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    posted a message on OpenBlocks 1.2.8
    Quote from clifftrials»

    Similar to xX_Achillies_Xx,

    I am having an issue with the Luggage item texture with Open Blocks 1.3 on 1.7.10. The texture is missing in item form.

    I have tried:

    (1) Restarting the client
    (2) Re-installing the mod
    (3) Editing the texture to a different 16x16 image
    (4) adding "z" to the beginning of the jar file to load it near the end

    All results are the same -- the texture is transparent as in the picture.

    Anybody have a fix?

    Edit: I found this thread on github explaining a possible compatibility conflict with the latest Ars Magica 2. I am indeed running the latest version of Ars Magica 2. Reference here:

    There is already a thread on the Ars Magica 2 github reporting the issue here:

    I believe the current build on Open Block's Jenkins website fixes this, because I too had AM with Open Blocks together once and yeah... the poor luggage texture was invisible. When I decided to try out the latest jenkens build, my luggage texture came back. Oh and that version is now 1.4.

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] JETPACK SPIDER MOUNTS! Laser Creeper Robot Dino Riders From Space-1.2d

    I love this mod. Thanks! :D

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    posted a message on [1.7.X]ModTweaker 0.6
    Quote from DreamMasterXXL»
    "avant garde">Modtweaker 0.7.1 just released.

    Many thanks for that. Now its time to work on Forestry B)

    Only the Forum links to the new Threads need to be fixed because they can only be accessed manually.

    Thanks for the notification! Praise Jeebus! Thanks to the team that creates this fun customization stuff!
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    posted a message on [1.10.2] AliensVsPredator [Content from Prometheus, Alien: Covenant (SOON)]
    (*.*;) wow... that is FREAKIN Cool!!!! Thanks for continuing this great mod!
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    posted a message on [1.7.2][Forge] Recall Stones
    Quote from RealSketch

    I don't think so, I haven't personally tested but it is specifically tagged with "1.7.2". I'm not saying that it doesn't but I can see from browsing the thread the the mod author is dedicated to the mod, so I'm sure he'll update it soon.

    Now on to the mod, I actually love the concept, @Vanhal this is amazing and I can't wait to get started! I can see this mod going far! :D
    Any plans for compatibility with other mods? World structures?

    I like this idea, but I'm unsure how you would (staying away from OP) be able to duplicate it exactly? Combine the Recall Stone with a Diamond?

    That sounds about right. A diamond, emerald or something that is high cost so the duplication process can't be abused. I mean, people will always find ways to abuse something meant for convenience. But since these stones require ender pearls to recharge and a diamond be crafted, it makes it tough for this one way TP ticket to get abused (if in survival mode). It generally would not be worth it to try and do so since the price to create/maintain these stones is already high and they cannot "undo" themselves or return anything valuable after their use.
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    posted a message on [0.2.6]Mine Painter - simple sculpture and pixel art
    Um, just a quick question. Are you planning to add the transmuter/blueprints again?

    If not, that's fine to since without the transmuter/blueprint, I'll be more in-tuned to actually build things from scratch because now when I think about it, how is a transmuter/blueprint suppose to work on a multi-pieced sculpture in terms of coding it unless some sort of gui was to be involded? It sounds like the work might be much more complicated and laboring than the give idea.
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    posted a message on OpenBlocks 1.2.8
    Quote from Mcmaster751

    Hey awesome mod
    can you please update it to
    1.7.2 or higher please
    and one last thing
    can i use this in a modpack?

    This was already discussed in previous pages back. This mod isn't being developed for the (buggy) 1.7.2 version anymore. It's going to be for 1.7.10+. You can find these builds on their Jenkins website:

    License and modpack info:

    However, if you are really desperate to play on 1.7.2, the released builds will load and "work" in that version but with a lot of bugs/crashes. My advice is to find these bugs/crashes (the Guidebook, piggy bank, sprinklers, luggage, enchantment table, anvil, golden egg, fan, etc) and disable them in the OpenBlocks config and keep the bug-free ones, which is 70% of the mod at the moment. If you do upgrade to 1.7.10 though, everything pretty much "works".
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    posted a message on [1.7.X]ModTweaker 0.6
    SpitefulFox (and Joshie), you... are... amazing... THANKS! No problem for the lack of documentation. Finding it out on my own was like a scavenger hunt or looking for good loot in dungeons, so I had fun running around trying to figure it all out and make a really cool custom Thaumcraft tab. In the end, it all worked out.

    Its good to know you guys are so helpful and are always around to help. The clarity in sibling/parent makes complete sense now, as I had a hunch by looking at the addPrereq class file that it did something interesting to a research... I just didn't know what, how, or why. :P

    I'm still all googly eyed by the wondrous possibilities of this great addon. Time to go test out Botania and Blood Magic stuff. Will report any bugs/questions if I run into any.
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    posted a message on Pistronics 2 - Modular Pistons, Rotators and Statues (0.6.4)
    Everytime I check up on this great mod, it's always a new update. WOW! Thank you so much for your time and effort into always tweaking, adding, and fixing this great mod Letiu!
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    posted a message on Remain in Motion - Continuation of Redstone in Motion, the frame mod
    My goodness Transduplicators are very very very... OP. Good thing it is only for creative mode and is uncraftable, otherwise one can duplicate them chests with diamonds and be forever rich.

    Anyway thanks for the update for this awesome mod. I was sad that Redstone in Motion seem abandoned (but thankfully made it to ver 1.6.4 before falling off the map) and now it's back! With updates! It's a diamond in the rough, with great functions that can play along with all these other giant mods like Thaumcraft or BC. I guess I'll be playing a lot with this mod alongside other mods and see if any quirks come up. Thanks.

    p.s. The transduplicator doesn't have any textures. I just searched for the texture name of it through the log that MultiMC outputs and used another carriage's texture on it (Translocator"s from CubeMelon), and noticed that it is always powered "on" because it was using the "active" texture. So basically the screwdriver doesn't work with it. It's not like it matters though because it is a creative-only item after all. And the hollow carriages doesn't have an item texture either.
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