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    posted a message on Galacticraft Add-on - More Planet's 1.2.0 Pre-1
    Wow, everything Works! I haven't tried to mess around with it for compatibility with other mods (like thaumcraft or others that add world generation structures) but I guess I'll doodle around for that sometime later today and report back if I run into any errors.

    So far, this addon works with that other Galacticraft2 addon called 4Space by Mattparks. Thanks for this! Galactricraft don't feel so lonely anymore!

    Just popped this mod and its addons into a testing modpack that is packed with over 140 mods to see what happens. Well, not literally 140 mods. That is just what Minecraft Forge says is loaded. Anyway, after manually fixing ID's and sniffing out many other conflicts I can safely say everything is "stable" to play around with. My guess is that this addon and its addon's work very well with other mods that play nice with Galacticraft.

    The big babies in this testing pack are:
    Twilight Forest
    Forge Multipart
    MapleTree mod (A japanese mod by Ecru)
    Ars Magica 2
    Resonant Induction
    Ender IO
    Gany's Mods (surface, end, and nether)
    Growthcraft Mods
    Minecraft Millenaire
    Modular Forcefield System
    Galacticraft and other Addons

    Notable Mentions:
    Custom NPCs
    Ancient Warfare
    Rival Rebels
    Chicken Bones Wireless Redstone
    Touhou Item's Mod
    MrCrayfish's furniture mod
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    posted a message on [1.6.X / 1.7.2][Forge][BETA-1.3.1][WIP] The Electrical Age Mod - Electricity in Minecraft! Who needs Redstone?
    Interesting... I can't wait for the wiki to pop up so I can finally further understand what is what, even with the test level. I must say though, good job with the models/animations/Gui's! It's beautiful.

    The data loggers don't change in direction when placed though, well for me that is. If I try to stack them in opposite directions (a data logger) or on a wall facing another direction, I get a message saying "you can't place this block at this side".
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    posted a message on Falling Meteors Mod [v2.14.3]
    Good Lord the attack of kitty meteors is awesome. Thanks for this cool mod and for keeping it open source!
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Build Faster!
    For builders, who like to use Carpenters Blocks or Mr Crayfish's construction mod, or heck even the Chisel mod that adds a ton of new blocks, this MOD is heaven sent. THANK YOU!!!
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    posted a message on MineFantasy: B1.0 - Beta
    Quote from BlackJar72

    I'd like to see this updated (and in an official 1.9 beta) as much as any one, but just how much did you pay for this mod? Nothing? That's what I thought. About what AP has made from it too, I'm sure. Try being glad it ever existed and thankful for the work that's gone into it instead of acting like a butthole.

    Right on! My thought's exactly. This is free charity work from coders and mod designers being shared to the community so if anything, it's a blessing to even have a great mod like this. To the team (or person) that made this mod, thanks! I'll be waiting for future updates!
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    posted a message on XtraBlocks Extreme Edition *Updated 19 March 2016
    After spending days figuring out which mods I should keep and how stressful it is going to sort out the ID conflicts between them, I came to the point of wishing there where more aesthetic mods that serve the purpose of just standing still and looking pretty.

    It just so happened to rain as it dawned upon me that I might just have to go on a crash course Java, forge, and whatever else learning spree to finally make my "dream" of aesthetic mods come true (Lamp posts and candle lights LOL).

    And then, came along this WONDERFUL LIFE SAVING MOD that is overshadowed by the "popular" mods. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! This mod and it's versatility for aesthetic and function objects deserve so much more attention!!! No really, if I had a few hundred bucks I would definitely donate for your hard work. Seriously. THANK YOU! :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
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