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    The Iodine Toolkit provides most of the things to mod the Minecraft Server, easily. Iodine uses mappings directly from MCPBot and can also use snapshots from MCPBot, it remaps using SpecialSource, and decompiles with FernFlower; and builds POM.xml, a gradle environment (root project can also be compiled) and a patching environment. In short, here all the features:

    • First-class build support for Maven, simply import the pom.xml from the project to import the NMS source. This includes the dependencies of NMS.
    • First-class build support for Gradle, simply import the build.gradle and settings.gradle from the project to import the NMS source. This includes the dependencies of NMS.
    • Patching implementation in JGit.
    • Latest versions of mappings can be used to modify the latest stable version of Minecraft (when MCP mappings comes out for it).

    Check out the GitHub project here: https://github.com/PizzaCrust/IodineToolkit

    Check out Capiscum, a implementation Capiscum-API utilizing Iodine: https://github.com/PizzaCrust/Capiscum

    Capiscum contains Gradle utilities to access Iodine in Gradle.

    Pre-built JARs aren't ready yet, since this tool is still in a snapshot stage. Please clone and build the project by yourself, however if you need a Capiscum version if it, here it is: https://github.com/PizzaCrust/Capiscum/raw/master/buildtools/iodine.jar

    (Capiscum has patches that fix decompiling errors)

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    lol you used my stackoverflow answer.

    The first one, is retrieving the integrated server; which is the one that runs on the client for singleplayer worlds. A bukkit server doesn't have a integrated server, since it's a dedicated server and is not on the client.

    The second one, needs more elaboration. It could be that you are getting the server instance before it's initialization.

    The third one, is probably the second one.

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    HaxDig is a new modern and lightweight unofficial alternative of Big Dig. Containing wacky world generation, you'll receive a quaint experience with the mods selected and the amount of resources you are provided. Attempting to bring both worlds of vanilla and modded, I attempted to cater a Big Dig/Tekkit experience as well as having a pinch of the latest vanilla features. It's a deadly combination waiting for you to play.

    Deadly amounts of coal and uranium.


    Coal, copper, gold, uranium, all in a single cave. Above ground.


    I had to show the diamond ore generation.


    Report issues and suggestions to my GitHub repository: https://github.com/PizzaCrust/HaxDig

    View the modpack; here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/haxdig.900943

    Forwarded from the Technic Forums.

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    substrings and stufff

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    Quote from cj3636»

    I know nothing about Mac, but I would say that either your internet is blocking the connection to necessary servers or

    you need to run the terminal with root/admin access (not sure exactly what that entails on a Mac).


    to solve this, attempt to do the command again. sometimes the servers are down and might a couple of times.
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    posted a message on *CrystalNetwork* Staff Application Massive Budget

    What is your name, age and sex?

    Gary Lee, redacted (please request via a more private way of communication), male.

    What is your skype?

    swatrblx, I don't prefer to be contacted via this method. I'd rather communicate using Enjin or IRC.

    What is your highest education, you achieved?

    Redacted, please also request this information privately.

    What is your timezone/region?

    UTC+7, SE Asia.

    (currently visiting)

    What programming languages do you know?

    Java, C#, XML, Scala, Kotlin, Groovy, Xtend, JSON, HTML, and JavaScript.

    What languages do you speak?

    English and French

    How much time can you spend on the server?

    42 hours per week approximately, can be more depending on the current week/situation. Time can be increased by increasing my salary.

    What is your past experience as a developer:

    Icebound - http://icebound.enjin.com/ - INACTIVE

    ObfuscatedMC - http://obfuscatedmc.org/

    TridentSDK (api) - https://github.com/TridentSDK/TridentSDK/commits?author=PizzaCrust

    TridentSDK (impl) - https://github.com/TridentSDK/Trident/commits?author=PizzaCrust

    FountainMC (api) - https://github.com/FountainMC/FountainAPI/commits?author=PizzaCrust

    Deobfuscate4j - https://github.com/QuantumTheoryMC/Deobfuscate4J/commits?author=PizzaCrust

    OpenByte IDE - https://github.com/TorchPowered/OpenByte/commits?author=PizzaCrust

    Polar - https://github.com/PizzaCrust/Polar

    Chat Translator - https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/chat-translator.28778/

    And even more, if requested.

    Any incidents that happened while you were staff in the past:

    Nope, all my past experience as staff were enjoyable and the other members of staff also enjoyed in a friendly conversation with me.

    What are your coding abilities?

    I have the most experience in networking, multi threading and concurrency, and the JVM (specifically instructions).

