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    posted a message on Looking for Mature Private Recording Server.
    I am looking for a Vanilla Private Recording server , i really want to record , but on a server!
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    posted a message on Insane MC Players [CLOSED]
    Name (Ingame):Sushichocolate
    Can you record?[Yes|No]:yes , all high graphics too :P
    Do you have TeamSpeak 3?[Yes|No]:yes
    Do you have Skype?[Yes|No]:yes , michael_evicente
    What would you rate your maturity level at and why?:I rate myself a 8 , because I can be very serious when needed to , but I can be very fun at the right times.
    When will you be able to be on?Practically everday for 3-4 hours
    What do you plan to do when you join?I plan to start making some different projects like a island village , and making horse stables :3
    What kind of custom maps/minigames would you enjoy doing on the server?: I would like to see a UHC , or "The Walls" PVP map on there.
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    posted a message on ThermoCraft Feed The Beast Ultimate
    Why Do You Want To Join?:I want to record on a ftb server .
    Do You Work Well Together?:Yes
    How Much Could You Play?:3-4 hours a day until summer which will be 5-6 hours a day
    Do You Have A YouTube Channel?:
    What Is Your In Game Name?:sushichocolate
    How Much Experience Do You Have With FTB?:I have a lot of experience with ftb from , ic2 , buildcraft , forestry , twilight forest , redpower , and powersuits.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] RetroCraft [Mindcrack/HermitCraft Vanilla Inspired]


    How long have you been playing minecraft:1 year


    Youtube channel(If you have one): www.youtube.com/sushichocolate (need a private server to record on)

    Will you do a let's play if you join the server:yes

    Why do you want to join the server:I want to record , and be a part of a minecraft group.

    Pictures of your best build(suggested but not mandatory):

    Favorite Mindcracker/Hermitcrafter:Generikb or Vintagebeef

    If we do events like uhc,rfw,etc. will you participate?:Yes , of course .

    Tell us something interesting about yourself:I have a really nice gaming computer , so I don't lag at all while recording :Bacon:

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    posted a message on Looking for 4 players for my private FTB server [Skype] [24/7]
    Why do you wanna tag along with me?:I really want to record ftb on my youtube channel! www.youtube.com/sushichocolate
    Chicken Or turkey?:chicken :D
    skype : michael_evicente
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    posted a message on BitByBit Mindcrack Pack FTB Server

    1.In game name:sushichocolate

    2.Country you live in:USA

    3.How often do you play:Almost every day

    4.Have you played Tekkit or a FTB modpack:Yes, both
    for around 6 months for tekkit and 3 months for FTB , I know a lot about forestry , ic2 , buildcraft , and redpower .

    5.Have you been a part of a private server before:yes

    6.Do you record:not until I get my gaming computer
    (which will be done in a couple of days prior to this post.)

    7. If you said yes to 6 please link your Youtube/Other:www.youtube.com/sushichocolate

    8.Do you have skype:michael_evicente


    10.Additional Information/screenshots/videos (Screenshots or videos increase acceptance chances):
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    posted a message on Private FTB Ultimate Server [Recruiting Players] [8 Players Needed]
    • Minecraft IGN: Sushichocolate
    • Skype Name: michael_evicente
    • FTB Experience: I know a lot about redpower,iC2,Buildcraft,Twilight Forest
    • Will you be recording on the server (OPTIONAL):Yes, I will , once I get my gaming computer (in 2-3 days prior to posting this)
    • Why should we pick you: I want a private ftb server on which I can record on , without the worry of being raided.
    • Are you 13 or over: Yes,14.
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    posted a message on (New) Vanilla Whitelisted SMP Server - Looking for Youtubers (Like HermitCraft/MindCrack)
    1. What is your IGN? sushichocolate
    2. Do you have Skype? (If you don't want it in the forum PM me).yes , michael_evicente
    3. How old are you? 14
    4. How much experience do you have with Minecraft? I have around a year (Sushichocolate is my new account though)
    5. Why do you want to join this server?I want to find a server that has no drama , and I can have fun and record .
    6. How often can you play on the server? Around 2-3 hours a day
    7. Youtube Link? www.youtube.com/user/sushichocolate
    8. Can you make videos on the server, and if so, how often can new videos be uploaded? Yes , I would like to make videos on the server , videos can be uploaded around 2-3 videos a week
    Also , I have not been uploading videos because I need a new server to record on , so if I do get accepted then I will be actually uploading more ;D
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    posted a message on Shafted! Whitelisted/Private SMP Server
    Ign (In Game Name):

    Why do you want to join:
    I want a professional private server , on which I can record on .

    Will you record:

    What do you use to record/edit:
    Sony Vegas Pro 11

    Have you ever been banned:(i will check so tell the truth)

    Tell me something about you:
    I am loyal , and trustworthy , and I just want a good smp server

    Time zone:(doesn't really matter)


    Suggested server name:
    I like mineshafted

    Age (From 13 +):

    Youtube channel (Must be included):
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