis list on Gamepedia website it shows that minecraft wiki is 3rd on the list with 150k articles. On minecraft wiki website itself it shows that wiki has only 3k articles and much less contributors.

    Is that some Gamepedia derp?
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    posted a message on Minecraft Running wrong graphic card
    Quote from Tezliov

    There should be an option in your graphics drivers.

    I searched but had no Luck :(
    to which one should I look radeon or Intel?
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    posted a message on Minecraft Running wrong graphic card
    I have 2 Graphic cards on my computer
    -Intel HD Family 3000
    -ATI Radeon HD 7690M XT

    I am getting low FPS in minecraft and I think it's because its running wrong graphic card
    any idea how to fix it?

    To add here are my specs:
    8GB RAM
    Intel core i7 quad-core processor(8cpus)
    WIndows 7 64bit
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    posted a message on I will review your maps :D
    name: ghost hunter
    Type: multiplayer PvP minigame
    Description: one person is a hunter others are ghosts. Hunters goal is to kill the ghosts. Last ghost standing wins
    Screenshots and rules at the thread:
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    posted a message on [PocketCraft] 24/7 Realms Server
    It did not show up..... You sure you added me?
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    posted a message on [PocketCraft] 24/7 Realms Server
    Username: Swdthebest

    Age: 14

    Reason: I play PE since its out. I am pro at building farms including high yield mob grinders. I had chest full of bonemeal in a day. I can make cacti farm and such. Also I am ok at design. And I can play a lot!
    I always follow the rules and I am polite and friendly with others.
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    posted a message on Skin request
    I wonder if anyone could make me a creeper-scientist skin
    I want a creeper in sceintific gogles and a sceintist dress.
    I would really appreciate if someone could do that.

    Best regards
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    posted a message on [minigame][1.6.x] THE GHOST HUNTER BETA
    Quote from chiefwiggy

    Use Dispencers to Auto Equip armor in this map instead of getting out of a chest and use -1 for the Damage Value to get infinite in a dispencer! the map looks somewhat solid but i think you could do better 2/5 Stars

    You can't equip skulls like that we have tried ;( and that's only beta any other suggestions?

    Quote from collectics

    Yes, what about them? Certainly add a level of gameplay to the mixture. However (I forgot to tell you this)....
    If the hunter misses the jump in that one underground passage, (You know, the sign that says jump) he will not die in the lava unless you take his armor off.. Clearly, the hunter isn't supposed to win, I would fix that.

    "Hunter can't win." -Swdthebest

    That was un intended we will have command blocks letting hunter out of that plays if he falls in. Fix coming soon thanks for report!
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    posted a message on [minigame][1.6.x] THE GHOST HUNTER BETA
    Quote from collectics

    Being the braindead person that I am, I almost forgot to put that I am forever alone. Are you mad at me?
    But, I looked at your map, used my alternate account to simulate the ghosts and can make a logical guess for how your map turned out.
    I won't put it on the list, but just give you some suggestions. No more SMP maps will be taken after this one.
    Creativity: 2. I like the command blocks/potions BUT the entire game is based on just running from the hunter. If there was something else that the ghosts had to do, the level could be bumped up to a 3
    Gameplay and Difficulty: 3. Maybe. Not sure about this one, because I didn't play it. I can imagine that if I had 2 extra friends, it would depend on the skill level.
    Detail: 2. I like the fact that you put different biomes into it, but I would appreciate some hills and maybe some block variation in the buildings.
    Experience.... N/A because I didn't play it, but I picture a 2... Running is just mindless.

    Maybe Overall Score™ 9/12.. okay.

    ok thank you ;)
    have u seen underground passways btw?
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    posted a message on New thread for map reviews by an EXPERIENCED map reviewer located in the thread.
    link above
    Name of Map: Ghost Hunter

    Link: above

    Genre: Minigame

    What makes your map deserve to be played: Custom potions weapons command blocks and lots of fun

    Players required: 3-8

    I agree that if the review is harsh you will not rage: Yes
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    posted a message on [minigame][1.6.x] THE GHOST HUNTER BETA
    Minecraft MInigame: The Ghost Hunter

    Goal of the map: one person is hunter, others are ghosts, hunters goal is to kill ghosts. last ghost alive wins. Hunter can't win.

    Players: recommended 5 max 8 minimum 3


    1)don't destroy any blocks
    2)Make sure your gamemode is set to 0(survival) to start with.
    3)Ghosts MUST equip their Armour when the round starts
    4) Play on easy
    5) Have Fun!

    NOTE: it's currently in beta, new maps and reset feature is coming soon.


    Involves custom weapons, potions, Command blocks and lost of FUN!

    DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/nek7ce11i6z2t1v/ghost_hunter(2).zip
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    posted a message on Anyone up for helping a new youtuber?
    This thread. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1847982-free-youtube-intros-channel-art-logos-etc/
    He mad channel art form me which I turned into signature you can see down bellow
    He makes intros logos and such top.
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    posted a message on I GOT REALMS! INVITING NOW
    Ign: Swdthebest
    I am very good at mob trap and various automatic farm constructing. Good at building play since mcpe is out. You will more than like me!
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