    And also, Sponge API, FountainMC API, TridentSDK API, CanaryMod API, and Bukkit API.

    What are the expected payments?

    150 euros for employment and the first 30 tasks.

    100 euros per month.

    My justification for this amount of payments, although very expensive; I can deliver high quality and optimized experience in the custom plugins and bring innovations that hasn't been touched by other servers.

    Do you have recommendations?

    None at the current moment, because all the previous servers that I have been developing has shut down abruptly or the other staff aren't available to be contacted to.

    Could you bring your friends/advertise our server for us, as part of our network’s staff team?


    Any other information you would like us to know?

    Blog: https://blog.pizzacrust.online/

    Git Service: http://vcgit.pizzacrust.online/

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    I am now chunking useful things out.

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    Hi, I was just bored and made this weird programming language, made a parser for it and made a compiler. What do you think?

    *package org.example
    *usevar default
        intangible #const float example "0.0f"
        static #init
                 $default??.out::println("Hello, world!") 
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    posted a message on [PROFESSIONAL][FUTURE-PAY-POSSIBLE] ObfuscatedMC - Developers, Youtubers, Builders, Mods - Coding innovation.

    We have a private GitLab on our AWS instance. For me, GitHub looks better.

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    Quote from lunatickitteh»

    I would like to apply for build my most recent builds is down below

    You will be contacted soon for a interview, after we background check you.


    EDIT: Sorry, it's not your building ability. You have been applying a lot for many servers, today. It seems you are desperate.

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    posted a message on [PROFESSIONAL][FUTURE-PAY-POSSIBLE] ObfuscatedMC - Developers, Youtubers, Builders, Mods - Coding innovation.


    Professional, and Dragon Block C done right.

    ObfuscatedMC is a upcoming Dragon Block C server, that is intending to be the best of the best of Dragon Block C servers. Innovating on core concepts of mods and new innovations in the Minecraft server business, we are looking for staff members that can help us develop our server to become the best of the best in the Dragon Block C field. Future payment is completely possible depending on the success of the development and the community of this server.

    General Requirements:
      Know how to install Minecraft Forge and mods
      Know how to use Technic Launcher
      Know how to speak proper English
      Have prior experience

    YouTuber Requirements:

    • Speaks English
    • Active watching crowd
    • 100+ Subscribers
    • Audio quality is clear
    • Video quality must be 720p+
    • Must use Fraps or OBS

    Developer Requirements:

    Builder Requirements:

    • Pictures of previous builds
    • Interview with me (you have to build for me at the server)

    No application format, just do whatever you want that you think is unique and can compare and make you stand out than the others.

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    posted a message on Is Minecraft still worth playing?
    Quote from FirEmerald»

    Rei's minimap technically DOES still exist, it was renamed to either zan's minimap or voxelmap, can't remember which, after it was transferred from one coder to another.

    Zan's Minimap. VoxelMap is made by the Voxel Team.
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    Quote from Validfire»

    My thoughts on this are very simple and can be applied to any game. Generally speaking, as long as a game continues to get updates, it will live. This is true when you compare the amount of updates received to their community, and vice versa. What I mean is when a game is made, the community has complete control over what the developers do to the said game. As long as the community shows interest in the game being created, 95% of the time a developer will do whatever they can to keep that community alive and well. Unless things come up that force them to abandon the project, they will continue to do their job.

    Now I will answer your questions in my own words.

    1) Are the items in 1.9 used in servers like Mineplex, Hypixel, etc.?

    A. Honestly right now, not really. However, this is for other reasons, such as Spigot not supporting them, or plugins that haven't been updated to the latest version. This being said, the server will eventually be forced to do one of two things:


    a ) Get all of their plugins updated to the latest version.

    b ) Ditch any plugins that aren't updated yet and update.

    2. Be left behind and shut down their server.

    Generally servers will do the first option. The reasons they will die if they don't update is this. When an update comes out that changes many features, once the community gets used to the new features, they will find it tough to revert back to an older version without mods or anything else to add the now missing variety to the game. This is also why many people who play modded only play modded, and many people who play vanilla only play vanilla.

    2) Do you need an advanced computer to run the current 1.9? I have an I7 laptop.

    Sir, I'd like to state something very obvious. One, have any of the prior versions required an advanced computer to play decently? Two, It would not be a good idea to create a game that ONLY supports high-end computers, as not everyone has them, and they will add more availability to the community by giving an option for better graphics on better computers, however also supporting lower end computers.

    3) Is the community of Minecraft still active?

    Look on the forums and tell me if you still see this question worthy of paragraph answer like the others.

    Spigot does support them, if they have updated to a newer Minecraft version.
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